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Tuesday, 28 July 2009 21:27
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I have always kept my room pretty messy. It's not messy in a slob way, it's messy in a "I have too much crap and nowhere to really put it" way. I was in my room yesterday looking for my gym stuff and I had to laugh at how messy it was. Not just that, but also how almost everything I own is pink and/or black. So I took some photos to share the joy that is my pink, black and messy bedroom:

This is just one side of my wardrobe, specifically the side where I keep my jackets and good tops. Beneath them you can see the shoe rack where I keep all my sneakers and boots.

My other shoe rack, where all my fancy shoes, heels and flats go. I've run out of room on the rack which I discovered when I tried to neaten them up after taking this photo. I'm totally obsessed with silver shoes lately.

My bed, covered with a wide variety of clothing which really doesn't fit anywhere (OK so half of this stuff probably does fit somewhere but I am too lazy to work out where). Luckily I don't sleep in my own bed much. Actually, that's probably why it's as messy as it is...

My dresser. I keep all my jewelry and perfume on top along with random nick-nacks. The top drawer that's open is where I keep all my pink and black tops. The few non pink/black tops I own have a small section in the next drawer down XD Random Fact: that Venetian mask is from Florence which is close enough to Venice to be kind of authentic.

I just worked two early shifts this week (8am til 4:30pm) and may well be delirious from exhaustion. getting up at 7am is just about the worst thing ever to me. THOUGH getting of work early does have its benefits. I had time to go somewhere good for a bikini wax after work and am still marveling at how good it is to find a GOOD beauty therapist! I out off getting waxed down there again for ages after the travesty that was my last bikini wax D:
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I'm home alone tonight and find myself watching old movies on TV. First it was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, then Zoolander and now Dog Day Afternoon. I am pretty damn bored but I don't mind, I rarely get the chance to be bored and completely on my own so it's probably really good for me. I was going to go out, just for the hell of it, but I had a day of spending money today and really need to save my pennies for Tokyo.

Speaking of today, I got a new hair cut after almost five months (my hair grows so slowly) and just got something similar to what I had, though with some layering at the front. Having freshly dyed hair and a new haircut makes you feel like a million dollars, I tell you what. I wish I could afford to get my hair done more often (at $95 for just the cut I have to space haircuts out as much as possible). After that I bought some new tea, one of which was called Black Rose and is to die for. As mum and I were leaving the shopping center I found some of the hottest clothes I have seen in ages. And walked away with a black sequined, hooded jacket. It is amazing and reminded me of what Michael Jackson would wear if ever he went through a ghetto phase. It was $65 rom $130 so I think I did very well indeed! Then mum came back to my place, we watched a movie and went out to my favourite restaurant in China Town for dinner. It was a very good day :)

I am so bored right now it's crazy. I've always been the type to eat when bored so I am struggling right now. Luckily I'm only snacking on seed mix and fat-free soup and some vegetables so I'm not going to have massive eaters guilt tomorrow morning. I may still go to gym though, I have been pretty shit this weekend and after losing a kilo this week, I want to keep being as good as I can.

Anyway I took a few pics of my new hair and jacket. I'm not wearing makeup so just ignore that fact for me XD

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Man I am finding it hard to post here very often. I'm way too busy for my own good. By the time I find enough time to get online, I have emails to read and reply to, Facebook to check, Twitter to update, my blog to update and fix up, LJ friendslist to read etc. By the time I'm ready to write an entry it's hella late and I end up going to bed instead!

After riding my bike to work today (not the purple one, it's no good for riding anywhere with even a slight hill) I have decided that I need to get an new one ASAP. I was going to wait for my K.Rudd money to come through (booyeah $900 from the government) but the ride this morning was bad, as in the seat starts tilting back whenever I hit a bump and after a few big bumps the seats practically at at 90 degree angle and it really hurts my lady parts. So I have to stop, reposition the seat and start again. Bloody ridiculous. But the act of riding is so enjoyable! So I'm going to get myself a bike this weekend no matter what. It won't be as rad as the purple cruiser, because it needs to be really practical, but I will visit as many bike shops as I can before getting one!

In other exercise-related news I have been pretty damn awesome when it comes to going to the gym lately. I've started going to classes and while my fitness is still pretty shite, I'm really getting better. Today for example, after riding to and from work, I went to Body Pump before going to lindy hop. I'm shagged now of course, but you do feel pretty awesome after a good, proper workout! Too bad the diet's not doing so well so my weight loss is not doing so well :/

Aaaaand as per usual it's really late so I should just go to bed already. Four day weekend, booyeah!
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I just posted a new entry on in case anyone's interested. I'm still trying to work out what to write about there, I find a lot of the blog's I like to read are very fashion-focused which is cool but I'm not really what you'd call a fashionista, and believe it or not but I get really shy and self-conscious every time I go to take a photo of myself in a new outfit. LAME! I'm also trying to work out how to encourage people to READ my blog too! How do you attract people to something that's probably been done a million times before??? All suggestions are very much appreciated.

Meanwhile I am finding myself rather obsessed with Twitter. I can use it at work (in a round-about kid of way through iGoogle) so it helps me pass the time while allowing me to post short sentences about the random shit I am doing at random intervals. I need more people to follow though! If you use Twitter PLEASE add me: because OMG I get bored so easily these days without constant stimulation.

In other accidentally-interesting news, I bought the AMAZING Shoe Rack the other day, which I finally got around to setting up yesterday. I filled it with shoes and was a bit wary about how it was leaning (I not only filled it with 30 pairs of shoes, but I had a good 10+ pairs left over!). Anthony thought it looked fine, but check out what happened in the middle of the night:

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How about a general update of my life. Not big drama's for once. Right now I am trying to work on two posters as I am attempting to get back into my graphic design. It's not going too well but that's because I am losing patience quickly, because my designs look pretty good when I stop being angry at them. I really, really need to do a course to better myself. I am not good at teaching myself stuff, and if I pay for a course then I will be much more motivated to keep practicing. Maybe one day when I stop having a million and one debts.

Another less than successful thing going on in my life is that my diet is going POORLY. I am not losing weight because I cannot commit to dieting. I am being excellent when it comes to exercise though. I go pole dancing at least once a week, I've started yoga which I do once a week, and I've taken up swing dancing too which I do 1-2 times a week. I also go to gym for a regular workout 1-2 times a week also. Once I get a decent bike I can start riding to and from work which will make a huge difference as well. I just keep eating crapy food though. Don't get me wrong, I'm mostly good, but I keep slipping up and they're negating all the good work I am doing which is really depressing. I just wanna be thin :(

We have a house party this Saturday night. The theme is doomed lovers (as it's on Valentines Day). Anthony and I have an awesome idea planned, so I am looking forward to it. If anyone wants to come, let me know because I would love to see you!

I am going on a cruise in a week and a bit! I keep forgetting about it, as it's been planned for ages now. I'm going with mum and my sister (and her boyfriend) and is going to be lots of fun. I was hoping to have trimmed down a bit to look hot in a bikini for the trip, but alas I have no and will be wearing a sarong the whole time. I get to see countries in the Asian Pacific which is really cool. I hope swimming with dolphins will be an option :D

I keep feeling so sad about the Victorian fires. I plan to donate a decent amount of money tomorrow, to CFA, Red Cross and the RSPCA as they're all in need (I was only going to donate to the RSPCA but have opened my heart). I am so obsessed with Sam the koala. Breaks my heart every time. I will be buying one of the photos as part of my contribution to the CFA.

I am extra sensitive to sounds tonight. Between my two housemates eating loudly, whistling, playing computer games and the neighbors being brats I am about to scream with sound-induced rage. I have always been over sensitive to noise but tonight is just ridiculous! Maybe that's my cue to go to bed...
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OK OK I concede defeat! The storm in Brisbane on Sunday was far worse than I thought and the way things are going in Brisbane this week, we may well be going through some sort of natural disaster. I keep missing the really impressive storms by either being in bed or in a shopping center. But I've seen a lot of videos of the carnage and it's shocking. I've heard rumors that this is the most rain we've had in 25 years or something. I remember bad rain's back in the late 90s when I was in Hight School which flooded us badly in the Western suburbs, but we seem to be getting extra violent storms on top of horrendous rain. I find it all terribly exciting though!

It amuses me how my good friend Erin moved to Brisbane on Sunday afternoon. Right on time to witness just how bad a storm can get in this part of the country. The amount of times we've been soaked while trying to do stuff is hilarious. One night I stepped in a puddle that was literally 6 inches deep and covered the road, the footpaths and went right up to peoples front doors. I'm just glad we got my leaking skylight fixed, otherwise I may well have drowned by now.

Here's an article about the storms. Plenty more everywhere if you're interested. This gallery shows some awesome photos too.

Shoot, I just realised I forgot to post about our awesome party last weekend. Can't be bothered right now, since it's bed time. So here's a teaser before I post the rest tomorrow:

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Lots to write about, but a quick update about current events. There was a HUGE storm in Brisbane on Sunday evening. We watched it from our windows and it was pretty cool but didn't seem any more impressive than the HUGE storm I got stuck in the other week (Brisbane has a LOT of tropical storms, and they're getting bigger, as in back to how they were years ago, now the drought has finally broken). But it did some major damage to some suburbs in outer-Brisbane, particularly The Gap. Now Brisbane's been declared a "natural disaster zone". Such a load of bollocks, if you ask me. Yeah, trees and power lines were knocked down, and power was out in a few suburbs for two days. Fuck man, this is what we used to deal with ALL the time a few years back. The drought made the trees a lot more brittle, hence them all falling down, I remember this happening all the time when I was a teenager. Holy crap, talk about getting carried away and making it sound like it was a cyclone or the next Hurricane Katrina why don't you. LAME!

Of course I've been too lazy to go check out The Gap to see the full extent of the damage. But still, calm the fuck down. It could have been a LOT worse! One guy died because he was taking photos of a badly flooded drain (natural selection, if you ask me), that's the worst that's happened.

Though the skylight in my bedroom started leaking last night and got worse throughout the day (we got our landlord to get a guy out to fix it though it still needs a LOT of work as this building is shite) so I guess the rain's pretty full on when I think about it. Oh and I nearly drowned in a puddle this evening in Auchenflower which was at least 6 inches deep (it looked like a bit of rain on the ground but was this massive puddle that covered the road AND footpaths...hilarious!). However, this is to do with shitty buildings and broken drains around Brisbane. This natural disaster thing is a bit too much, regardless of how wet my bed is right now!!!
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Been spending the weekend with mum, due to the fact I had a bunch of bills to pay and really, REALLY need to save money for this trip to Europe (which is in a mere five weeks, oh god). I am so, so broke now it's unbelievable. Had a nice time with mum, today we ran some errands while she had an open house this morning (her place is now up for sale) and then went to see Death Race which was awesome. Better than I expected even, and I had somee damn high hopes for it, too.

I feel kind of silly right now because I know everyone is out tonight, and I would love to be out too because I miss going out lots and am feeling left-out because only one person gave me a heads up that tonight was a big one and I just got a text from Daz asking why I wasn't out, to which I replied "I'm at mum's. No one ever tells me when they're heading out for a big one any more :(" which is pretty pathetic but well, that's what two glasses of wine does to me, I guess.

Oh well, enough of me being a baby, I'm going to have an early night to go on a nice, long walk with mum and the poodle in the morning.

EDIT: Something I've been meaning to post since Anthony told me about it the other day: I laugh in my sleep. Not just a chuckle or a giggle, HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER. I've woken him up twice now and he has to gently shake me for a few minutes until I stop and continue sleeping soundly. I thought this was the greatest thing ever. Sleep-laughing? So much more awesome than sleep-walking!
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I don't really have a great deal to post about, but here I am. I've been a bit slack with posting here, so ya'll can have a pointless post from me tonight!

I have the next three days off work! I don't go back til Tuesday. I deserve this break, I haven't had any sort of extended break from work for ever, and this week has been horribly stressful and after today I needed time off more than anything. It's Valley Fiesta this weekend, on top of a HP meetup and seeing dad for his birthday. so I am going to be pretty busy. But after tomorrow night's done and Manila Sessions is behind us, it will be all fun (I hope).

I got my hair cut last week. It's SUPER short at the back and looks fab. But I keep forgetting to take photos. No, that's not like me at all, I know. I'll make an effort to get some pics taken of it right away, as I love it and want to shoe it off.

Hmmm I really don't have much to post about at all. Here, have a photo of me from the other week, wearing my new Pig Hat:

I had to over-expose it because a) it was bad quality and b) my bra is showing and I didn't think you really wanted to see that.
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We have the internet at home! Let me just say that iprimus are a bunch of jerks and I resent the fact we're going to stick with them. It took almost a MONTH to get the internet up and running and even now we're on the lowest plan possible, which we didn't realise, and went over it in all of 20 minutes. BASTARDS. They are getting a nasty phone call tomorrow, as they have almost every day for the past three weeks) so we can be on the 200gb plan ASAP. Not to mention the credits they'll be giving me for this fiasco!!!

I got my tax return this week, about what I got last year which is very nice indeed. Half of it will go towards debts and the rest will be on frivolous pleasantries. I could knock off two of my debts entirely if I'd used all the return but I want a new tattoo, hair-do, handbag, dress, TV, shoes and CDs, dammit! I am going to have so much fun this Saturday on my SHOPPING SPREE! I just hope Target still have that Hello Kitty TV I can't stop thinking about!

I am reading those Twilight books everyone loves/hates so much. I was kind of "blah" about the first book, but find myself enjoying the second book very much. In fact I think I will go read some more right now since my body is exhausted beyond belief from two hours at the gym this evening anyway. NIGHT!
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Well so much for losing those 2kg the other week. I have been such a guts lately and have put on about 1kg and am all bloated and feeling horrible. One minute I can have all the motivation in the world and the next I'm stuffing my face with Coco Pops, begging myself to stop but unable to at all. It's a bit pathetic really. So I went to gym four (COUNT 'EM: FOUR) times this week so hopefully next week will be better D:

In VERY EXCITING Brisbane Zombie Walk news I've been told the after-party at Planet can be all-ages now! This is too awesome to comprehend! Over-18's can drink as they'll get a wrist band on entry, so we're not isolating anyone at all now! And I've wrangled the low, low price of $5 entry to the after-party, though the BBQ will have to be a gold coin donation since I can't afford to feed sausages to hundreds of people with my own money. But hey $7 for an after-party in the Valley with a free BBQ is fucking good value, so I don't foresee many complaints (and if I do they can fuck off home, as this is a damn nice perk when the last zombie walks have had nothing at the end). THAT'S RIGHT, I'M A BITCH! Anyway, I also created a myspace for the walk which can be found here if you'd care to add :D

I have a busy weekend coming up. Going to mum's Friday night after we see a movie. Going to Buddha's birthday thing at Southbank on Saturday after a spot of shopping earlier on. Going to Rockabilly Psychosis on Saturday night as Checkered Fist are playing (they're a psychobilly band with the members all being about 12 years old - ADORABLE!). Sunday is the Caxton Street Seafood Festival as Anthony is playing and it's Lorenzo's farewell, after that I might be going out for some birthday thing. Monday is the HP picnic as it's a public holiday and hopefully some rest. Man I was hoping to sleep in at some point but doesn't look likely :/

I'm about to burn the poster I'm trying to make right now. BURN IT TO THE GROUND AND PEE ON ITS ASHES!
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A bunch of things that occurred this weekend. IN POINT FORM!

  • Went to mum's Thursday evening and stayed til Sunday arvo. On Good Friday we went to a dog beach at the Gold Coast with Belle. She's old and a bit of a wuss but did quite well, even proactively sniffing other dogs' butts! We also had Yatala pies (best in the world) so my diet has been ruined this week :(
  • Saturday we did the girly shopping thing. I got my hair cut finally! It's quite short and suits me SO well. It's a bit like Rihana's current hair except far better and with a fringe. Though my fringe is no longer dead straight (not that it ever looked that way, stupid hair) and indtead it's "feathered" and looks awesome. It's the most extreme haitcut I have ever had and it worked! No photos yet because I am slack :/ Afterwards we went and watched Be Kind rewind which was fabulous. After it finished some nerds whinged about how it didn't have a resolution, which made me ANGRY because not ALL movies have to have the super-happy-Hollywood-ending where everything is all good again. Damn nerds.
  • Sunday we did not much at home, exchanged presents (mum went overboard as usual about bought me rad sunnies and all this lovely stiff from the tea shop) before we went to Powerhouse to see a friends band play, have some Champers, have some of the BEST steak ever at Planet nightclub (they had a BBQ for their 1st birthday and the greedy Westworth's ate most of it, like always). Mum headed home, and I stayed out. Anthony was DJing so I hung around with Yonny who is far to generous and shouted me entry to Family nightclub (I was broke, it was $20, and he's an awesome guy). I over-indulged as usual but we didn't stay out too late, and watched some of The Goonies (I fucking hate that movie). Oh and I found a lovely, expensive cigarette case near out front door which was exciting! And then I passed out.
  • Today we got DVDs out, watched them, lazed about, got my period randomly and have spent all evening doing the next poster for Anthony's club night. God I wish I got paid what a regular graphic designed would, so this would seem like less of a awful chore :(

HELP ME WITH A DILEMMA: We found a phone while leaving the Family on Sunday night, and while I first considered keeping it as my phone is a horrible little brat who doesn't detect the sim card every 10 minutes, I decided to advise the first person who rang/texted to let them know. It was the owner's boyfriend who said the owner was very drunk and he'd lost her and was panicking. I said I was at home, but luckily live very nearby so come grab it. And he's all "Oh but it's lockout so if I leave now I can't get back into Family" and I was all WELL YOU MUST REALLY WANT THIS BACK THEN! At first I was "Well I'm sorry but I need to go to bed so you have half an hour" then said "Fine come get it tmw". I texted him twice today and no response. Another boy, who she is apparently cheating with according to the sms' in her inbox (I love snooping) rang but I refused to answer as I dislike answering my phone as it is, let alone someone elses.

So my dilemma is this: I was kind enough to let the boyfriend know I have this phone, gave him my address (well, not my unit number, to be safe) and made a fuss about how I had plans today but would be willing to wait for him to collect the phone (I didn't have plans but ya know, I like being a hero) and he doesn't reply??? My phone is really quite crap and this phone ain't half bad. Should I keep texting him (I refuse to ring a stranger, especially one too lazy to reply to my messages) or just keep the phone an move on. This girl has 100000 contacts in her phone so I don't know who else I should contact. There's no "mum", "dad" or even "Home" in there! Also she's ugly and takes myspace photos of herself with her phone so I'm inclined to give up pursuing this on principle!
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Argh I'm not well. I got a cough the day before going to Melbourne last week, but it wasn't much of one and I was fine. But a day ater being back home it got worse and worse and is now just plain horrific. I had to take a day of last week because of it (I figured that by missing the train due to several coughing-til-I-nearly-spewed fits, I wasn't fir for a day in the office). I had a tiny bit off a cold the other day but it's mainly just this fucking cough. I can't sleep because as soon as I lie down, even if propped up with 1000 pillows, I have coughing fit after coughing fit. And when I be coughing I ain't sleeping. I though I was going to die from exhaustion this morning, after being in tears all night because I just can't stop coughing :(

Despite the coughing I had a great weekend...but I'm not going to both writing about it now because that would take away from my OH WOE IS CARA I AM SICK entry, so my actual weekend roundup shall come tomorrow

In good news I just found out they are making a film about the Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle scandal called Life of the Party I could just about EXPLODE with excitement! My love and admiration of him and Buster Keaton know no bounds.

And to conclude this wackiness, have a photo of Anthony and I from today's newspaper. Yay we made it into the social pages! For Big Gay Day, no less!

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I had a really nice weekend, even though I didn't really do anything exciting. It was just nice. Went out friday night where I didn't get drunk or messy, just went out with good friends and had fun. On saturday I chilled out, went to see Sweeney Todd again, then went to mum's. Watched Blackadder goes forth and had yummy food for tea. Today I went to the Gold Coast with mum to wander around, have a look in a few shops and just spend some quality time with her. I was kind o naughty and spent money on this fantastic 40s style dress covered in skulls and roses (it was only $40 when it could have sold for $200 in a rockabilly store anywhere else). I love weekends like these :)

In unrelated news I am thinking it is time I start dating. I've never really done the whole dating thing, the few times I have had boyfriends it's been a case of meeting a guy and deciding to go out with him and then it becomes kind of (or really) serious. I do not want a boyfriend at this point but I think I am missing out on some fun by going on a few dates with interesting guys and seeing what's out there. I have no idea how to go about this as I am so anti-boyfriends right now and seem to be the sort of person who falls into serious relationships when I really don't want to. But I'm going to give it a go, and see what happens, ya know.

And just to round this off, a couple of photos from Friday night, plus a couple other random ones:
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This glass of cheap (read: cask) wine is making me sleepy. The desire effect. Off to bed!


Monday, 28 January 2008 17:09
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SUCH A CRAP DAY TODAY! It's a public holiday in Australia, as Australia Day fell on a Saturday and be damned if Aussies will tolerate that! So no work for me today. Except I am oncall for work as of this week and I promised my manager who had it last week I would do today because she kindly swapped with me. I'm fine with that, I get paid extra money for oncall anyway, and even more for being oncall on a public holiday. So I work up at a decent time this morning to drive over to her place to collect the laptop, phone etc. Except my car keys have GONE. I mean disappeared off the face of the planet. I searched and searched but in the end I had to wake Stephan (who had crasheed at our place) so he could drive me.

The next highlight was the fact the laptop's charger wasn't with the laptop so we then had to co-ordinate a way for me to get it from my manager which was hard since I still hadn't found my keys and she'd gone out for the day, free form being oncall. Meanwhile RACQ came to unlock my car on the off chance the keys were locked in there (they weren't). Then everyone went out to a BBQ, which I had to miss due to waiting for the charger to be dropped off. I got it eventually and treated myself to Subway despite being kind of poor this week (another highlight, of course).

So I start watching the last season of Arrested Development with my sub, Pepsi Max and air-con and the phone goes BALLISTIC! Considering public holidays usually mean no clients call us, I got three calls within ten minutes, the last one being very long and remains unresolved. I was pretty appalled by this point, to put it mildly. I had no expectations of doing any work today, let alone having systems not work at all! Ugh!

Thankfully the phone is quiet, the boys are back and bought me Strongbow and we're going to watch a DVD. My keys are gone, god knows where I've lost them (this is the first time I have lost keys, a mobile or anything in my life, so it's extra awful). But I have Strongbow so I'll cope.

Actually a conversations with Anthony and Daz cheered me up somewhat. I showed them this comic about Chad Kroeger.

Anthony: What's wrong with Chad Kroeger?
Me: He's in Nikelback, the shittiest band ever, that's what.
Daz: He's the Paddlepop Lion, man. He tries to sing but I'm like "You can't sing, you're a fucking lion!"

I laughed a lot.
I suck at dying my own hair. Proof:

I was looking through the photos on my phone (instead of trying to get the pink dye of my face, like a normal person) and found a few funny ones. They're not of me, just of funny crap I've seen minus a proper camera: Random phone pics )
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Just quickly wanted to post about my New Years at Dreamworld and BBQ Breaks the next day (man that was tough two days).

Photos and words and crap )

So tomorrow it's Summafieldayze, yet another music festival, of the dance persuasion (hence staying in tonight). Though New Young Pony Club are playing and I love than band, so I'm not being a total festival slut, ok?! The next two months will be hard, since there are so many festivals. Big Day Out is on the 20th which is just enormous. Then Good Vibrations, Future Music and hopefully the V Festival. WHOA.

In other new something has been biting the crap outta me. I'm covered in bites which have become rashy. It's grossing me out but I've changed all the bedsheets, vacuumed the beds and sprayed surface spray all over the place so I hope it's over with. I do NOT need another bed bug type thing like I had in London. GROSS!

Also I'm getting chubby again after gorging over Christmas and pretty much the last two or so weeks. I haven't been to gym for as long and man it's showing already. Curse my shitty metabolism, curse it *fist shake*
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  • I had a quiet weekend spent at mum's which was meant to save me me money, which was to go towards Christmas presents, but instead I spent it on myself. I got a bra fitting for the first time in my life, since everyone's always making a fuzz about how 8 in 10 Aussie women are wearing the wrong bar size. So I got measure up and am NOT the 12C I always thought I was, but in fact 10DD. So I have enormous boobs but I have a skinny little back! Yay? All the bra's for 10DD were hideous, but they had the most amazing 12D bra's which fitted me like a dream and make my boobs look so, so amazing. It was pretty bloody exciting, actually, having so much support while also having incredible cleavage. Yeah I'm shallow, you'll get over it.

  • I am reading Scar Tissue, Anthony Kiedas' autobiography (he's the singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, by the way). Fuck I'm enjoying it. Sure I knew a lot of the general stuff seeing as how I was OBSESSED with the Chili Peppers all through high school, but knowing so much about the man who was a hero of mine from the tender age of nine years old. Wow, it's pretty shocking. Now I'm remembering why I love RHCP so much or so long, their older music was awesome, just this unrelenting, punk rock, funk, LA mayhem with rap and funky bass and crazy dancing. Now I hear their msuic and I get angry and upset. Who are these old mean and where did they put the Red Hot Chili Peppers I used to love!?

  • As a direct result of reading this autobiography I'm once again summoning the courage to form a band of my own. It's something I need to do but I don't know how and holy shit does the idea of it scare me to death. How do I find like-minded people when none of my friends are interested in forming a band with me? Who'd want to be in a band with me anyway, particularly when it'll most likely be a self-indulgent tribute to myself. And I can't write songs, stories yes, but I've never been good at songs. And I have not a musical bone in my body. And yet I NEED to be in a band, give it a go. Fuck, I dunno how to do it though.

  • My birthday party this Friday. I'm scared to death that no one will turn up, which will be upsetting and humiliating. And writing it here in my LJ which no one reads any more is really not going to help.
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Well I'd gotten used to the fact I wasn't going to see Daft Punk play in Brisbane next week but then a work mate had a spare ticket and I couldn't possibly resist. Well I could, and I did at first. But he needed someone to go with, these guys will probably never return to Australia, and I'm sick of turning down the things I want for fear of spending money I shouldn't. Gonna be an awesome show!

On a totally unrelated note: It's great being an adult, living away from your parents and with no kids of your own. Why? because after you go food shopping you can do awesome things like have fairy bread for dinner, or like I did tonight tonight, have brie cheese and cake. I also laugh at how I took my weight-loss pills while eating the worlds most unhealthy and fattening dinner. Oh yeah, good times.

EDIT: I keep forgetting to write about the quarter-life crisis I'm apparently having at the moment. Probably because that's no fun and no one wants to hear about it. But I have to say, after two pieces of fresh cream cake I'm feeling pretty darn good. But to be safe, I think I might go to bed before the inevitable sugar-crash begins.
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Damn I've been neglecting my LJ lately. AND NOW I SPAM YOU ALL! Well nothing terribly exciting has been happening in my life lately, so no one's missing out on anything much. My main issue lately has been money. For some reason I've been fucking terrible with money and am always down to my last $100 within the first few days of being paid, and as I get paid fortnightly this ain't good. And since it's mum's and my sister's birthdays soon, not to mention Christmas soon too, things won't be improving anytime soon. I've even stopped going out so much, which doesn't seem to have helped AT ALL. Bloody ridiculous!

Last night my tonsillitis was terrible. I ached and hurt all over, couldn't swallow for the pain and swelling etc. This morning I attempted to go to work, felt like death warmed up, so left after two hours to sleep, go to the doctor and then sleep a whole lot more. I got a penicillin shot in my butt which has always worked in the past, lots of antibiotics (more penicillin if I'm not mistaken) and hardcore pain killers. I'm out of sick pay at work, as you get more the longer you've worked there annoyingly enough, so I'm going to have to go to work tomorrow because I can't afford not too.

Speaking of work, I got my own Nightlife system to keep at home! For those not in the know, which is most of you, it looks like this. It's a computer system that hold music videos for venues like pubs and nightclubs. Because I'm a Nightlife employee I get one for free AND with demo drives which means 16,000 clips at my disposal! I get to watch them all day at work anyway, but holy crap now I can do so at home too. I need to organise some parties just so I can show this baby off! So much music *drools*

I've started doing graphic design randomly. A poster for Anthony's new club night and another one for a club night a mate is promoting. It's kind of exciting, especially since I don't have any experience yet I'm starting to get paid for it! Well I haven't been paid yet but I soon will be. Now I just need to learn how to use Photoshop properly and I'll be livin' the dream! I'd show examples, but I can't be arsed right now!


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