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You're all probably going to be so glad when the zombie walk is all over with and the hype has died down and I stop obsessing over it so much. Well, except those of you who are as FUCKIN' EXCITED AS I AM!

I did an interview for a university film crew who are doing a doco on the zombie walk. We filmed it at my flat since they could only meet me this week and it was the most convenient place for me while being quiet and well-lit. It was kind of cool, since they had about the same production values as I did in high school (I'm not shit-canning them, I mean this is good way) and was all AWWWWWW the whole time. I even got to dish out some of my old-school, back-in-the-day film knowledge to them, which was pretty exciting. I think they were impressed that a) I wasn't some ugly, weird nerd and b) I do a good interview. Well the latter is only because I've made enough documentaries to know how an interview should flow. I actually made them ask me more questions, since not having enough footage used to be the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE! Man, I miss film making.

On the poster side of thing, I have received two kind offers to help with putting posters up from [ profile] thorellie and John, who I only met last weekend at Michelle's birthday party! So between the three of us I think we're going to cover pretty much everywhere I wanted to cover with minimal panic-attacks from me! YAY! Now I just need to get the after-party posters printed and put up and we're all done with that nonsense!

And lastly, I have been randomly making zombie pictures. I did one of myself in about two minutes for my facebook the other day but loved it so much I whipped one up for Anthony too (god knows why, since it's not like I don't have enough to do this week as it is):

I need to have a rant. Friends-only post coming soon!
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Aw man I've become one of those horrible people who needs more hours in the day (god they're so smug with their many things to do and not enough time to do them in). I hardly even procrastinate any more either D: I get up, go to work for 9 hours, go to gym which takes up at least 90 mins (including travel time), come home and eat, get on the computer and work on the graphic design stuff I need to do...and then suddenly it's almost midnight and I've done nothing interesting AT ALL!

OK enough whinging, have a picture of me and Daz (and his girlfriend Anne) at the Caxton Street Seafood Festival...right before we'd had enough of drunk, old people:

And while I'm at it, I'll also post the latest posters/fliers I have made: Read more... )

I really, really do not want to go to work tomorrow. No reason, I'd just rather stab myself in the face with a blunt pencil than go to work tomorrow morning D:
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Well so much for losing those 2kg the other week. I have been such a guts lately and have put on about 1kg and am all bloated and feeling horrible. One minute I can have all the motivation in the world and the next I'm stuffing my face with Coco Pops, begging myself to stop but unable to at all. It's a bit pathetic really. So I went to gym four (COUNT 'EM: FOUR) times this week so hopefully next week will be better D:

In VERY EXCITING Brisbane Zombie Walk news I've been told the after-party at Planet can be all-ages now! This is too awesome to comprehend! Over-18's can drink as they'll get a wrist band on entry, so we're not isolating anyone at all now! And I've wrangled the low, low price of $5 entry to the after-party, though the BBQ will have to be a gold coin donation since I can't afford to feed sausages to hundreds of people with my own money. But hey $7 for an after-party in the Valley with a free BBQ is fucking good value, so I don't foresee many complaints (and if I do they can fuck off home, as this is a damn nice perk when the last zombie walks have had nothing at the end). THAT'S RIGHT, I'M A BITCH! Anyway, I also created a myspace for the walk which can be found here if you'd care to add :D

I have a busy weekend coming up. Going to mum's Friday night after we see a movie. Going to Buddha's birthday thing at Southbank on Saturday after a spot of shopping earlier on. Going to Rockabilly Psychosis on Saturday night as Checkered Fist are playing (they're a psychobilly band with the members all being about 12 years old - ADORABLE!). Sunday is the Caxton Street Seafood Festival as Anthony is playing and it's Lorenzo's farewell, after that I might be going out for some birthday thing. Monday is the HP picnic as it's a public holiday and hopefully some rest. Man I was hoping to sleep in at some point but doesn't look likely :/

I'm about to burn the poster I'm trying to make right now. BURN IT TO THE GROUND AND PEE ON ITS ASHES!
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I've been so ridiculously busy lately I sometimes can't believe it. For someone who loves nothing more than being a lazy turd, I have been the total opposite these days. This is a good thing, by the way. Being lazy is not good for you, not good at all.

I ended up going to the doctors for my cough and what do you know, the antibiotics and (really expensive) cough-suppressant inhaler have worked a miracle as the cough is pretty much gone. Sleeping, instead of coughing, all night is really, really nice. SHOCK! My doctor even gave me a medical certificate to have the whole week off work. I was tempted but went to work all week anyway, because I am a good girl (and really wasn't sick enough to take time off anyway).

In fitness/diet related news I have decided to change gyms and am now going to Goodlife. The gym I was at was really small and focused mostly on classes. The only ones I liked were at shit times so I never bothered much with classes. So I was paying $20 a week to use the crappy little gym they have. I went to Goodlife in the Valley this week and was so shocked at the difference. It's so big and there's so much there! And there are TVs on most of the equipment! So now instead of being bored to death or reading a crap magazine on the exercise bikes I can watch television! I got to watch Mythbusters the other was AMAZING! All this for less money per week (and if I play my cards right I might get a free membership through work, fingers crossed). I never thought I'dd get excited about gyms or exercise but TVs do make all the difference, man.

Last night I went and saw SixFtHick at Ric's with some people from work as well as the usual crew (Daz, Michelle, Flip and Cass). I know the lead singer Ben because he's the boyfriend of my workmate. He's the nicest, sweetest guy ever and apparently the best boyfriend in the world, and yet when he gets on stage he's the most insane person I have ever seen. Have you ever seen a guy smash a wine glass (more like a wine goblet) on his head while balancing on a table that people in the crowd were desperately trying to hold up? Well that's what you get to see at their gigs. Just awesome. They are the exact sort of band I want to be in (I will be the insane lead-singer, naturally) with their wild antics and fantastic songs. So who wants to be in my band again?

This entry is getting really long, but before I go here are some birthday invites I made this week )

I love being home alone. I'm totally sitting here naked right now and it's awesome!
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WHY do I insist on posting here only when I really ought to be in bed??? God I suck.

The latest poster I made, plus some random photos of me found on the internerds )

My mouse keeps randomly stopping, which makes me very, very angry. Look here Mr Mouse, you weren't cheap so if you think you can get away with this "not working" caper, well I ggot news for you and it's ALL BAD!
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Well I'm on a total high right now because this week I lost another 1.6kg which bring my weight loss up to 4.3kg in three weeks! happy? YOU BETCHA BOTTOM DOLLAR! And so many people have noticed, people who didn't know I was dieting (so ya know, it wasn't just them being nice) which is an even bigger boost. GO CARA! GO CARA!

Aaaand before I toddle off to mum's to stay the night (so I don't spend money out, and therefore have more $$$ for Melbourne) I just wanted to post the new DUSK poster [ profile] _snitchbitch and I made. Very pleased with it we are, and we've gotten a lot of great feedback for it too, which is always lovely:

Click for the bigger image
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I LOST 1.3KG THIS WEEK! I was sort of disappointed at first until I got my waist measured and I have already lost 5cm! So while I didn't lose lots of kg's I've obviously converted a bunch of flab into muscle which is fucking fantastic! I am even more determined than ever now, knowing I did so well in just a week. BOOYEAH!

Today was a great day. Even though I had a bit of a big one last night I got up at a decent time, mum came over and we went op-shopping. I bought a pink, faux-leather, snakeskin jacket, a silver handbag and a couple of hot pink/black tops. Oh and a new teapot. I could have gone really berserk but managed to restrain myself, until pay day anyway. Then went to Indooroopilly as mum had to go to the hairdressers so I wandered about and got a new, designer pinafore dress for a mere $9 (from a whopping $99.99)! So now I have something new and cute to wear to Good Vibrations tomorrow (which I'm totally psyched about, by the way. I'm so going to wig out over Calvin Harris. WIG OUT!).

And finally, this is the latest poster I did for DUSK at Planet nightclub. They didn't get me to do the last one, and got someone else to make a shitty looking thing...and so they got me back for this poster! I managed to do something completely diferent and I am so pleased with the results:


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