Monday, 14 March 2011

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As everyone is well aware, a terrible tragedy has struck Japan. We were only just getting over the shock of the Christchurch quake that killed at least 166 people three weeks go and Mother Natures unleashed her wrath all over again. I remember thinking/saying back when the quake hit Christchurch that it could have been an even worse disaster had it struck a more densely populated area, a small consolation in such a devastating tragedy.

I keep looking at photos of the carnage of the tsunami’s and it’s hard not to cry. I’ve always had a soft spot for Japan, especially since I went there in September 2009. I can’t even imagine how they will clean it all up, how the country will recover. Seeing the devastated faces of those people is just heartbreaking. I’m still not quite over the Queensland floods from january and now we have these killer earthquakes so close to home. It’s just terrifying and I can’t even imagine having to live through something like that.

If you can spare it, please make a donation. There are a lot of ways to do so to suit everyone. I’m sure every cent will help.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to vent some rage at the overwhelming ignorance people have been displaying about this disaster. I was first made aware of it when I read this VICE article. I almost couldn’t believe it, people are comparing this event to Pearl Harbor? Really???!! I’m torn between bewildered disbelief and angry acceptance because I guess it’s not all that surprising that people are so damn ignorant and proud of it. I’m actually surprised no one has said anything about it being karma for the whales, but no, the average US citizen only remembers what happens in their country, particularly when glorified in a big budget Hollywood film (seriously, would most of those people know anything about what happened at Pearl Harbor if it wasn’t for that movie? I doubt it). HEY ARSEHOLES! No country, no matter what happened during war, deserves something like this. What, are we all hoping something will happen to Germany to get back at all them damn Nazi’s? It’s an absolutely appalling mentality and it scares me to think there are so many of these ignorant fools out there.

So if you’ve already donated or are unable to, another awesome public service would be to troll the Facebooks of these absolute douchebags and give ‘em what for! But really, if you see anything like this on your Facebook feed, please don’t ignore it. Things like this ought to be addressed because ignorance doesn’t fix itself, it’s up to the more informed and less racist people in society to make a difference!


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