My messy room

Tuesday, 28 July 2009 21:27
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I have always kept my room pretty messy. It's not messy in a slob way, it's messy in a "I have too much crap and nowhere to really put it" way. I was in my room yesterday looking for my gym stuff and I had to laugh at how messy it was. Not just that, but also how almost everything I own is pink and/or black. So I took some photos to share the joy that is my pink, black and messy bedroom:

This is just one side of my wardrobe, specifically the side where I keep my jackets and good tops. Beneath them you can see the shoe rack where I keep all my sneakers and boots.

My other shoe rack, where all my fancy shoes, heels and flats go. I've run out of room on the rack which I discovered when I tried to neaten them up after taking this photo. I'm totally obsessed with silver shoes lately.

My bed, covered with a wide variety of clothing which really doesn't fit anywhere (OK so half of this stuff probably does fit somewhere but I am too lazy to work out where). Luckily I don't sleep in my own bed much. Actually, that's probably why it's as messy as it is...

My dresser. I keep all my jewelry and perfume on top along with random nick-nacks. The top drawer that's open is where I keep all my pink and black tops. The few non pink/black tops I own have a small section in the next drawer down XD Random Fact: that Venetian mask is from Florence which is close enough to Venice to be kind of authentic.

I just worked two early shifts this week (8am til 4:30pm) and may well be delirious from exhaustion. getting up at 7am is just about the worst thing ever to me. THOUGH getting of work early does have its benefits. I had time to go somewhere good for a bikini wax after work and am still marveling at how good it is to find a GOOD beauty therapist! I out off getting waxed down there again for ages after the travesty that was my last bikini wax D:
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I'm home alone tonight and find myself watching old movies on TV. First it was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, then Zoolander and now Dog Day Afternoon. I am pretty damn bored but I don't mind, I rarely get the chance to be bored and completely on my own so it's probably really good for me. I was going to go out, just for the hell of it, but I had a day of spending money today and really need to save my pennies for Tokyo.

Speaking of today, I got a new hair cut after almost five months (my hair grows so slowly) and just got something similar to what I had, though with some layering at the front. Having freshly dyed hair and a new haircut makes you feel like a million dollars, I tell you what. I wish I could afford to get my hair done more often (at $95 for just the cut I have to space haircuts out as much as possible). After that I bought some new tea, one of which was called Black Rose and is to die for. As mum and I were leaving the shopping center I found some of the hottest clothes I have seen in ages. And walked away with a black sequined, hooded jacket. It is amazing and reminded me of what Michael Jackson would wear if ever he went through a ghetto phase. It was $65 rom $130 so I think I did very well indeed! Then mum came back to my place, we watched a movie and went out to my favourite restaurant in China Town for dinner. It was a very good day :)

I am so bored right now it's crazy. I've always been the type to eat when bored so I am struggling right now. Luckily I'm only snacking on seed mix and fat-free soup and some vegetables so I'm not going to have massive eaters guilt tomorrow morning. I may still go to gym though, I have been pretty shit this weekend and after losing a kilo this week, I want to keep being as good as I can.

Anyway I took a few pics of my new hair and jacket. I'm not wearing makeup so just ignore that fact for me XD

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Last Saturday Anthony and I went to Dreamworld. They had a deal where you can get an unlimited pass to Dreamworld for all of June for just $30. Unfortunately this was the only time we had to go, but seeing as how a regular ticket costs almost $60 it was still very worth it! I didn't take many photos because we didn't do anything that exciting, plus it rained half the day which doesn't make for great photos. We mostly just wandered around, looking at the animals and at rad merchandise, we only went on the Reptar rollercoaster (they have a Nickelodeon area, BTW) and we did the 'Alien vs Predator vs You' thing which was really just laser force - it was pretty fun though. I bought an amazing Sprongebob Squarepants top, a unicorn pen and a pink poodle toy (they have this amazing girly shop full of unicorns, fairies and stuffed animals, I always wig out when I go there).


This weekend I'm going to Seaworld, and if I can find someone to go with me, Movieworld as I got sucked into buying a $70 pass to Seaworld/Movieworld/Wet n Wild which I've not been able to use as such. I need to go to at least two parks to make the money worth it and at this rate I'll only make it to one :/ I need to stop spending money on random whim's :(
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This weekend was massive. On Friday night I went to an indie band night at Allumbrah (which is usually a funky house sort of club so it was a bit of an unusual change) with Lara, Tallulah and Chelsie. Indie music so isn't my thing, all those skinny jeans, nerdy glasses and beards! Also the music is totally wussy. But I stayed a while and observed all the indie kids in the natural habitat before wandering down to Ric's to watch SixFtHick. They had a last minute charity show which was excellent as always, even though Ric's is a total dive and reminds me of a big, communal toilet. Once that was over, I went back up to Allumbrah to dance to the indie DJs (who were actually pretty good). I didn't stay out for too long, due to a general queasy feeling and lack of much cash.

The next day I slept in late and lounged around a great deal. I did manage to wander up the Valley Markets for a bit but they're as crap as usual so I went and bought some cheap, cute Emily the Strange clothing before heading home to nap as I was getting more and more hungover by the minute. On Saturday night we all had some drinks at our place, before heading to Corner Bar where Anthony plays every Sat night, then headed up to the Family to see Laidback Luke who was really, really good. The whole night was excellent, a fine bunch of friends and most of the Brisbane DJing and clubbing scene all in one place to see a great DJ/producer. I got exceptionally wasted even though I made this huge deal about not wanting to drink much earlier in the day...oh well! After LBL's set I managed to go say hi and get some photos. he's such a cute little Philipino DJ! Awww!

Some photos of the night )

On Sunday I was hungover as fuck, but managed to drag myself out of bed to go to a fairly new bar in the valley called Sky Room as Anthoy had a gig there. It's such a cool bar, and we can't wait to check it out on a Fri/Sat night. As it was Sunday and kind of cold and rainy it was really quiet, which was a real shame. Hopefully their Sundae sessions will take off though as it's a much better place to spend a Sunday arvo than somewhere like Birdee's with all the derro's or Powerhouse with all the yuppies.

Today was the longest day of my life and it makes me glad I've eased up on my big weekends out because damn are Monday's hard to deal with at the best of times, let alone while I'm coming down!
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I've just realise I've not done a proper weekend roundup in ages. This sucks because I am meant to be using LJ as a diary for myself (having people read and comment on them is a nice bonus) so now there are all these fabulous memories of mine that don't really exist anywhere but my dodgy brain! I'll try to remember the last few weekends and make sure I post more often! BAD CARA!

April 2nd to 5th )

Ummm I already posted about the Easter long weekend here.

April 16th til 19th )

April 24th to 26th )

May 1st to 4th )

May 8th to 11th )

OK that's it! It's way long so not worth reading unless you're really, really bored. There are a bunch of photos though, if you're curious (on top of being bored).

And if you weren't arsed reading any of it, amuse yourselves by watching the best rap video ever! (I mean best as silliest and with the best dance moves since Soulja Boy).
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Today I decided to spend my K.Rudd money in advance (dear god let us hope I get it this week). I finally bought myself a decent bike to ride to and from work. I will post more about it tomorrow after I've taken some photos of it. I so cannot wait to start riding it ASAP! I then went on a shopping spree, buying three pairs of new shoes (including two pairs of pink heels), Clinique makeup which came with an awesome bonus pack, a Unicorn-pillow and a range of nailpolishes and lipsticks that were on sale. As a result of the shopping spree I got some free Napoleon makeup. Not a fan of the brand but I am a huge fan of freebies, si I accepted the gift quite happilly.

As a means to compensate for all this spending, I am listing a bunch of my clothes (that I no longer wear) on ebay. I doubt much of it will sell but if it does that's a few $$$ in my pocket, and the rest can go to the Salvo's or anyone who wants it. I suddenly remember how boring and time-consuming listing stuff on ebay is. Five items later, two hours have passed and I am bored to death D:

I'm spending the weekend at mum's for most of the Easter break. My sister came over on Friday which was nice. We all hung out and then went and saw Monsters vs Aliens in 3D (which was super-cute). I can feel myself gaining a few kg's already because of the easter eggs my sister gave me and my mum's and my shared love of eating too much :/

On a final, unrelated, check out this dreadful photo of my bestie Erin and I when we went to get some cheap taco's at the Alibi Room last week:

The dude took a few photos of us, and this is what he put on the website??? Either the other pics were even worse, or he is just a prick who likes making pretty girls look like skanks on the internet. And might I just add, the taco's (well, burrito in my case) were the shittest I have ever eaten. Such a let down. I'll continue going to RG's Mexian Monday's thank you very much!


God I am so bored. This "A Beautiful Mind" movie isn't very good. Quite boring in fact. I complain but man I love the occasional boring evening at home by myself. I should go clean my bedroom, which is the messiest it's probably ever been, but MEH I think I will lie on the couch bored by this movie instead.

New tattoo/s!

Thursday, 18 September 2008 23:05
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So here are my new tattoos which I got on Wednesday asrvo. Let me just say HOW MUCH THEY HURT! I do not know how I managed to sit through the 2nd one, it was agony. And now my feet are all red and swollen and it's hard to walk. But hey, no pain no gain!

Please ignore my ugly toenails. I really should have painted them or something. Ew.

Feet tattoos
Feet tattoos
Done by Luke at True Love Tattoo on 17/09/08

These are probably my first pretty tattoos. No deep meaning behind them. I've always loved pansies, which I get from my mum. So I guess they're sort of a little tribute to her, in a secret sort of way.
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I don't really have a great deal to post about, but here I am. I've been a bit slack with posting here, so ya'll can have a pointless post from me tonight!

I have the next three days off work! I don't go back til Tuesday. I deserve this break, I haven't had any sort of extended break from work for ever, and this week has been horribly stressful and after today I needed time off more than anything. It's Valley Fiesta this weekend, on top of a HP meetup and seeing dad for his birthday. so I am going to be pretty busy. But after tomorrow night's done and Manila Sessions is behind us, it will be all fun (I hope).

I got my hair cut last week. It's SUPER short at the back and looks fab. But I keep forgetting to take photos. No, that's not like me at all, I know. I'll make an effort to get some pics taken of it right away, as I love it and want to shoe it off.

Hmmm I really don't have much to post about at all. Here, have a photo of me from the other week, wearing my new Pig Hat:

I had to over-expose it because a) it was bad quality and b) my bra is showing and I didn't think you really wanted to see that.
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So slack at posting lately. Also my internet was SO SLOW for such a long time there....not sure why it's back to normal but I ain't complaining. I'll briefly cover the last two weekends in a mass-roundup so as not to bore anyone to death.

Last weekend:

  • Friday I took mum to Picasso Up Late at the Gallery of Modern Art where Gentle Ben played. Literally one-third of my workmates went which made it interesting (in a fun way, as they were all the cool workmates). Afterwards a few of us went to a friends place for a few drinks and then danced like retards in the kitchen. It was great.

  • Saturday was a pretty lazy day because I had a big night planned. Went to a work mates 30th birthday party, though I drove so couldn't drink (also was still a bit seedy from the night before). Then went back into the Valley and to Empire for the re-launch of Breaks n Enter. It was a really good night, I ended up spending the night with Jeremy and Michelle, we chatted and danced all night long. It was sad to see so many fights everywhere though (in the club and down on the street below us) - I finally understand the government's concern over alcohol-fueled violence, because we saw it everywhere, as well as the after math, with guys being taken away in ambulances with neck braces :/

  • Sunday we had a Harry Potter meetup picnic which was nice, though there was only the four of us. Ate lots of yummy food and it was nice weather. It's a shame we can't get more people to come along though :(

This weekend just past:

  • Friday night I went to a gig with a mate from work who got free tickets (yay, free!) for a band called Grafton Primary. They weren't bad though I kept getting shouted drinks and therefore got pretty drunk and so didn't stay out too long.

  • Saturday I kept busy with various errands followed by an Arrested Development marathon. That night I went to see Gentle Ben with a few friends at Ric's but went home fairly early (and watched some more Arrested Development, of course). I think I must be getting old or something.

  • Aaaand on Sunday I really did bugger all. Sleeping, watching TV and more lounging around. Such a hard life I lead!

Some photos from last Saturday night )

Meanwhile I am watching Miss Universe right now and it is hilarious! So, so tacky.
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My internet has been so slow for ages now. I'd ring Bigpond up to abuse them but it's possible that it's because we've gone over our download limit (which is abysmal anyway) or because we're about to be disconnected for non-payment. I AM GETTING ANGRIER BY THE MINUTE AS EVERYTHING TAKES 1500X LONGER THAN IT SHOULD TO LOAD!

So I'm not going to even attempt to post a weekend roundup as I have bunch of photos to upload which would surely take hours. So for now, have a photo from my "used to be cool" day at work yesterday where the girls in my pod dressed as early-90s TLC:

Please note: The captions were actually added by my manager (who was dressed as Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, may I add).
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I've just been reflecting on what I'm doing with my life, in comparison to what I want to really be doing with my life right now.

It looks like my bout of graphic design work has amounted to little/nothing. [ profile] _snitchbitch and I were meant to be the graphic designers for Planet Nightclub but after some ridiculous drama there (not involving either one of us, it's mostly to do with the fact the owners really don't know how to run nightclubs, nor do they have any business sense at all) it looks like our work with them is over, though they've not bothered to actually tell us this which is really frustrating. It's a shame because I was really getting into it and despite the stress it sometimes caused me, I really enjoyed it. I'm thinking of taking a Graphic Design course at Tafe so I could possibly take it more seriously.

Tonight I met up with a girl who advertised in a local street press magazine for people interested in starting a "riot grrl" style band, females preferred of course. I'm quite optimistic, as this girl really seems to want to go down the same sort of path as I do in terms of style of music. Plus she straight-up said being a "good" singer is far from a pre-requisite since the riot grrl genre was never really defined by amazing singers. While I think my voice is OK, I have always been worried people expect a really good female lead vocalist for their band, since that seems to be the thing these days. I reckon I have the ideal voice for a riot grrl band so I'm really optimistic about forming a band with this girl. Man there's something so relieving to be finally getting into forming a rock band, after all these years of putting it off and feeling miserable about it.

As far as my day job's going pretty well actually. We had what we call "band Camp" on the weekend which is weekend away for work to do team-building activities and then have a massive piss up. I was dreading it, early rises and dumb activities and then a potentially humiliating experience of getting too drunk and rowdy with workmates. But as it turns out, it was really good and I actually enjoyed myself thoroughly (despite the early rises). I slept in on Saturday morning and very nearly missed the bus to the Sunshine Coast but from there on it was hanging out with my workmates and doing things like canoing, fencing and making giant catapults (a lot of fun). After dinner we went to the local pub, the definition of a local, bogan pub on the Coast. There was a massive bar tab and I drank all their Strongbow's. I danced far too much and am aching (and a tad bit embarrassed) as a result. But I really properly spoke to some workmates I rarely speak to at work, let alone outside of it, which was both nice and the whole point of the trip I guess.

Anyway, have a few photos from the night out and then a couple I found from when I went out after Dallas' rockstar party:

You came to see a rock shoooooow... )

Anthony is ignoring me and I don't know why. It's frustrating, disconcerting and kind of upsetting :(
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Man I can't believe it's Wednesday already. I love long weekends so very much! So this weekend was fairly action-packed. Well at night anyway. By day I slept the whole time. I spent Friday night having a few drinks at a gig of Anthony's right in the middle of the Brunswick Street Mall. Not a late one though because I spent Saturday finishing my outfit for Dallas' rockstar-themed birthday party (photos in a moment) before heading straight to the party and having a great night where I over-did it as per usual (in the best way possible, of course). I slept away most of Sunday then went out Sunday night and had a few drinks and a bit of a dance. Didn't stay out too long as I had planned to do something with mum. However I over-slept, but as it happened neither mum or I could be bothered going anywhere anyway, so I slept a whole bunch more while intermittently watching the Simpsons and my regular Monday night TV. I've probably never slept so much in my life, and it was totally awesome!

Tonight I saw The Incredible Hulk as we got some advance-screening passes. It was really, really good. Great, in fact. I was one of the rare few who really liked the first film with Eric Bana and Jennifer Connolly, but this one was obviously a lot closer to the comic book and had an amazing fight-scene. Also, the last scene is amazing and even though I don't know a great deal about the Marvel World it blew my mind!

Anyway I have the photos from Dallas' rockstar party uploaded Read more... )

And now I'm going to actually have an early night for once! WOOHOO!
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OK so here's my Brisbane Zombie Walk photo post! Please note there are MANY more photos at these galleries:


I ended up adding a statement to the website which hasn't gotten too many comments so far, though I daresay it answer a lot of people's unanswered questions.

I'm way too tired (and I think I'm getting tonsillitis again, damn it all) so can't be arsed being witty or clever. So I'll leave ya'll to admire the photos :)
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Aw man I've become one of those horrible people who needs more hours in the day (god they're so smug with their many things to do and not enough time to do them in). I hardly even procrastinate any more either D: I get up, go to work for 9 hours, go to gym which takes up at least 90 mins (including travel time), come home and eat, get on the computer and work on the graphic design stuff I need to do...and then suddenly it's almost midnight and I've done nothing interesting AT ALL!

OK enough whinging, have a picture of me and Daz (and his girlfriend Anne) at the Caxton Street Seafood Festival...right before we'd had enough of drunk, old people:

And while I'm at it, I'll also post the latest posters/fliers I have made: Read more... )

I really, really do not want to go to work tomorrow. No reason, I'd just rather stab myself in the face with a blunt pencil than go to work tomorrow morning D:
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I've been too busy/slack to post the last weekend roundup. It was a really good weekend for the most part. Friday night I went out with Daz and Michelle to Barsoma to see S.O.S who were fantastic and very diferent to what's usually on in the Valley (or Brisbane in general). Saturday night was Filthy Gorgeous (it's a club night held by two English guys in Ibizia) where we were all encouraged to dress as slutty as possible and have ridiculous amount of debauched fun. Naturally I did and had a TERRIBLE hangover the next day. Ugh. Poor [ profile] vikingcarrot who came over to discuss the zombiewalk the next day had to endure my random vomiting and general seediness. Sorry!

Anyway a few photos )

In other exciting news my sister nearly died on Sunday night. Her boyfriend, while driving her car MUCH too fast around a corner, hit a curb and rolled the car. Her gorgeous, brand new Suzuki Swift might I add, which she;s had for about five months! She is OK and she'll get a brand new car thanks to her insurance. But holy crap, not cool at all. Why she let's her boyfriend drive her car when he's one point away from losing his license and speeds like a bat out of hell is beyond me. All I know is, if I owned such a cute little car I'd not let anyone drive it and I'd treat it like it were made from gold!

Supernova 2008

Sunday, 6 April 2008 22:10
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I went to Supernova today with Daz and Anthony. It was great fun, as per usual and I spent many dollars on random treats. I ended up buying the second Sin City comic, Max Brooks' new book "World War Z" (an oral history of the Zombie War), a Death Eater mask for only $10 (which Anthony is wearing around the house right now), a Marvel Zombies comic, a Dr Zoidberg figurine and a little zombie Homer dangle for my mobile phone. You may have noticed a trend with what I bought...that's right, zombies are awesome. Anthony bought a crazy Japanese Megatron figurine and a Wolverine comic. But he won because he has read all my comics already.

I took some photos too NEEEEEERRRRDS! )

Haha I just walked into Anthony's room and he was testing out the Death Easter mask while DJing, to test if he can hear while wearing it. I LOLed.
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Well I'm just chilling out while I wait to hear where Daz is (OK he just called FINALLY) and thought I'd post, ya know. Today was an interesting day. I was hungover as fuck, not because I had a big night AT ALL (because I really didn't) but because my body hates me and I have an awful suspicion I am allergic to alcohol all of a sudden. This makes me really, really angry.

Anyway I wasn't in the mood to drive all the way to the rockabilly do out at Tambourine (I hope you kicked ass Drea!) so mum and I decided to go to the Andy Warhol exhibition as she hadn't been yet. It took a while for me to get into the City due to the pounding migraine and the overwhelming urge to throw up. I finally got some of my expensive migraine medicine which actually worked this time, though the queasiness remained. As we were wandering around, just after the Marylin portraits, I suddenly had to RUN to the toilets to powerchuck. Mmm I am the classiest person alive! Felt alright once that was done and was able to enjoy the exhibition again. We got more photobooth pics done, which I'll post shortly. Oh and I bought a FLOURO PINK PLASTIC Martini shaker with matching martini glasses there. Tacky in the most amazing way ever!

Afterwards we walked into the city and did some wandering. I bought a blingy poodle necklace, we looked at costumes in a sex shop (so expensive) and then oggled the dresses in Sex Kitten (which actually isn't a sex shop, as the name would suggest). We then parted ways and that was that. I've pretty much been napping all evening.

Well I have sufficiently killed I go now to an underground gig that's actually "illegally" held under a sex shop. EXCITING STUFF!

Photobooth pictures of mum and I )
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I don't know why I always decide I need to post here when it's past my bed time. Oh well I have excess energy as I did a quick tidy up of our place as there's an inspection happening tomorrow (not by the landlord but by the council, something to do with the new bypass their building around here, apparently). Even though this isn't a unit inspection to see what shape the place is in, the note says they'll be taking photos and our place was crazy messy. So here I am, pumping with energy and unwilling to go to bed.

Nothing very exciting happened this weekend. I went to the Andy Warhol exhibition with Daz on Friday night, which was great. I love Andy Warhol's work so it was awesome to see his most fabulous works in the flesh, so to speak. Sadly the Liza Minelli ones were up too high for me to steal...also there was a LOT of security. Damn, foiled!

Anyway we go our pictures taken in the photobooths there: CARA AND DAZ: NOW IN POP ART FORM! )

Mum had a car accident on Saturday arvo, right after I'd spent the day with her. She's OK except for a bump on the head and some whiplash. She was driving dad's crappy car as hers is off getting serviced/repaired which is a tough little thing and is alright. So much so she was able to drive it today so we could see Run Fatboy Run (which was great, as I had anticipated).

Oh and I lost another 1.1kg this week (actually I haven't weighed in for two weeks thanks to the Easter holidays) which is encouraging since I wasn't able to exercise much at all during the Great Cough of 2008 (which, after a month, is still hanging around). I'm going to go to gym four times this week just to get back into the swing as going three times last week was really hard. I've lost 6.4kg so far, so I have approx 4kg to go until I get to my goal weight. GO ME!
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WHY do I insist on posting here only when I really ought to be in bed??? God I suck.

The latest poster I made, plus some random photos of me found on the internerds )

My mouse keeps randomly stopping, which makes me very, very angry. Look here Mr Mouse, you weren't cheap so if you think you can get away with this "not working" caper, well I ggot news for you and it's ALL BAD!
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