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I had intended to go to mum's for an early night to do all the final stuff for the zombie walk, but I'd promised Jess last week we'd go see Monster Zoku Onsomb tonight, so despite being really tired (had to get up and go to work at 8AM of all things, as I had a phone interview with 4ZZZ, a local radio station, about the walk). They're a local psychedelic/industrial electronica "band" and I've heard good things about them so decided to suck it up and go. WOW! They were awesome. Intense music and an amazing show. They are crazy!

But the best bit was at the very end when they started chanting "ZOMBIE WALK, ZOMBIE WALK, THIS SUNDAY, ZOMBIE WALK!" over and over. I mean I knew they were coming since one of them messaged me on Myspace about it, BUT OH MY GOD HOW COOL IS THAT?! I was so stoked I had to buy their EP. I don't know if they'll be too intense for me to listen to day-to-day but I think I might drop some of their tracks at the after-party (particularly "Eat Brains").

OK now it's time for bed before I collapse and die!
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This weekend was long in both duration and busy-ness. Mum and I ended up seeing Nim's Island which was really, really good. God Gerard Butler is handsome. Mum and I were swooning. Saturday I spent money I shouldn't have on amazing (and cheap!) shoes which made the rest of the weekend hard. Damn me. Saturday night I took mum to a rockabilly gig where Checkered Fist played. I wanted to see them because they're all about 14 years old, but as it turns out they were fucking amazing! One of the best psychobilly bands I've ever seen! I can't wait to see those adorable little punks again!

Sunday was the Caxton St Seafood Festival. So not worth $15 to get in since drinks and food were too expensive and there were too many dickheads. We went out for a bit afterwards, but when I went home to change (it was "High School Reunion" at Fluffy's and I intended to dress for the occasion) I ended up working on some posters and then falling asleep instead. Good thing too since we had the HP picnic on the next day. I managed to get there after lots of drama (godamn public holidays meaning Woolworths isn't open when I need it most). It was a nice day with six of us turning up and gorging ourselves on delicious foods.

Speaking of foods...the diet is still poor as I have continued to guts myself lately. But as my mum sauid, you can't have the high's I've been experiencing diet-wise without the inevitable lows. So here's hoping I gain some self-control SOOOOOON.
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My cough is slowly subsiding. I wonder if the whinge last night had something to do with it? Well I managed to sleep and I coughed a lot less today than the last week or so, so I think it's finally buggering off. GOOD RIDDANCE!

Now my weekend roundup:

Friday night I went to see Tiger Army with Nikerz at the Cooloongatta Hotel on the Gold Coast which took an hour and a half to get too. D'oh! We ended up missing The Wrath, one of my favourite locals bands, which was frustrating since I seem to always miss their shows these days. Zombie Ghost Train were great as always, possibly my most favourite Aussie band actually. Their banter always cracks me up. Tiger Army the came on, had a lot of issues with their gear and didn't seem too impressed. But they're an intense band to see, so I enjoyed it anyway (despite having about 50 coughing fits while in the front row, very embarrassing).

Saturday I had to drive ALL the way to mum's so Anthony to get his car, and then back again as I had a work thing on. It was a social thing, where we played golf and ate tasty food. Too bad the bar tab was all of about $10 so it was used up in no time, so most of us ended up at the bar drinking cheap Corona's. Saturday night was Tiger Army at The Zoo, much more convenient and many more people there too. I went with Daz and Michelle, but caught up with Nikerz, Kira, Alec and others when we got there. I missed Mourning Tide as they're a shit screamo band, but got there in time for ZGT. Tiger Army had no issues this time and it was even more intense, as there was a bigger, scarier circle pit and about 20x the amount of people. After that we went to Monster Joe's which was an AWESOME night. We spent most of the night in the Guilty Pleasures room which played cheesy old songs all night. I forgot how good Monster Joe's is, gotta go back more often!

Sunday we went to Big Gay Day at the Wickham Hotel. We didn't have to since it's a massive street party that our flat looks out over, but I was asked to take some photos so I got in for free. It was cool, and so fabulously gay and festive. As we were all kind of poor we would go between there and my place for drinks as I had a cask of wine. Mmm classy. I didn't take many photos because I got a bit of resistance, quite a few people didn't want their photos taken. It was kind of strange actually. Hard to explain but I found it weird. But aside from that it was a fun day!

Many photos from the massive weekend! )


Weekend stuff

Sunday, 17 June 2007 23:04
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Where oh where do the weekends go?! In what appears to be a disturbing new trend for me I did not go out Friday night. Well I went to Breaks & Enter for half an hour but that was mostly because I needed to wait around for a train home. Saturday I had a physio appointment which I woke up half an hour before, As it takes around half an hour to drive there from home I cannot imagine how I got up, dressed and there only five minutes late! My back's almost better, thank god. Then I had a singing lesson to make up for the one I missed the other week, which went very well. I'm now learning how to hold notes, something I need a lot of work on. After that I had to rush to Indro to get a haircut. It's now much shorter and very nice (my stylist has left but the guy I saw this time was still good).

Saturday night I went and saw Zombie Ghost Train with Daz. They were supported by Men Into Space (love them so much) and The Wrath. I'd not seen or heard of The Wrath before and I'm ashamed to admit it because they were excellent! Such an impressive live band, and great music! I bought their album which has the best booklet I've ever seen in a CD (seriously!) so well worth the money for that alone! This was my first time seeing ZGT live and they were really good, the bassist is so cute (with his raspy Aussie accent, which seems so out of character). I wasn't disappointed by the audience as a good mosh pit got started which was exhausting but excellent fun. Psychobilly gigs always have the best pits of any genre of music. Afterwards we went to various clubs with Anthony and I got pretty messy. But my new creepers did not hurt, and that's ALL that matters!

Today was nice and chilled, I came home early afternoon and have proceeded to do little all day except some basic tidying up and a spot of grocery shopping. Love it.

Oh, one of my lip rings fell out on Saturday so I only have one right now. I'm sort of tempted to take the other out just for a little while, give them a brief rest. Lip piercings don't close over so when I want them back I can just pop new ones right back in. I'm thinking of investing in some really pretty diamonte ones, smaller and more subtle than what I have now. Hmmm, I shall see.

Work is going to be tough tomorrow. I wonder if anyone will have quit. I better start looking for new jobs, me thinks.
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Crap on a stick, I've been sitting on this computer or hours photoshopping and uploading the ADICTS photos. I'm going to have to demand compensation for this soon, if not in the form of money, then at least some sort of incentive. I can think of many better things to do with my time! The latest batch can be found HERE.

The rest of my weekend was better. Worked all day Saturday which was bludgy to the point I was bored shitless. Afterwards I met up with Alec, and went to a rockabilly gig at the Alley Bar at Milton Bowl. I love that venue, after all it's a dingy little venue attached to the side of a retro-looking bowling alley. It was a good show, Bad Moon Company were superb as per usual. I managed to chat to a number of people I'd seen on Myspace, all of whom were lovely. One girl Amie-Lee and I had a common enemy, which was pretty funny, and brought us together nicely. Afterwards Alec, myself and some of his mates went in to the Valley, I didn't stay with them for long as I went to find Ant and Daz at GPO. God knows why they were there exactly, but like I'd bother to complain (yeah, forever the pushover). There were three HOT tattooed, scene guys there who weren't enjoying themselves at all. I was smashed enough to waltz up to them and have a chat. I can't even fathom why they were there, they didn't really explain either (maybe I was too shit-faced) but it was good to have some eye candy there for once.

On Sunday we had the Harry Potter meetup which was really good. Lots of new faces as well as the ever-wonderful, familiar ones. Amazingly enough we actually talked about Harry Potter, something we haven't done in ages! I'm hoping this will mean the club will start growing again and we'll get back what we had when I first started it back in 2003. Though it also made me realise how out of the "loop" I am with the fandom. Not that I've ever followed (or liked) the fandom, but needless to say I'm glad I started re-reading the bookes again recently.

I've got lots of random thoughts going through my head right now. About work, about me, about the future, about friends, about family...and so on. But I might write an entry later, because the photos have finished uploading!

Just a few photos from Friday night )

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I guess it's time for a weekend roundup. Umm, on Saturday night I went and saw Wiseacre's last ever show, as mentioned in my previous entry, which was fan-fucking-tastic. I managed to convince Dazza to come with, so I didn't have to inflict myself upon poor [ profile] gumbuoy! I ended up getting wasted, and I'm not sure how (well the excessive drinking might have had something to do with it), but I got to dance and skank around like a maniac with other ska-lovers so it was a great night. I'm so sad about them breaking up, but there's always hope they'll move on to other, more wonderful things.

Afterwards I went to GPO, as no one was willing to pay $35 to see Boy George with me (bastards). Surprisingly it was pretty good, so my disliking of GPO has lessened slightly. It's funny, one of the DJs playing was Baby Gee. Now, he's a fairly well-known DJ on the East coast of Australia and I always hear people raving about him. Until Saturday night though, I had no idea he actually Baby Gee, I was introduced to him by his real name and never put the two and two together. Hahaha, I'm hopeless. It also probably means I was the only girl there not desperately in love with him!

I went to bed straight after we got home, as I was feeling the oncomings of a migraine and holy shit, did it strike hard. All Sunday was spent sleeping and/or writhing about in pain. Fucking hell, I don't know if it was the booze or not, but seriously, it was horrendous. Sunday night we went to a huge Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet which only made matters for Cara worse. Damn delicious, fatty food in unlimited qualities >:(

Today was so nice and lazy, work has randomly gave me today and tomorrow off, which I don't mind at all. Though they've given me a fucking 10 hour shift on Saturday, which shits me to TEARS. Oh and I have to start at the ungodly hour of 7:30am Wednesday morning, which sort of makes me want to die. So tomorrow I might go to one of those huge-ass shopping centers I've never bothered going to yet, despite the fact I'm pretty much broke from this weekend! That's fore thought at it's finest, folks!

EDIT: Shit, forgot to add, I completely re-did my LJ layout and userinfo today. Thought I would Bela B the place up a bit ;)

Aaaaand this is just for me mainly )
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Weekend Roundup )

Now for some shameless plugging. For those who I see on a regular basis, you'll probably know I'm now the "official" photographer for ADICTS. Apart from that they're friends of mine and we all know it's good to suppirt the local music scene. SO! ANYONE IN BRISBANE ON FRIDAY 9TH FEBRUARY, PLEASE COME SUPPORT THEM AT BARZUKA! It's their 2nd "Breaks and Enter" club night, which we want to become a regular event, so they need as much support as possible. It doesn't matter if you love or hate breaks music (or house in R'Daza's case), come for a bit, say hi, let me take your photos there and show the boys some support!

And just because I took half of the photos on this poster:

Oh and guess who's working at the Good Vibrations festival this Sunday? THAT'D BE ME! Bring on the Snoop Dog and Beastie Boys action, baby!


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