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Well it’s that time of year again. It’s mid-October and the Brisbane Zombie Walk is almost upon us. Literally every single thought that goes through my heard involves zombies in some way. There’s less than two weeks to go and I’m madly trying to sort out all of the permits (you don’t want to know how many we need, it’s insane) and all of the final details that will make this walk the most professional yet. It’s amazing how much we learn each year. I’m sure that even after doing this for 10 years, I will keep on finding new ways to make it run better. But we’re getting there and since my stress levels are relatively low right now, I feel confident in saying we’re doing pretty well. So that’s why my posts have been few and far between. I don’t feel the need to bore you to death with zombie-this and zombie-that for an entire month. But I did wnat to share a few things that might be of interest for the zombie-inclined:

First of all, how cute are our shirts this year? I am super proud of the design and they look AMAZING in real life! I got a couple of singlets printed as I hate wearing t-shirts, but they’re just for the female organisers, not for the public. Hopefully next year! Want one? Buy them here!

The QLD Police launched a new site called QldAlert which will compile all of their social media for a handy one-stop shop when there’s an emergency or major event. And to test it out, they made it all about a zombie outbreak. Told ya’ll the QPS had our backs!

My favourite Brisbane artist Lauren Carney has made special shirts for the walk, and is giving us half the proceeds! I am so exited, especially since the bag she had with this design at the last markets I saw her at had sold out :( Yay for cute zombies!

And finally, check out the cutest engagement photoshoot ever! (Yes, it involves zombies)

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Well Supanova 2011 is finally over and I am exhausted. If you thought attending for two days straight was exhausting, try having a stall there as well as going and getting your geek on. It was intense! We decided to get a booth for the Brisbane Zombie Walk, to help promote it and get some extra funds from donations and selling some merch. We got a lot of registrations and sold all our left over shirts from last years walk as well as the figurines and books we had from some of our sponsors. We’ve already started planning our stall for next year which may involve brain-icing cupcakes to draw in the crowds.

Things I observed over the last two days while surrounded by Brisbane’s biggest nerds:

  • The girl in the stall next to us drew people as anime characters and was revoltingly good at it. She would have made thousands from her custom portraits on top of the pre-drawn pictures of manga and anime characters she was also selling. We are amused to see one man get her to draw his little doll which he had sitting on his shoulder as he walked around the convention. It was super weird and probably the highlight of the weekend for all who witnessed it.

  • There is absolutely no such thing as body-shame at a convention like Supanova. Guys and girls were wearing some of the most revealing and skin-tight costumes I have ever seen and they walked around like they did not give a damn. Good on ‘em because god knows I’d have to lose about 20kg before I’d ever feel that confident without pants in public!

  • Tiny top hats are pretty popular at the moment which is kind of cool but also makes me very jealous and possessive because I feel like it is my thing. There were some amazing ones there though and will have to start hunting them down to add to my collection.

  • I was able to identify a lot more of the costumes than I thought I would. Maybe I spend too much time on the internet, or maybe I just have an excellent memory for useless crap. But at the same time there were just so many costumes I couldn’t identify at all so I just assumed they were all from anime’s I’ve never seen or heard of .

  • People were cashing in on internet memes like Troll face, fffuuu guy and Forever Alone which was hilarious. One guy had a mask of Troll Face and pranced and danced around all the time. Too funny.

  • Many nerds lack manners. The amount of times I was nearly knocked rotten by some pimply faced teen who was making for some stall was appalling. But then again, many of them are all super polite and in some cases extremely chatty. A couple of times I found myself in intense discussions about Lara Croft or dyslexia which was interesting albeit a little bit disconcerting.

  • People actually recognised me and read my blog! I was shocked to say the least. I’m now going to have to up the ante knowing people who aren’t my friends read this thing. Thanks to those who came said hello, it was so nice to meet you :)

As a grande finale for the weekend, my sister and I went and got photos with Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter films). Naturally I was excited because I’ve always had a soft spot for poor Draco and loved how Tom played the character. He was really, really lovely and such a good sport. Basically the scene played like this:

Tom: Hi there.

My Sister: *loud whisper* Show him your tattoo!

Me: Hi! Um, I want to show my tattoo off in our photo *suddenly very starstruck and giggly*

Tom: Oh my god, is that genuine? *strokes my Dark Mark gently*

Me: Yep! *dying on the inside*

Photographer takes a photo, Tom has his hand around me and points at my arm and I try to pout but am overwhelmed with giggles so don’t quite pull of the come-hither look I was aiming for.

Tom: Thanks, lovely.

Me: Thank you! *walks the wrong way, dying some more*

Click the pic for the larger version

All in all it was a great weekend, though I am officially not doing anything zombie-related all week lest I end up strangling someone! I am probably going to be all Tom Felton/Draco Malfoy obsessed instead :D

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Well, I’m back! The Brisbane Zombie Walk took place last Sunday and was a massive success. Considering this was only the 2nd year we’ve raised money for the Brain Foundation and we only managed to raise $1100 last year, the fact we not only surpassed our $10,000 target but managed to donate $13,000 is phenomenal! You’d better believe I’m proud! The after-party was also a roaring success thanks to the excellent bands we booked. In fact, aside from the usual incidents where people get carried away and make too much mess or damage personal/private property, it was a very well behaved walk this year. Oh, and did I mention there we 10,000 people this year? Yep, 10,000 participants. That’s double what we had last year and I can only assume will get bigger and better next year.

While this was the 3rd time I’ve organised the walk, I learned a lot which will make the 2011 walk even better. We undertook so much this year, from corporate sponsorship, becoming a registered business to having our own merchandise and co-ordinating a whole heap of volunteers. All of which we undertook while still working 9 – 5 jobs! I’m amazed it didn’t send me mad as I thought I was going to wig out more than a few times, but it all worked out pretty well in the end, thankfully.

I don’t know why, but I decided to go as a Steampunk zombie this year. It’s not like I had enough of my plate without having an overly elaborate costume, right? But my mum worked her magic and produced the most fantastic costume in less than three weeks. The only downfall was that I had to cover half of it up with a hideous hi-vis marshal vest in order to be easily recognised by police and other participants, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I mightn’t be so elaborate next year since I almost died from heat stroke in all the leather and ended up having to do most of the walk backwards to stop people getting ahead of me (I don’t know what it is with people having to rush, it’s a zombie walk, slow down and be a zombie for crying out loud!) but I’m sure I’ll find something crazy to dress as again next year. (Umm and why, may I ask, do I always look my best when stressed out??? Seriously, it’s not fair!)

If you’re interested, you can check out the official Post Walk Statement for all the official info about the walk. Otherwise, you should check out all the photos at the Flickr pool that lots of amazing photographers took on the day (since I didn’t get t take any of my own photos, sadly).

Oh and if you’re thinking “Pfft there’s no way there were 10,000 participants this year”, let this awesome photo by Andrew Otten prove you wrong!

(Click for the larger version)

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Hi ya’ll. Because it’s now October which means the Brisbane Zombie Walk is on its way (in fact at this exact time in three weeks I will probably be drunk and having a grand old time at the after-party) which also means my life is all about zombies in one way or another. Today I spent the whole day with my mum getting my costume made (it’s going to be amazing, though a LONG way to go yet) and last Thursday we had a fundraiser party at Mana Bar!

Last year we had a fundraiser gig which did really well except it was a huge stress to organise and although we made a fair bit of money, half it went straight back to cover the expenses of the night. So this time we used a venue that was hugely popular and didn’t need live bands to encourage people to come along. Instead we were able to get some really awesome prizes to give away in a raffle (including a TV, xbox, lots of video games, movie tickets and merchandise and heaps of other cool stuff). As the Mana Bar is a small venue that only fits 60 people at a time, it was a small and intimate affair but we made a lot of money, met some really cool people and saw some fantastic zombie costumes! Some of which won their owners prizes!

Anthony and I at the start of the evening

We also got to meet and greet a few of the people who helped us out with fundraising, including Sally from the Sun State Roller Girls. Plus we also got to meet some avid zoombie walk fans, which is really cool because we’re usually so busy trying to make sure the day goes well that we can’t meet anyone on the day.

Sarah and I running the raffle

The winner of the night - our resident DeathtrooperThe winner of the night – the Deathtrooper

And on a final note, we received the official t-shirts and wrist bands on the day of the party which we got to show off to everyone! Fingers crossed we can sell them all because damn they’re mighty fine lookin’ and I’d hate for any of them to go to waste!

All of the Zombie Walk fundraiser photos were taken by the Mana Bar and can be found here.

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New Job & Stuff

Tuesday, 20 July 2010 16:44
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Thought it was about time for a real life update!

I have a new job! I resigned at MBF on Wednesday 30th June as I'd been offered a job at Videopro. Basically my friend Sarah got me the job as she was taking a job at another company and pushed for me to take her position as it was totally the job for me. So I quit on the Wednesday and my last day was that Friday! Thank god because they were launching a brand new system at MBF the following Monday and I really couldn't have been arsed dealing with that on top of dealing with whiney customers.

So I am now an Account Co-ordinator for Product Sales at Videopro! As I was lucky enough to not have to give notice, I got to train with Sarah for a week before she went off to her new job which was awesome because I was basically by myself the following week. I just look after peoples orders once they've placed them with the sales guys, making sure they get there, get invoiced and all that sort of thing. It's also locatd in the Valley so I only have a 10 minute walk to get to work each day! Sarah left because she got her ideal job as an Account Manager and because this job just wasn't her thing. When he started it used to be super busy but they've got three of us doing that job now so I am confident I will love it here! Yay!

I'm also on a much better pay here so I'll finally be able to get myself back on track financially, I hope! It's amazing how a little more money in your pay makes such a huge difference to your life.

In other news, I am flat out organising the Brisbane Zombie Walk for 2010. We're so close to relaunching the website where people can register and make donations, on top of being a lot more comprehensive in general (the fewer emails asking me dumb questions the better). We've already been sponsored by a company for a massive amount of money so we're really going well so far. Shame it takes up so much of my life. We need to find peope to volunteer to give us a hand but most people just would rather turn up on the day and have fun. It's so much damn responsibility!

Aaaand that's all I can be bothered writing about now. here's hoping my next post won't be in another months time. Sorry about that :/
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I am a strong believer in not writing unless I have something worthwhile to say, hence why I have been a bit quiet round here lately! But I also believe sometimes it’s a good idea to blog about random things and not just about one subject each and every time. Which is why I am writing right now! I figured I’d keep ya’ll updated on what’s occupying me so that you k now I’ve not just ditched my blog and moved on to other things.

OMG look who is dressed corporate! That’s right, me! After getting so many excellent comments on my last post, I figured I’d suck it up and get some good corporate pieces to start myself off and see how I went. Even more shocking, I got both the short and skirt at Cue! On Friday after work while killing time before an appointment I accidentally discovered they were having a sale and found this gorgeous pencil skirt and shirt or over half price. Of course, being the spend thrift I usually am, this was still pretty pricey for what I’d planned to spend but damn they’re so nice! The skirt is lovely and fits so well and doesn’t give me the dreaded fat-office-chair-arse! It has a cute ruffle at the back but I’m afraid I am not yet brave enough to go posting pictures of my butt on the internet (sorry guys!). This picture doesn’t do the outfit justice as I was tired after a long Monday at work, plus I have a cold and am pretty run down. But I got lots of positive comments at work, my team leader was so delighted when she saw me walk into work! So it was definitely worth it. Now to brave the dreaded work pants which I also managed to buy this weekend (though as it turns out I’ve gone down a pants size so I was actually kind of excited about the pants in the end).

As I mentioned, I have gone and gotten myself another cold. I was still suffering from the one I got months ago and then BAM along comes another one! The fact I forget to wear jackets all the time probably played a significant part in this so I have no one to blame but myself. As such I spent the weekend at my mum’s place to chill out and avoid the temptation of going out (which was hard as a close friend was having a farewell do on Saturday night). As such I learned a new skill: SEWING! Yep, I’ve moved on from scrapbooking to sewing! I’ve always wanted my own sewing machine so I can remodel all my old, daggy clothes and I have sewn one or two minor things in my life, but this weekend I spent an afternoon learning how to sew a jungle-themed cushion! Oh yes! It’s not yet finished but I was pretty proud of my efforts and may well show off the finished product whenever I get around to it! And to prove it really happened:


We are getting right into the organisation of the Brisbane Zombie Walk for 2010. Right now we are looking or sponsors to help us make sure the walk actually happens! We’re getting together business proposals and all sorts of crazy stuff I never thought I’d find myself doing in the name of zombies! So far the walk is set to take place on Sunday 24th October, though there is a slim chance that could change. I’ve just designed a logo for the walk (sneak peak here) and am now going to start redesigning the website which is very daunting but also pretty exciting. We’ll soon have the option where people can register, and for those extra nice people, donate money at the same time.

We’re actually looking for volunteers for helping out with this years walk, if you or someone you know is interested PLEASE let me know by emailing as we need all the help we can get!

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Due to how much of my time it being occupied by organising this years zombie walk, I've not had any time to even THINK about what I am going to wear on the day. I panicked about it this weekend so mum and I tried to find something at some op-shop's around Ipswich without no luck whatsoever. I then started searching through Etsy and found the perfect dress. Gold dupion silk, renaissance style gown with pearl trim that was stunning. I emailed the girl to make sure I'd get it in time, she told me I'd get it in 7 days with Global Priority shipping so I bought it. Then I get an email from the seller saying her assistant went and sold it without telling her and so I can't have it!


Now I am back to square one again! I had it all planned out too - I was going to get a hoop skirt and hair extensions and look gorgeously undead without having to go to too much effort. Now all my plans are dashed. DASHED! I'm trying to get back onto Etsy to ind something else but the stupid fucking site is down for maintenance right now. TYPICAL! As a result I can't even link ya'll to the dress I wanted, let alone find something else to wear in the short amount of time left. I new I shouldn't have left my own outfit til late but then again this is how I do things...hopefully I will find something soon though because I am wigging out D:

EDIT: This is the dress I was going to get :(
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OK so I haven't announced it "officially" yet but this years zombie walk will be for charity! Which means I don't have to pay for the police presence! It's a pretty exciting development and has already made it all 1000x easier. So now any fundraising we do goes to the charity we choose.

We have a charity in mind BUT I would like to donate to something really worthwhile. I wanted to chose an animals-related one but most people I say this to have rejected the idea (still on my agenda though). Can anyone recommend a really good charity, preferably one that's not so well known and would benefit from us donating to them immensely. I'd also prefer them to not be related to any sort of religion and preferably Brisbane-based.

It doesn't matter what sort of charity it is, just something that doesn't get much media attention or is new/obsure and would benefit from a decent sized donation (and don't mind the idea of a zombie walk representing them).
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OK so here's my Brisbane Zombie Walk photo post! Please note there are MANY more photos at these galleries:


I ended up adding a statement to the website which hasn't gotten too many comments so far, though I daresay it answer a lot of people's unanswered questions.

I'm way too tired (and I think I'm getting tonsillitis again, damn it all) so can't be arsed being witty or clever. So I'll leave ya'll to admire the photos :)
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Well yesterday was it, the day of the Brisbane Zombie Walk as organised by yours-truly. It was a massive success despite some negative incidents. I shall share all in point-form:


  • While it's only an estimate there were apparently 1500 people at this years walk. I think it can be safely assumed there were over 1000 people.
  • So many friends of mine turned up, even ones who I thought might be "too cool" for the event, which was really, really lovely to see. One friend, Mike, came up from Newcastle just for the walk! How awesome is that?
  • Despite the lack of police (more on that in a moment) I found the crowd easy to direct and willing to take instructions, though the ones at the front were a bit too eager at times and left most of the crowd behind as they lurched a little too fast.
  • There were so many photographers, many of whom even dressed up! And lots of people with video cameras. I'm sure most were for personal use but I believe there were a few news crews and film makers there as well (I saw a lot of crews interviewing people).
  • Lots of kids there, which is just too freaking adorable! One little boy who could only just walk was having the time of his life, growling at random passers-by and staying in character the whole time. There were even baby-zombies!

  • There were SO many people at the after-party. Making it all ages and free entry really made it a success. Mum and Mike were run off their feet with the sausages (we not only broke even but made a small profit so I was able to cover some of the cost of the posters we got printed).
  • Seeing dozens of zombies carving up the dance floor (and going especially wild when "Thriller" came on was pretty damn exciting.
  • I got a lot of positive feedback from people at the after-party (complete strangers were even hugging me when they found out I was the organiser) and have been getting heaps more today.
  • There was an awesome article thanks to the Brisbane Times: Undead take over city
  • As well as a fantastic news story (you can clearly see us lying on the ground at the front): Zombies take over Brisbane City (I've been watching this over and over, it just makes me laugh)


    • NO POLICE!!! I do not know what happened but am really unimpressed. I made sure to keep in contact with them, get the permit from them and do what I had to do. I even got a call form them on the way to the walk at 2pm asking when we planned to set off, how they would recognise me and telling me they'd be there. I hope they have a good excuse for not showing up, I was really disappointed.
    • As a result of the lack of police there were some incidents. Some minor like participants getting carried away with "attacking" civilians. If they laugh or play along then that's cool. But when they recoil, yell or ignore you then LEAVE THEM ALONE. It's very basic and yet people seemed to forget it in all the fuss and excitement. I was also really annoyed at how people thought wiping blood and even spitting it on buildings was a good idea. And to the teenagers who thought it was OK to put bloody hand prints on people, zombie or otherwise - NOT COOL! I had to push one guy away who insisted on putting his bloody hand on my face, my sister and her friend Allie were covered in hand prints which they didn't want and people were doing the same to civilians. Seriously, what the hell guys.
    • Even more disappointing was how, at the end of the walk while myself and my friends were trying to get people to start following us to the after-party, a guy decided to throw himself off the bus-shelter type thing the photographers were standing on (down below people were all acting like a ravenous mob of zombies for the cameras) as though he was on stage and they were a mosh pit. The result? Good friend [ profile] dizzay was injured and had to be taken off in an ambulance with a concussion as well as neck and back injuries. The worst thing is, I did not know about any of this until a few hours later at the after-party, and I only discovered it was Diz this morning.
    • I received a few emails last night/this morning berating the organisers for not doing more after the accident. One of them was quite rude. I explained that I did the organising by myself with the help of friends and family only, and at the time it happened we were trying to direct people into the Valley to either go to the after-party or else to public transport. In fact half of us had rushed ahead to get Planet open and ready for the after party.
    • There's been some negative feedback about how we had DJs at the after-party instead of bands, how the drinks weren't cheap enough, how the party was too busy and that the sausages were "overcooked". I'm pretty appalled since the other option was no after-party at all. But I've been calm and just told people that we did the best we could in the grand total of six weeks we had to organise everything. I don't know, it just seemed really petty when no one made them go. Oh and I don't think most people minded the music since there were dozens of zombies danced for hours on end.

    I'm going to have heaps more to write but am so tired right now I think I need to go to bed so I can function at work tomorrow. Oh and I didn't take a camera so I'm currently compiling photos from the day from various sources (and then slowly editing them all), so for now here's a great one of me, Allie (with my sister Erin behind us):

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    I've had a mad day doing all the last minute preps for the walk. I'm only just sitting down now after being up at 9am and running around non-stop. As I do every now and then, I googled "Brisbane Zombie Walk" to see what comes up and as usual I was pleased to see people have been spreading the word all over the internet.

    And then I found this!

    Check out the reply written by SgtReznor. Haha geez way to be a bitter asshole, man. I'm laughin' because I'm of the opinion all press is good press, and you know, I'm not a stupid baby who'd a) write something so lame/petty b) cry about something so lame/petty.

    Hey Dan, get over it :D
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    I had intended to go to mum's for an early night to do all the final stuff for the zombie walk, but I'd promised Jess last week we'd go see Monster Zoku Onsomb tonight, so despite being really tired (had to get up and go to work at 8AM of all things, as I had a phone interview with 4ZZZ, a local radio station, about the walk). They're a local psychedelic/industrial electronica "band" and I've heard good things about them so decided to suck it up and go. WOW! They were awesome. Intense music and an amazing show. They are crazy!

    But the best bit was at the very end when they started chanting "ZOMBIE WALK, ZOMBIE WALK, THIS SUNDAY, ZOMBIE WALK!" over and over. I mean I knew they were coming since one of them messaged me on Myspace about it, BUT OH MY GOD HOW COOL IS THAT?! I was so stoked I had to buy their EP. I don't know if they'll be too intense for me to listen to day-to-day but I think I might drop some of their tracks at the after-party (particularly "Eat Brains").

    OK now it's time for bed before I collapse and die!
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    You're all probably going to be so glad when the zombie walk is all over with and the hype has died down and I stop obsessing over it so much. Well, except those of you who are as FUCKIN' EXCITED AS I AM!

    I did an interview for a university film crew who are doing a doco on the zombie walk. We filmed it at my flat since they could only meet me this week and it was the most convenient place for me while being quiet and well-lit. It was kind of cool, since they had about the same production values as I did in high school (I'm not shit-canning them, I mean this is good way) and was all AWWWWWW the whole time. I even got to dish out some of my old-school, back-in-the-day film knowledge to them, which was pretty exciting. I think they were impressed that a) I wasn't some ugly, weird nerd and b) I do a good interview. Well the latter is only because I've made enough documentaries to know how an interview should flow. I actually made them ask me more questions, since not having enough footage used to be the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE! Man, I miss film making.

    On the poster side of thing, I have received two kind offers to help with putting posters up from [ profile] thorellie and John, who I only met last weekend at Michelle's birthday party! So between the three of us I think we're going to cover pretty much everywhere I wanted to cover with minimal panic-attacks from me! YAY! Now I just need to get the after-party posters printed and put up and we're all done with that nonsense!

    And lastly, I have been randomly making zombie pictures. I did one of myself in about two minutes for my facebook the other day but loved it so much I whipped one up for Anthony too (god knows why, since it's not like I don't have enough to do this week as it is):

    I need to have a rant. Friends-only post coming soon!
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    Wow I've been getting a lot of feedback about the zombie walk recently. A girl from the local chapter of the Australian Roller Derby contacted me about cross-promoting and maybe doing a little show at the after party (they were there last year but the only promotion they really did was wear their T-shirts and rollerskates). I have had two student film makers email me about doing documentaries on this years walk so I'm trying to arrange interviews with them. And now we allow comments on the website I'm getting feedback from randoms there too.

    The only bad stuff, not that it's really that bad, is that two people have commented about the lack of advertising being done. WTF? The first person asked if the walk was definately happening on the 25th, so I replied yes, and they then said they weren't sure due to the lack up advertising/updates ("I have already informed many about the date prior to contacting you and some still question. I guess they are curious cause little advertising has been done.") OK I think, fair enough (and wrote a post on the site outlining what advertising I have been doing, just so people know). But then I got a new comment today on that particular update saying:

    A zombie fan myself, I am very dissapointed because I havent found not one single form of advertising related to the brisbane zombie walk anywhere in Brisbane and the surrounding areas since I moved here 5 years ago. I only heard from word of mouth. And every person I talk to has just never heard of it at all. In the future I would love to see more advertisements and possible workshops - on zombie makeup, stalls? Posters, photos, artwork, zombie fansites, funding?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still looking forward to this years zombie walk for sure and it will be another gory blast like every year and hopefully it will be even better for years to come!

    WELL! Never mind the fact I took over the organising of the walk less than six weeks ago and have been doing everything in my spare time and with my own money! $150 I spent on the posters alone! I'm going to be responsible for funding the BBQ too! And may I remind everyone there was no after-party last year, nor was there anything BUT word-of-mouth advertising. I have been making contacts with people who I think would spread the word and/or display the posters for me. And finally, we only want cool people coming on the walk anyway, not every Jow Schmuck who reads about it in the Sunday Mail. It's meant to be "underground" so the amount of advertising I have been doing is MORE than enough without making it some stupid council-run event where all the fun is sucked from it!

    *fist shake* OK I'm done venting now.

    So anyway...does anyone wnat to help me out posters up this week? I can only do it after work but if anyone wants to help me poster up the Valley, West End, some shopping centers etc...please let me know as I'd totally appreciate as much help as possible!
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    Well so much for losing those 2kg the other week. I have been such a guts lately and have put on about 1kg and am all bloated and feeling horrible. One minute I can have all the motivation in the world and the next I'm stuffing my face with Coco Pops, begging myself to stop but unable to at all. It's a bit pathetic really. So I went to gym four (COUNT 'EM: FOUR) times this week so hopefully next week will be better D:

    In VERY EXCITING Brisbane Zombie Walk news I've been told the after-party at Planet can be all-ages now! This is too awesome to comprehend! Over-18's can drink as they'll get a wrist band on entry, so we're not isolating anyone at all now! And I've wrangled the low, low price of $5 entry to the after-party, though the BBQ will have to be a gold coin donation since I can't afford to feed sausages to hundreds of people with my own money. But hey $7 for an after-party in the Valley with a free BBQ is fucking good value, so I don't foresee many complaints (and if I do they can fuck off home, as this is a damn nice perk when the last zombie walks have had nothing at the end). THAT'S RIGHT, I'M A BITCH! Anyway, I also created a myspace for the walk which can be found here if you'd care to add :D

    I have a busy weekend coming up. Going to mum's Friday night after we see a movie. Going to Buddha's birthday thing at Southbank on Saturday after a spot of shopping earlier on. Going to Rockabilly Psychosis on Saturday night as Checkered Fist are playing (they're a psychobilly band with the members all being about 12 years old - ADORABLE!). Sunday is the Caxton Street Seafood Festival as Anthony is playing and it's Lorenzo's farewell, after that I might be going out for some birthday thing. Monday is the HP picnic as it's a public holiday and hopefully some rest. Man I was hoping to sleep in at some point but doesn't look likely :/

    I'm about to burn the poster I'm trying to make right now. BURN IT TO THE GROUND AND PEE ON ITS ASHES!
    rockfotze: (Lily Allen - NUH UH)
    The cough I had a few weeks ago is back. Not as bad as it was last time but it's only been a week and it is getting worse everyday. I haven't been able to sleep the last couple of days so I'm exhausted, headachey and very pissed off. I'm going to go to the doctors tomorrow as riding it out like I did last time obviously didn't do me any favours. SO OVER IT!

    In much better news I somehow managed to lose another 2kg! I've pretty much reached my first weight-loss goal of 8kg (I've lost a total of 7.8kg so far) which means my second goal of 10kg looks very possible indeed! Of course after spending Saturday night at mum's I probably gained all that weight back...oh well extra exercise this week should sort that out!

    The posters for the zombie walk and the after-party have been completed, so if any of you Brisbane folk would like to spread the word, your help would be TOTALLY AWESOME!

    (click for bigger images)
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