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OK so I nearly decided not to bother writing a proper post as I am so tired and feeling very lazy. But it's been ages and I have lots to say, so sucked it up and here I am! Plus there's nothing to watch right now anyway!

Cut for some length )

Well that wasn't as long as I expected it to be. I've probably missed some very important points but I guess i can always post about them later. or now I must wash out the pink dye I have sitting in my hair and get ready for bed! To conclude, please enjoy this photo from NYE of me, Anthony and Flip (we're all rottenly drunk, of course).

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OK so I have been totally slack with LJ again, though this seems to be normal these days. I think I will use my ever-loved dot-points to organise this entry:

  • I am oncall this week which has meant extra money but I still hate doing it. Especially this time round as I have had the WORST week at work. I was feeling sick on Monday and wasn't able to leave work til almost 4pm because of all my work. I then had a bit of a breakdown on Wednesday when everyone was pissing me off, my manager told me I was the only one using Twitter and yet they still banned it and everything just hit me at once... There's a lot behind my stressing out which I won't go into now, but it took a few days to get over it and I have Monday off to recover. I did get a pay rise though, even though it was so small it won't really increase what I get each fortnight. But given this whole Global Economic Crisis thing going on, I guess it's a good thing that I got anything at all.
  • I've taken Michael Jackson's death kind of badly. Not like one of those nutty, hardcore MJ fans but it's still been a really big deal for me. I've gone nuts with reading everything I can find about him, and even bought three tribute magazines this afternoon. I've been a fan of his since I was a little kid (I worshiped him back then) and I've always loved the guy. I never, ever thought he hurt a single soul and only ever did good, both in music and helping the disadvantaged. I lost a few online friends because of this but whatever, I know in my heart he was a good man (even if he was really quite strange) and bugger those who refuse to accept my opinion (or dare I say it, the truth!). I just wish I got to see him live :(
  • I didn't win the $90 million jackpot like I had expected last week but I did manage to win $46 which was OK. I had so many wonderful plans for that money, such as buying this house, owning 20 poodles which I would dye various shades of pink and throwing PINK champagne bottles at City Cats. Aww yeah it would have been amazing (this will only make sense to people from Brisbane). I also had plans to buy Michael Jackson's NEVERLAND but I guess I was out of luck this time.
  • Anthony and I just booked accommodation for our week in Japan. We'll be staying in Shibuya. I would LOVE suggestions of what to see in Tokyo. Any fun or interesting sights, shopping districts, tourist attractions etc. I am mad with excitement about this trip, let me tell you!
  • Seen a few movies lately which I just thought I should mention. Got free tickets to Land of the Lost which I read really bad reviews for but LOVED. Seriously, it was hilarious and not at all what I was expecting (I thought it was going to be a kids film, but it certainly wasn't). Went and saw Transformers 2 which I enjoyed but wasn't overwhelmed by. It was over the top and didn't make a lot of sense. And in my opinion needed to cut down on the human-time and needed more robots-kicking-arse-time. But it was harmless fun and looked awesome on the IMAX screen. We watched The Hangover the other night, downloaded it as none of us were worried about seeing it in the cinemas. It was really funny but probably not as amazing as people have conveyed to me. It followed a fun, brainless formula and was silly fun, but not the epic comedy masterpiece I had been told it was. The best film I've seen in the last couple of months was Star Trek by far.
  • I have purple hair at the moment! My pink regrowth was so, so bad that I had to hide it somehow and so disguised it with dark purple. It's pretty cool but just not me, so mum is doing my hair tomorrow and making it lovely and pink again. I considered adding more pink but realised it was just going to be more work and I just couldn't be stuffed.
  • My work finally out up a new-look site. That's not so exciting in itself, but check out the SERVICE and the CONTACT pages. Aww yeah looking good there Nightlife ;)

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This weekend was massive. On Friday night I went to an indie band night at Allumbrah (which is usually a funky house sort of club so it was a bit of an unusual change) with Lara, Tallulah and Chelsie. Indie music so isn't my thing, all those skinny jeans, nerdy glasses and beards! Also the music is totally wussy. But I stayed a while and observed all the indie kids in the natural habitat before wandering down to Ric's to watch SixFtHick. They had a last minute charity show which was excellent as always, even though Ric's is a total dive and reminds me of a big, communal toilet. Once that was over, I went back up to Allumbrah to dance to the indie DJs (who were actually pretty good). I didn't stay out for too long, due to a general queasy feeling and lack of much cash.

The next day I slept in late and lounged around a great deal. I did manage to wander up the Valley Markets for a bit but they're as crap as usual so I went and bought some cheap, cute Emily the Strange clothing before heading home to nap as I was getting more and more hungover by the minute. On Saturday night we all had some drinks at our place, before heading to Corner Bar where Anthony plays every Sat night, then headed up to the Family to see Laidback Luke who was really, really good. The whole night was excellent, a fine bunch of friends and most of the Brisbane DJing and clubbing scene all in one place to see a great DJ/producer. I got exceptionally wasted even though I made this huge deal about not wanting to drink much earlier in the day...oh well! After LBL's set I managed to go say hi and get some photos. he's such a cute little Philipino DJ! Awww!

Some photos of the night )

On Sunday I was hungover as fuck, but managed to drag myself out of bed to go to a fairly new bar in the valley called Sky Room as Anthoy had a gig there. It's such a cool bar, and we can't wait to check it out on a Fri/Sat night. As it was Sunday and kind of cold and rainy it was really quiet, which was a real shame. Hopefully their Sundae sessions will take off though as it's a much better place to spend a Sunday arvo than somewhere like Birdee's with all the derro's or Powerhouse with all the yuppies.

Today was the longest day of my life and it makes me glad I've eased up on my big weekends out because damn are Monday's hard to deal with at the best of times, let alone while I'm coming down!
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I've just realise I've not done a proper weekend roundup in ages. This sucks because I am meant to be using LJ as a diary for myself (having people read and comment on them is a nice bonus) so now there are all these fabulous memories of mine that don't really exist anywhere but my dodgy brain! I'll try to remember the last few weekends and make sure I post more often! BAD CARA!

April 2nd to 5th )

Ummm I already posted about the Easter long weekend here.

April 16th til 19th )

April 24th to 26th )

May 1st to 4th )

May 8th to 11th )

OK that's it! It's way long so not worth reading unless you're really, really bored. There are a bunch of photos though, if you're curious (on top of being bored).

And if you weren't arsed reading any of it, amuse yourselves by watching the best rap video ever! (I mean best as silliest and with the best dance moves since Soulja Boy).
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What an eventful couple of days. This weekend was another long weekend for me. I spent Friday night to Sunday arvo with mum, chilling out and helping her pack. Then I headed home as it was Anthony's birthday on Sunday (having Mothers Day and your boyfriends birthday on the same day is kind of crap). For his birthday a big group of us went on a Ghost Tour of Toowong Cemetery. Not really very scary, but it was fun. It would have been a lot scarier had we not been with a huge group of people (there were 25 of us) including a few gigglers. After wards was a huge party where we all had free drinks most of the night and stayed out very late. We had the sense to take Monday off thankfully.

Monday wasn't a lazy day though, as I had to take Anthony to get moulds done for the invisalign braces he's getting (fancy "invisible" plate-type thing that straightens your teeth without looking like a goofy 10 year old with a metal-mouth). Meanwhile I had started getting a nasty tooth ache which got really bad on the weekend. I bit the bullet and took myself to the dentist and had the culprit pulled out. My family have all had serious problems with their teeth - except me. I've had a few fillings but nothing serious, especially like my poor sister who goes almost every week to get something fixed. Getting a tooth pulled sucks almost as much as I remembered from being a kid - it feel gross, it hurts, and you have a huge hole in your mouth you constantly want to poke. It was a wisdom tooth though so no one will ever see the gap and hopefully I won't be hurting any more there. Now I have to go get a proper checkup because I haven't seen a dentist in a good 5 years - but I think my teeth are pretty good anyway so will hopefully only need a filling or two and be all right for a few years again.

I was hurting in the mouth area as a result of my tooth being ripped out - but I sure found a way to stop me thinking about it by falling down half a flight of stairs and twisting my ankle tonight, while taking out rubbish out. It sucks because this ankle was so weak for years, but then it got strong again and never bothered me. I sure managed to ruin that today. It hurts and now I'm not going to be able to exercise much which is a bummer because I had a really intensive scheduler planned for this week :(

Hopefully this week will pick up a whole heap because I'm a bit of a wuss with pain and would rather not have any of it, thank you very much!

Anyway, here's a random picture of myself and Anna at a friends fashion launch:

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Well Easter, and therefore my our day weekend are over :( It was a nice weekend and it's going to suck epic balls to go back to work tomorrow! I left mum's yesterday, dyed my hair and then went to my friend Erin's BBQ which was a small affair but involved lots of tasty meat so very good. After that I met up with Anthony and the boys at Birdee's as Anthony was playing the last set that night. It was a lot of fun mostly because it was Anthony's long-awaited return to Birdee's (long story). One of the highlights was watching and copying the dance moves of a short, fat Easter-European man who was being cheered on by his tiny Indian mate. Man he had some awesome moves!

Today I woke up feeling seedy as hell. Went to the local shops for painkillers as I had nothing to take at home, but I might have as well been swallowing candy for all the good they did. I had to help (friend) Erin collect a bed she bought, as I had the work van, which was a painful experience, filled with near-vomiting and head-explosions. It took two imigran tablets to fix me up - and seeing as how four tablets cost $30 you get an idea of how big deal that is! After some pizza and various naps I am feeling much better. Such a waste of a day...though it hasn't stopped raining all day so my plan to test out my new bike were ruined anyway.

In other disgusting news, I discovered human poop right at the basement garage door today. It's quite obviously human poop and was just about the most awful thing I have ever seen in my life. I see vomit and blood at our front door most Saturday and Sunday morning, but poop? Ugh dude, there are plenty of dark corners just a few meters away from the door, couldn't you have gone there???

This makes me laugh so much (check out all their cards - hilarious!):

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A bunch of stuff since I haven't been posting here much. This week has been pretty shit.

  • I am still hurting bad about Belle's passing. The worst thing is that we had to get her put down, as she was barely able to breathe and was quite obviously dying slowly and painfully. I can't stop thinking about her final few seconds and wondering if we did the right thing. I can't believe she's gone and don't want to believe it. I can only hope she is with Pepe and are both romping together and raiding rubbish bins everywhere in doggy heaven. I'm going to dedicate an entry to her life a bit later.

  • As an indirect result of the above, I got royally shit-faced on Saturday night for my friend Naomi's hen's night. I didn't mean to, but I wasn't able to eat dinner due to being stuck on the phone for work which made me really late and so I forgot to eat. It was a good night, and we had a tonne of fun but no party is ever good enough to balance out vomiting on the walk home and then waking up with THE WORST MIGRAINE EVER! I had to go to a work thing with my sister (climbing the Storey Bridge). They breath tested everyone and of course I blew over, which suited me fine because I felt like dying. I vomited a few more times and went to bed to try and sleep it off. Unluckily I had no migraine pills so it wouldn't budge and got worse, particularly since this years Big Gay day festival was going on behind out place so the booming music made it hurt more. I ended up catching a cab to the emergency room to get something, anything to help. Being in a loud, well-lit hospital was agony but I got some hardcore painkillers which did the trick (only four hours later however). I didn't go to work because although the migraine was gone, I was shaking bad and still felt terrible so I slept most of the day before going to the doctors.

  • My sister and I sent a letter to our dad recently outlining our concerns with he and mum splitting up. basically he promised her a certain sum which would be just enough for her to buy a decent home, now he's reneging on this promise and telling her she'll get a great deal less now. I got a letter back today from him (and only to me, which pissed me off because Erin and I both wrote this letter) and it's all rubbish! I won't go into details but he's got no idea and has lost pretty much all respect from me. I think he's trying to distance himself from us, and if he's not then he's doing a good job of it anyway.

  • Meanwhile my website ( is becoming the sort of website I've always wanted. It's not perfect yet but I want to write up a few posts before I start overhauling it completely. I'll probably post most (if not all) of the entries there on my LJ since I hardly post here anyway and my blog posts will be more interesting than no posts at all (or so I figure).


God I am so bored. This "A Beautiful Mind" movie isn't very good. Quite boring in fact. I complain but man I love the occasional boring evening at home by myself. I should go clean my bedroom, which is the messiest it's probably ever been, but MEH I think I will lie on the couch bored by this movie instead.

Parklife post

Wednesday, 8 October 2008 22:32
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So this weekend was Parklife. For those not from Australia or in the know, it's a music festival they have around Oz that's mainly dance music-focused. It was a great day, went with some good friends and had an easy-going and fun-filled day. The mate's I was with aren't the type to fuss or run around to see every act that's playing, so we all saw who we wanted when we wanted. Just awesome. Oh and we had shots at a bar before hand, too. I find it amazing how you can still buy shots in Brisbane, even at 1pm in the afternoon (most places in Australia have banned shots, to decrease binge drinking). We ended up seeing Van She Tech, Elektrons, Dizzee Rascal, Peaches and a little bit of Does it Offend you Yeah? before walking home.

Anyway, I have a few photos. Of course my batteries died after taking the 2nd photo, so am relying on friends to send me their photos. But for now, here are some to document the day:

Parklife 2008 )

After Parklife my sister came over as she was a bit down in the dumps and we went out to Empire for a dance and to hang out. But of course by about 1am I was dead on my feet and went to bed. All in all, a great day. Though I think I'm still recovering from, so tired.
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So the rest of my weekend, which I was too lazy to post about the other evening.

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Today at work was hard. I slept badly, having bad dreams about Pepe (our dear poodle who died nearly two years ago) so this morning I felt like shit. Having three days off work meant everything blew up and I spent the whole day trying to fix the big stuff up. Ugh, what a miserable day :( I was so mentally and physically exhausted I couldn't go to gym, which sucks because I'm putting on a heap of weight as I have lost ALL motivation once again. What a waste of effort, I'm half way back to what I was a few months ago, before the big diet :(

In unrelated news I am finding myself getting quite addicted to the Twilight books which is incredibly lame. Harry Potter is one thing, this is a whole other ballgame (mostly because it's not nearly as well written or amazing as HP). All I'm going to say, since I refuse to get too obsessed with the series, is that Jacob Black sounds like the hottest guy ever. Tall, fun-loving, Native American??? Hello nurse!

And lastly, since my back is aching and I still need to tidy my filthy room, I am getting tattooed tomorrow! I am pretty fucking excited and will post a million photos tomorrow, naturally!

EDIT: Forgot to mention how I sliced my finger open badly tonight while chopping onions. This is a big deal since I'm usually only clumsy in the wacking-my-leg-on-the-edge-of-tables-and-getting-massive-bruises kind of way. It hurt but I think I must be a bit of a masochist because I kind of enjoyed the pain. Maybe because it was sharp and new, unlike the dull, achey pain my falling over and getting bruises everywhere pain I'm used to.
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Had a busy weekend, mostly because Anthony and I have a big event planned this Thursday. He's running a club night called Manila Sessions which is Filipino themed. We've finally started to get MNC Entertainment off the ground and this is our first, proper event. So it's a bit hectic getting everything ready and attending all the meetings. But should be fun. So if you're not doing anything this Thursday from 8pm, come to Empire!

On Friday night I randomly decided to go out with Anthony and Jeremy. It got pretty messy real fast but before I ended up stumbling home and passing out early we met a German backpacker called Annmarie who we've been entertaining since. I like to think it's my way of making up to the German friends of mine who looked after me so well when I was over there.

Saturday I had a terrible migraine (yep, they're back) which meant I couldn't take Anthony to the dentist. And to make things worse my stupid car broke down on him on the other side of town. Luckily it wasn't serious but still, such a pain. Once I recovered from all that we had a work party, bowling and drinks at Strike in the City. My work mates were all horribly drunk, Jeremy and I were still hungover so we left pretty early, before it got too crazy. I watched some movies and then had an early night.

Sunday morning I was meant to do the Bridge to Brisbane (a charity fun run event) with Anthony but we kind of "accidentally on purpose" slept in. Instead we did some errands, put some posters up for Manila Sessions and then I headed over to visit [ profile] disarm_ before she moves to LA. I took a bunch of DVDs, clothes and some awesome goth boots off her hands, and we just got to hang out which we haven't really done in ages. It will be so sad to see you go, Verity! After that I went to another meeting for Manila Sessions and then I pretty much went home and to bed.

This weekend is going to be hectic again. After Thursday night it's Valley Fiesta which is always a bit of madness (but in a good way), on top of the fact I need to see dad for Fathers Day/his birthday and hopefully help mum out around the house again. Luckily I was smart and took Thursday, Friday and the following Monday off so I will have a nice, long weekend and won't be too exhausted.

And on that note I'm off to bed!
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Temporarily don't have internet at home, so as I spent this weekend at mum's I thought I should write here.

Last weekend was our housewarming which was good. Not as many people came as I'd hoped, but a decent turn out and a few surprise guests. Anthony and I started drinking early so I threw up and passed out briefly at about 10pm, but after that felt great. Hung out, danced a bit and the usual crap one does at a house party. I passed out again at about 2am but an hour nap got my going again til the party wrapped up at 6am. Our flat makes for a great party house, so I plan to have parties much more often, since they're often better than going out (and far cheaper). Shockingly enough, NO ONE took photos! Considering I had three cameras in my room ready for use, I'm appalled at myself for forgetting. Oh well, it wasn't a costume party so no big deal.

Went to the Ekka (Royal Queensland Show) on Wednesday, which is the busiest day. It was a lot of fun, especially since I haven't gone to one for about 6 years. Luckily the mate from work who I went with was happy to go to all the random food, animals, showbag etc pavillions with me, since most people would find that boring. Spent a fortune on showbags, food, rides and random trinkets, all totally worthwhile. I was also clever and had a quiet night the night before, whereas Mark got drunk and spewed everywhere after the rides. I laughed, since it's uaully me vomiting everywhere in public places.

This week I was oncall, completely uneventful which is always a good thing. Spent this weekend at mum's, since dad's decided we have to get the house up for sale by the end of the month, so we spent most of the time going through mine and Erin's bedrooms and chucking most of our old crap out. I found so much random stuff, and now have a carload I have to take to my place, which isn't good since it just means I'll have more to move in a years time.

Well...that's about it for now. I have million things I've been meaning to write about here, so keep tuned for that (probably friendslocked stuff, too! Always exciting!).

Slack update

Tuesday, 5 August 2008 22:41
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Getting so slack at posting here lately. I'm going to make this update brief because I have a gut ache and need to wash my hair before bed.

  • We're all moved in but have a bit of unpacking to do. We're completely moved out of the other unit but the hand-over is dragging ON AND ON! Me, Anthony and my mum spent HOURS cleaning it all up, but we ended up having to get a professional cleaner today for $120 to do the little tiny bits and pieces we missed. It's bullshit, but we can't do anything about it. So I'm so broke now it's not even funny. It's depressing the fuck out of me, I'd tell our landlady to get fucked but we did move to another flat in the same building, so that's not an option. Ugh.

  • Our housewarming party is this Saturday night. If you wanna come, please do! Should be fun!

  • This weekend just gone was Greazefest. I was looking so forward to it but thanks to the moving stress I didn't have as much fun as I'd wanted. Went to the Sinners all with Nikerz and Daz and got really drunk, so didn't stay out too late because drunk + tired from work = sleepy time by midnight. Didn't go to the Greasers Ball on Saturday night because I was depressed from the moving/money situation so I went to a friends housewarming instead (which was really good). Sunday I went to Greazefest and spent a bit too much on clothes and jewelry, ut it was a fun day so it's all good.

  • I'm breaking out like a teenager again because I changed my brand of pill. But since the change I've almost completely stopped getting migraines and lost a bit of weight so I'm going to suck it up. Not getting migraines after a night out is the most amazing thing ever. I can't believe I out up with it for so long!!! There are pimple creams that can help the breaking out, so I think I'll be better off in the long run. NO MORE MIGRAINES!!! WOOHOOOOO!
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So slack at posting lately. Also my internet was SO SLOW for such a long time there....not sure why it's back to normal but I ain't complaining. I'll briefly cover the last two weekends in a mass-roundup so as not to bore anyone to death.

Last weekend:

  • Friday I took mum to Picasso Up Late at the Gallery of Modern Art where Gentle Ben played. Literally one-third of my workmates went which made it interesting (in a fun way, as they were all the cool workmates). Afterwards a few of us went to a friends place for a few drinks and then danced like retards in the kitchen. It was great.

  • Saturday was a pretty lazy day because I had a big night planned. Went to a work mates 30th birthday party, though I drove so couldn't drink (also was still a bit seedy from the night before). Then went back into the Valley and to Empire for the re-launch of Breaks n Enter. It was a really good night, I ended up spending the night with Jeremy and Michelle, we chatted and danced all night long. It was sad to see so many fights everywhere though (in the club and down on the street below us) - I finally understand the government's concern over alcohol-fueled violence, because we saw it everywhere, as well as the after math, with guys being taken away in ambulances with neck braces :/

  • Sunday we had a Harry Potter meetup picnic which was nice, though there was only the four of us. Ate lots of yummy food and it was nice weather. It's a shame we can't get more people to come along though :(

This weekend just past:

  • Friday night I went to a gig with a mate from work who got free tickets (yay, free!) for a band called Grafton Primary. They weren't bad though I kept getting shouted drinks and therefore got pretty drunk and so didn't stay out too long.

  • Saturday I kept busy with various errands followed by an Arrested Development marathon. That night I went to see Gentle Ben with a few friends at Ric's but went home fairly early (and watched some more Arrested Development, of course). I think I must be getting old or something.

  • Aaaand on Sunday I really did bugger all. Sleeping, watching TV and more lounging around. Such a hard life I lead!

Some photos from last Saturday night )

Meanwhile I am watching Miss Universe right now and it is hilarious! So, so tacky.
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This weekend was excitement plus! I decided to spend it at mum's as I'd been feeling really sick all week. Tummy aches, a sore back and other little hurts. The excitement started Friday night after work, as I was getting ready to go to mum's. I got a call from my workmate who was oncall as one of our clients had their (brand new) system die and they were without music. Since this venue was near where mum lives, and they begged me, I grabbed my personal Nightlife system and leapt into my car and headed off. Only to have a car crash 10 minutes later (right near work too, of all places). The worst part was, as I hit the car in front of me I'm at fault. No one was hurt at all, though the girl I hit almost had a panic attack. Her car is quite new and therefore half made of plastic so hardly any damage. My poor little steel tank copped some damage to the front but nothing too serious. My dad managed to fix most of it on the weekend. But still, totally uncool and while I constantly reminded my work mates of the lengths I go to for this company, I don't actually think it was really appreciated :( I COULD HAVE DIED! OR BEEN HURT! BAH! Needless to say I left the service call to the following morning.

Saturday mum and I went to West End for shopping and a general adventure into a part of the City we've never really been to properly. Oh god it was so good. Op-shops, cheap fashion and TRASH VIDEO! We spent ages in there, talking to Andrew, the guy who owns it and is a bit of a personality for his TV show "Schlock Treatment" in Brisbane. I bought some Ed Wood DVDs, death to Smoochy on VHS and mum bought some classic films as well. It was just so exciting, and I think he was shocked two attractive women were so into the world of schlock film.

After that we had cake and chai tea and then picked up my friend's puppy as I sort of volunteered to look after it. Poor mum is going to be the one looking after dear little Pixie as there's no way she could stay in my flat. But she's so damn cute, full of energy (and poop) so I think mum will forgive me eventually :D Spent Sunday fixing my car with dad, cleaning mum's and playing with the puppy. Such a great weekend despite the poor start I had!
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I'm only updating because I just painted my nails with special nail hardener which takes forever to dry and everytime I got to bed before it completely dries, it ends up getting bumpy from the sheets. I like my nails nice and smooth, thank you Mr Sheets. Also I am totally boring.

This weekend was good. Being oncall this week was a total bludge, hardly any calls. I spent Friday night and all day Saturday with mum. She is looking at buying a house since she and dad are preparing the family house to be sold soon, so we went and had a look at that. It's really cute and for really cheap considering it's four bedrooms and has a pool. It is in Booval but it's a nice part and I think it's great value. I also think it'll be less maintenance and also convenient to shops and public transport, which will suit her much better than shitty old Karana Downs.

Saturday evening I drove home as I had plans to go to Monster Joe's later on. I got stuck on a massive tech call for nearly two hours but once that was sorted I went to Step Inn with the gang and had an awesome night. It was kind of weird (n a good way) but three people stopped me during the night to ask if I was the one behind the zombie walk. Buggers me how they knew, but hey, I sort of felt like a celebrity for less dorky reasons than "Hey aren't you that girl who's in that Harry Potter fan club?" (it's happened a few times, I'm afraid). I don't know how but I got seriously, terribly wasted and stayed out til after 5am, where I stumbled home with the house mate of a guy I work with and then passed out. I paid dearly for it on Sunday, with one of the worst migraine's I've had in ages (nearly spewing in a chemist in New farm? So not cool).

Today I am going to try and lose this 2kg I have gained. Well I've only really gained 1.6kg but it's still appalling after all that hard work I put in. My motivation is at an all-time low but I'm going to try my best not to eat too much rubbish and make it to gym at least three times a week for 90 mins each time. Oh ad I might take up fencing with a girl from work, since we both really enjoyed it on the bad camp last week. Plus I can finally swashbuckle for real!
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I've just been reflecting on what I'm doing with my life, in comparison to what I want to really be doing with my life right now.

It looks like my bout of graphic design work has amounted to little/nothing. [ profile] _snitchbitch and I were meant to be the graphic designers for Planet Nightclub but after some ridiculous drama there (not involving either one of us, it's mostly to do with the fact the owners really don't know how to run nightclubs, nor do they have any business sense at all) it looks like our work with them is over, though they've not bothered to actually tell us this which is really frustrating. It's a shame because I was really getting into it and despite the stress it sometimes caused me, I really enjoyed it. I'm thinking of taking a Graphic Design course at Tafe so I could possibly take it more seriously.

Tonight I met up with a girl who advertised in a local street press magazine for people interested in starting a "riot grrl" style band, females preferred of course. I'm quite optimistic, as this girl really seems to want to go down the same sort of path as I do in terms of style of music. Plus she straight-up said being a "good" singer is far from a pre-requisite since the riot grrl genre was never really defined by amazing singers. While I think my voice is OK, I have always been worried people expect a really good female lead vocalist for their band, since that seems to be the thing these days. I reckon I have the ideal voice for a riot grrl band so I'm really optimistic about forming a band with this girl. Man there's something so relieving to be finally getting into forming a rock band, after all these years of putting it off and feeling miserable about it.

As far as my day job's going pretty well actually. We had what we call "band Camp" on the weekend which is weekend away for work to do team-building activities and then have a massive piss up. I was dreading it, early rises and dumb activities and then a potentially humiliating experience of getting too drunk and rowdy with workmates. But as it turns out, it was really good and I actually enjoyed myself thoroughly (despite the early rises). I slept in on Saturday morning and very nearly missed the bus to the Sunshine Coast but from there on it was hanging out with my workmates and doing things like canoing, fencing and making giant catapults (a lot of fun). After dinner we went to the local pub, the definition of a local, bogan pub on the Coast. There was a massive bar tab and I drank all their Strongbow's. I danced far too much and am aching (and a tad bit embarrassed) as a result. But I really properly spoke to some workmates I rarely speak to at work, let alone outside of it, which was both nice and the whole point of the trip I guess.

Anyway, have a few photos from the night out and then a couple I found from when I went out after Dallas' rockstar party:

You came to see a rock shoooooow... )

Anthony is ignoring me and I don't know why. It's frustrating, disconcerting and kind of upsetting :(
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Man I can't believe it's Wednesday already. I love long weekends so very much! So this weekend was fairly action-packed. Well at night anyway. By day I slept the whole time. I spent Friday night having a few drinks at a gig of Anthony's right in the middle of the Brunswick Street Mall. Not a late one though because I spent Saturday finishing my outfit for Dallas' rockstar-themed birthday party (photos in a moment) before heading straight to the party and having a great night where I over-did it as per usual (in the best way possible, of course). I slept away most of Sunday then went out Sunday night and had a few drinks and a bit of a dance. Didn't stay out too long as I had planned to do something with mum. However I over-slept, but as it happened neither mum or I could be bothered going anywhere anyway, so I slept a whole bunch more while intermittently watching the Simpsons and my regular Monday night TV. I've probably never slept so much in my life, and it was totally awesome!

Tonight I saw The Incredible Hulk as we got some advance-screening passes. It was really, really good. Great, in fact. I was one of the rare few who really liked the first film with Eric Bana and Jennifer Connolly, but this one was obviously a lot closer to the comic book and had an amazing fight-scene. Also, the last scene is amazing and even though I don't know a great deal about the Marvel World it blew my mind!

Anyway I have the photos from Dallas' rockstar party uploaded Read more... )

And now I'm going to actually have an early night for once! WOOHOO!
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Well yesterday was it, the day of the Brisbane Zombie Walk as organised by yours-truly. It was a massive success despite some negative incidents. I shall share all in point-form:


  • While it's only an estimate there were apparently 1500 people at this years walk. I think it can be safely assumed there were over 1000 people.
  • So many friends of mine turned up, even ones who I thought might be "too cool" for the event, which was really, really lovely to see. One friend, Mike, came up from Newcastle just for the walk! How awesome is that?
  • Despite the lack of police (more on that in a moment) I found the crowd easy to direct and willing to take instructions, though the ones at the front were a bit too eager at times and left most of the crowd behind as they lurched a little too fast.
  • There were so many photographers, many of whom even dressed up! And lots of people with video cameras. I'm sure most were for personal use but I believe there were a few news crews and film makers there as well (I saw a lot of crews interviewing people).
  • Lots of kids there, which is just too freaking adorable! One little boy who could only just walk was having the time of his life, growling at random passers-by and staying in character the whole time. There were even baby-zombies!

  • There were SO many people at the after-party. Making it all ages and free entry really made it a success. Mum and Mike were run off their feet with the sausages (we not only broke even but made a small profit so I was able to cover some of the cost of the posters we got printed).
  • Seeing dozens of zombies carving up the dance floor (and going especially wild when "Thriller" came on was pretty damn exciting.
  • I got a lot of positive feedback from people at the after-party (complete strangers were even hugging me when they found out I was the organiser) and have been getting heaps more today.
  • There was an awesome article thanks to the Brisbane Times: Undead take over city
  • As well as a fantastic news story (you can clearly see us lying on the ground at the front): Zombies take over Brisbane City (I've been watching this over and over, it just makes me laugh)


    • NO POLICE!!! I do not know what happened but am really unimpressed. I made sure to keep in contact with them, get the permit from them and do what I had to do. I even got a call form them on the way to the walk at 2pm asking when we planned to set off, how they would recognise me and telling me they'd be there. I hope they have a good excuse for not showing up, I was really disappointed.
    • As a result of the lack of police there were some incidents. Some minor like participants getting carried away with "attacking" civilians. If they laugh or play along then that's cool. But when they recoil, yell or ignore you then LEAVE THEM ALONE. It's very basic and yet people seemed to forget it in all the fuss and excitement. I was also really annoyed at how people thought wiping blood and even spitting it on buildings was a good idea. And to the teenagers who thought it was OK to put bloody hand prints on people, zombie or otherwise - NOT COOL! I had to push one guy away who insisted on putting his bloody hand on my face, my sister and her friend Allie were covered in hand prints which they didn't want and people were doing the same to civilians. Seriously, what the hell guys.
    • Even more disappointing was how, at the end of the walk while myself and my friends were trying to get people to start following us to the after-party, a guy decided to throw himself off the bus-shelter type thing the photographers were standing on (down below people were all acting like a ravenous mob of zombies for the cameras) as though he was on stage and they were a mosh pit. The result? Good friend [ profile] dizzay was injured and had to be taken off in an ambulance with a concussion as well as neck and back injuries. The worst thing is, I did not know about any of this until a few hours later at the after-party, and I only discovered it was Diz this morning.
    • I received a few emails last night/this morning berating the organisers for not doing more after the accident. One of them was quite rude. I explained that I did the organising by myself with the help of friends and family only, and at the time it happened we were trying to direct people into the Valley to either go to the after-party or else to public transport. In fact half of us had rushed ahead to get Planet open and ready for the after party.
    • There's been some negative feedback about how we had DJs at the after-party instead of bands, how the drinks weren't cheap enough, how the party was too busy and that the sausages were "overcooked". I'm pretty appalled since the other option was no after-party at all. But I've been calm and just told people that we did the best we could in the grand total of six weeks we had to organise everything. I don't know, it just seemed really petty when no one made them go. Oh and I don't think most people minded the music since there were dozens of zombies danced for hours on end.

    I'm going to have heaps more to write but am so tired right now I think I need to go to bed so I can function at work tomorrow. Oh and I didn't take a camera so I'm currently compiling photos from the day from various sources (and then slowly editing them all), so for now here's a great one of me, Allie (with my sister Erin behind us):

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    What an...interesting weekend. It started of really badly but got better later on.

    Let me tell you a tale of how I got screwed over at Anthony's birthday party and how karma doesn't exist )

    So if you didn't read that, the gist was: my bag got nicked while out on Friday night, money and my mobile phone were stolen, and mt friends are awesome.

    Whoever has my mobile no, please email your mobile no and (real) name to me:

    Saturday night was Michelle's birthday party. I had a sedate night and went home kind of early since today was mothers day and all. My sister and I met up with mum and had high tea, went shopping and went and saw Iron Man which was fantastic, as expected. Afterwards I caught up with a couple of people from work for a couple of drinks and a chat. So, for 90% of the time it was a good weekend. Trust one fuck head to go and almost ruin it though!


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