Saturday, 30 April 2011

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I am the type of person who listens to music to make me happy. I don’t listen to angry music, or any kind of music that could potentially make me feel worse than I already do. I like to sing along, dance a little, and feel joyous afterwards. As such today’s challenge is a tough one! Of all of the songs that make me happy when I hear them, I think I will go with the silliest one of all:

Day 2 – A Song that makes you happy = Piercing by Die Ärzte

Die Ärzte are my favourite band. I have loved them since I was 15 when some friends came back from their exchange trip to Germany with their CD “13″ and some other amazing merch. No two songs of theirs sound alike, and while they call themselves punk rock, they’ve played just about every genre and sub-genre you can possibly imagine. I find it hard being a fan of theirs in Australia as they’re really only famous (and I mean ridiculously so) in Germany and some surrounding countries, and being one of about four fans of a band in a whole country is a bit depressing. Still, I have three tattoos dedicated to them and still feel a whole lot of joy when I hear their music.

This song is pretty straight forward, it’s about a guy whose girlfriend convinces him to get his penis pierced which later gets infected. The line “This thing was made for lovin’, Du sollst es nicht versklaven” which means “This thing was made for loving, so you must not enslave it” was my favourite line ever and I used it on everything from my email signature to my LJ title (which I’ve kept, as a matter of fact).

There will plenty of other appearances by Die Ärzte in this challenge, don’t you worry!

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Of all of the terrible things to see printed on t-shirts in my lifetime, I would have to say the current trend of busty, pornstar-esque models holding guns, flipping the bird or in a bathtub full of milk and froot loops are by far the worst. Have you seen them? I saw one today at one of those trashy cheap shops of a girl who looked like a skinnier, bustier version of Snooki wearing a stupid flat-brimmed cap and making some sleazy face/hand gesture. It enraged me so much, I felt like going to the shop keeper and making a complaint.

I first noticed them at City Beach which really did sum up the quality of them perfectly (ie. kind of nasty and aimed at 18 year old idiots). Then I started noticing guys actually wearing them. Sometimes while with their girlfriends! I can understand there are guys out there who are stupid and sexist enough to think it’s cool to wear an over-sexualised, trashy t-shirt featuring the kind of girl who a) would never ever hook up with them and b) give wristies to security guards to get backstage at gigs. Basically, the kind of guy who reads magazines like Zoo Weekly, Nuts or Ralph and thinks the girls are hot as and can’t ever settle for a normal girl because her boobs aren’t the size of watermelons while she’s about a size 6 everywhere else and she doesn’t wear bejeweled matching bra’s and knickers at all times. They probably also wear Lynx deodorant and expect to pull chicks like the guys in the ad’s do.

UGH! Who would want that on a t-shirt, ever? If I was the model and they chose that picture

to put on clothing, I’d be suing their arses (but then again I ain’t that kind of girl).

So, while I “get” why a guy would wear a t-shirt that tacky, I just don’t get how any girl would let their boyfriend wear a shirt like that out in public. She either has very low self-esteem, has no say in anything to do with their relationship, is really fucking dumb, or aspires to do that sort of modelling. All reasons are really bloody sad. When I see those couples, I wonder if there was any sort of discussion about it before they left the house. Did she comment on how shit it was? Did he tell her to stop being such a bitch and wear it to spite her? I can’t even imagine.

So I beg you, if you know any guys who proudly wear shirts like these, don’t turn a blind eye. Tell him exactly how you feel about that shirt so that next time he goes to put it on, he stops and considers how many people he’s offending when they see him wearing it. Maybe he’s too big a douche to care, but there’s always the chance he’ll take your advice and he’ll throw away that eyesore. And then you will have done your good deed for the year and for that many women would applaud you!


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