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Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you’re bound to be aware that the final Harry Potter movie is coming out this week. If you also happen to read my blog regularly, then you may have noticed I have been MIA lately. These things are not just coincidence, I have been spending much of my spare time these last couple of weeks re-reading all seven books and re-watching the seven movies. Yes, I am a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan and I am not ashamed to admit it. I became a fan of the books back in 2000 after my mum bought the first three books (the fourth book, Goblet of Fire had only just come out at this stage) and spent the next two weeks gushing over them and begging me to read them. I figured it was some dumb fad and wouldn’t give in at first, but my mum was extremely persistent and so I decided to finally give them a go. And the rest, as they say, is history. I was obsessed almost immediately and devoured those books in no time. Shortly after I finished the fourth book, there was news that they were making the Philosopher’s Stone into a film. So for the next year I obsessed over these beloved books, and eagerly awaited the first film. I must have spent thousands on Harry Potter merchandise, in fact when I look back through photos at that time, I barely wore anything but my Harry Potter shirts. I bought ridiculous amount of collectibles off ebay and generally spent any time not at uni, obsessing over Harry and his magical world.

During my second year of Uni, I decided to start a Harry Potter fan club. I’d gotten inspiration from a local school that held weekly fan club meetings in the library and wanted something for adults to take part in, since I often got comments from other fans on my many shirts that I owned. I put up flyers around my uni and received a few emails from interested people. I even discovered a few people doing the same course as me were huge fans and quickly became good friends with them. The fan club was a pretty big deal back then, the first film had been a huge success and people were Potter mad everywhere you went. We got invited to the premiere of the second film at Movieworld and even got to meet Jason Isaacs, who plays Lucius Malfoy (he was here shooting Peter Pan at the time). I was on TV and in the paper all the time whenever a new film or book was released and lots of local book shops and libraries would get us to come act like characters and even hand out the new books. During my time living in the UK I saw the release of the Half Blood Prince (we lined up at Waterstones in Oxford Street for over 6 hours in a queue that ended up being about 10 blocks long and I’m now forever immortalised on getty images as a result) and the film release of the Goblet of Fire where I got to see all of the actors in the flesh and even got to shake the hand of Mark Williams.

And even after 11 years I am still a huge fan and find myself re-reading the books every year, I still finding them funny, sad, exciting and complete magic. I even have two Harry Potter tattoos (the dark mark and the Hogwarts crest) and still have ideas for others. I class myself as a Gryffindor and still have a rather vast collection of Harry Potter collectibles. I am a fan of the books first and foremost, but the films (even the 1st, 2nd and 4th ones which are pretty poor) hold a special place in my heart. I have gone through relentless teasing over the years for being such a big fan, and have even been called, stupid, childish, evil and a (god forbid) nerd for being so open about it. But it doesn’t matter, because I have helped so many other people discover the magic of Harry Potter over the years, and I feel that anyone who is so unwilling to give it a go is sad, boring and absolutely not worth any of my time.  If you can’t give the most famous series of books a chance and feel the need to tease anyone who likes them, then I have nothing more to say to you. If however, you’re willing to give them a go, I promise you they will at the very least be a very enjoyable read. And at most they will be the greatest books you’ve ever committed yourself to and will undoubtedly become as big a fan as million of us Harry Potters geeks around the world!

So I am nervous and excited and even a little bit sad about seeing the final film at midnight tonight. While I will always love the books more than the movies, the last three films have actually been really good and this will be the end of an era for many of us. Personally it’s been eleven years but I have friends who have grown up with harry Potter since the first book came out back in 1997 so it really is a big deal to many people.So it is with pride that I will be wearing my Gryffindor uniform once again, not for the last time but at the last proper launch of something this big and official. I’ve made some terrific friends and had some incredible memories as a result of my love for Harry Potter and for that alone it has been totally worth it.

Share your Harry Potter memories or stories. I’d love to hear them!

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Well Supanova 2011 is finally over and I am exhausted. If you thought attending for two days straight was exhausting, try having a stall there as well as going and getting your geek on. It was intense! We decided to get a booth for the Brisbane Zombie Walk, to help promote it and get some extra funds from donations and selling some merch. We got a lot of registrations and sold all our left over shirts from last years walk as well as the figurines and books we had from some of our sponsors. We’ve already started planning our stall for next year which may involve brain-icing cupcakes to draw in the crowds.

Things I observed over the last two days while surrounded by Brisbane’s biggest nerds:

  • The girl in the stall next to us drew people as anime characters and was revoltingly good at it. She would have made thousands from her custom portraits on top of the pre-drawn pictures of manga and anime characters she was also selling. We are amused to see one man get her to draw his little doll which he had sitting on his shoulder as he walked around the convention. It was super weird and probably the highlight of the weekend for all who witnessed it.

  • There is absolutely no such thing as body-shame at a convention like Supanova. Guys and girls were wearing some of the most revealing and skin-tight costumes I have ever seen and they walked around like they did not give a damn. Good on ‘em because god knows I’d have to lose about 20kg before I’d ever feel that confident without pants in public!

  • Tiny top hats are pretty popular at the moment which is kind of cool but also makes me very jealous and possessive because I feel like it is my thing. There were some amazing ones there though and will have to start hunting them down to add to my collection.

  • I was able to identify a lot more of the costumes than I thought I would. Maybe I spend too much time on the internet, or maybe I just have an excellent memory for useless crap. But at the same time there were just so many costumes I couldn’t identify at all so I just assumed they were all from anime’s I’ve never seen or heard of .

  • People were cashing in on internet memes like Troll face, fffuuu guy and Forever Alone which was hilarious. One guy had a mask of Troll Face and pranced and danced around all the time. Too funny.

  • Many nerds lack manners. The amount of times I was nearly knocked rotten by some pimply faced teen who was making for some stall was appalling. But then again, many of them are all super polite and in some cases extremely chatty. A couple of times I found myself in intense discussions about Lara Croft or dyslexia which was interesting albeit a little bit disconcerting.

  • People actually recognised me and read my blog! I was shocked to say the least. I’m now going to have to up the ante knowing people who aren’t my friends read this thing. Thanks to those who came said hello, it was so nice to meet you :)

As a grande finale for the weekend, my sister and I went and got photos with Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter films). Naturally I was excited because I’ve always had a soft spot for poor Draco and loved how Tom played the character. He was really, really lovely and such a good sport. Basically the scene played like this:

Tom: Hi there.

My Sister: *loud whisper* Show him your tattoo!

Me: Hi! Um, I want to show my tattoo off in our photo *suddenly very starstruck and giggly*

Tom: Oh my god, is that genuine? *strokes my Dark Mark gently*

Me: Yep! *dying on the inside*

Photographer takes a photo, Tom has his hand around me and points at my arm and I try to pout but am overwhelmed with giggles so don’t quite pull of the come-hither look I was aiming for.

Tom: Thanks, lovely.

Me: Thank you! *walks the wrong way, dying some more*

Click the pic for the larger version

All in all it was a great weekend, though I am officially not doing anything zombie-related all week lest I end up strangling someone! I am probably going to be all Tom Felton/Draco Malfoy obsessed instead :D

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So you’d think that now I’m well and truly in my late 20s that I’d stop having themed parties. WELL YOU’RE WRONG. I love having themed parties, but not just one of those boring decade parties (like 80′s parties or the dreaded flapper/gangster parties you see everywhere) but really specific ones. Like out Doomed Lovers party for Valentines Day one year (Anthony and I were Rihanna and Chris Brown) and our excellent Superheroes on a Budget party! For my birthday this year I decided I’d go for Vampires since I missed out on Halloween this year thanks to the zombie walk (and boy am I sick of zombies these days). I’ve loved vampires for years, especially the old ones starring Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee as well as the recent, sexy TV shows like True Blood and yes, even Vampire Diaries.

I knew it was going to be a smaller sort of party considering it was on the last weekend before Christmas (damn having a birthday on December 23rd) but that didn’t stop me from going all out on decorating the place. I got some awesome vampire decorations from Martha Stewart’s Halloween range from and I also had a lot of help from my mum who made gravestones out of cardboard and cut out dozens of bat shapes before spending hours making almost 100 mini cupcakes with me the night before. I scoured the internet in the weeks leading up to the party looking for good ideas but found few that weren’t totally tacky and/or aimed at children. So we just used fake spiderwebs, lots of bats and dark decor to make my unit look like Dracula’s lair and had lots of red foods and drinks to keep the theme. It was so much fun to set up, but I was totally beat before the party even started. I might try not to go so crazy for my next party, I think (haha yeah right).


Dress: From Retro Metro, Paddington (I think it was some sort of costume as they had heaps in various colours)

: Bought off a good friend who got them from Pulp – an amazing investment!

: From Adornments, Paddington.

Necklace: Not sure, probably from Diva or somewhere similar.

Hat: From my sister – from Dollars & Sense of all places!

Hair: My trusty extensions from Price Attack

Stockings: Ambra from David Jones (the best fishnets ever, I assure you).

And just for fun here are few snaps taken during the night (hover for descriptions):

Oh and in case you’re wondering how I got such kickarse vampire teeth, you’ll want to check out Dracula House. We got the werewolf fangs as there are four teeth which seemed like a good investment. They stick with this weird putty stuff that sets and become small plates that come out easily but stay put amazingly too. Don’t try and use these with crazy acrylic nails like I did – they stick like shit to a blanket! Get someone else to put them in for you, which is probably the best way to do it anyway as you may end up throwing many tantrums if you try and do it by yourself!

See the rest of the photos on my Facebook gallery.

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Well, I’m back! The Brisbane Zombie Walk took place last Sunday and was a massive success. Considering this was only the 2nd year we’ve raised money for the Brain Foundation and we only managed to raise $1100 last year, the fact we not only surpassed our $10,000 target but managed to donate $13,000 is phenomenal! You’d better believe I’m proud! The after-party was also a roaring success thanks to the excellent bands we booked. In fact, aside from the usual incidents where people get carried away and make too much mess or damage personal/private property, it was a very well behaved walk this year. Oh, and did I mention there we 10,000 people this year? Yep, 10,000 participants. That’s double what we had last year and I can only assume will get bigger and better next year.

While this was the 3rd time I’ve organised the walk, I learned a lot which will make the 2011 walk even better. We undertook so much this year, from corporate sponsorship, becoming a registered business to having our own merchandise and co-ordinating a whole heap of volunteers. All of which we undertook while still working 9 – 5 jobs! I’m amazed it didn’t send me mad as I thought I was going to wig out more than a few times, but it all worked out pretty well in the end, thankfully.

I don’t know why, but I decided to go as a Steampunk zombie this year. It’s not like I had enough of my plate without having an overly elaborate costume, right? But my mum worked her magic and produced the most fantastic costume in less than three weeks. The only downfall was that I had to cover half of it up with a hideous hi-vis marshal vest in order to be easily recognised by police and other participants, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I mightn’t be so elaborate next year since I almost died from heat stroke in all the leather and ended up having to do most of the walk backwards to stop people getting ahead of me (I don’t know what it is with people having to rush, it’s a zombie walk, slow down and be a zombie for crying out loud!) but I’m sure I’ll find something crazy to dress as again next year. (Umm and why, may I ask, do I always look my best when stressed out??? Seriously, it’s not fair!)

If you’re interested, you can check out the official Post Walk Statement for all the official info about the walk. Otherwise, you should check out all the photos at the Flickr pool that lots of amazing photographers took on the day (since I didn’t get t take any of my own photos, sadly).

Oh and if you’re thinking “Pfft there’s no way there were 10,000 participants this year”, let this awesome photo by Andrew Otten prove you wrong!

(Click for the larger version)

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Hi ya’ll. Because it’s now October which means the Brisbane Zombie Walk is on its way (in fact at this exact time in three weeks I will probably be drunk and having a grand old time at the after-party) which also means my life is all about zombies in one way or another. Today I spent the whole day with my mum getting my costume made (it’s going to be amazing, though a LONG way to go yet) and last Thursday we had a fundraiser party at Mana Bar!

Last year we had a fundraiser gig which did really well except it was a huge stress to organise and although we made a fair bit of money, half it went straight back to cover the expenses of the night. So this time we used a venue that was hugely popular and didn’t need live bands to encourage people to come along. Instead we were able to get some really awesome prizes to give away in a raffle (including a TV, xbox, lots of video games, movie tickets and merchandise and heaps of other cool stuff). As the Mana Bar is a small venue that only fits 60 people at a time, it was a small and intimate affair but we made a lot of money, met some really cool people and saw some fantastic zombie costumes! Some of which won their owners prizes!

Anthony and I at the start of the evening

We also got to meet and greet a few of the people who helped us out with fundraising, including Sally from the Sun State Roller Girls. Plus we also got to meet some avid zoombie walk fans, which is really cool because we’re usually so busy trying to make sure the day goes well that we can’t meet anyone on the day.

Sarah and I running the raffle

The winner of the night - our resident DeathtrooperThe winner of the night – the Deathtrooper

And on a final note, we received the official t-shirts and wrist bands on the day of the party which we got to show off to everyone! Fingers crossed we can sell them all because damn they’re mighty fine lookin’ and I’d hate for any of them to go to waste!

All of the Zombie Walk fundraiser photos were taken by the Mana Bar and can be found here.

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Time for my new nails! There’s a little bit of a back story to these ones so indulge me for a minute while I explain. When I got my nails done last week I was in a foul mood after a bit of an argument with Mean Old Mister Scales. I was just feeling rotten so when it came time to pick the colour I wanted to get, I chose the dark grey/silver colour you see as the base. It was absolutely not the colour I had in mind earlier that day so I had no longer had any plans of what to do to glitz them up at home. Fortunately I had this awesome thick, silver glitter that I’d only ever used once before which suited this colour perfectly! I came up with this idea after my last blue glitter/diamante nails and while it means  having similar nails twice in a row, they do look pretty damn great this way!

Check out the knuckle damage from boxing tonight!

Now I have had had a bit of practice and found the best top coat in the world (Revitanail, FYI) I am going to start experimenting with bigger jewels and even fancier designs! Maybe I do have a calling after all – nail art! Nah not really, but it is fun.

Meanwhile I am really looking forward to watching this film. I daresay there will be laughs and maybe even tears. Poor JCVD. (Ignore the damn sticker that refused to budge. (Thanks a lot Cash Converters, I didn’t want to see any part of the cover of my DVD anyway!)

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Bloggie Time!

Friday, 30 July 2010 18:44
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I have been trying to embrace new technology these days, particularly since I am now working at a company that sells lots of new-fangled gadgets. As such I have been looking at getting a hand-held video camera and so got to loan a Sony Bloggie for the weekend. Naturally, I chose the pink one ;)

I’m hoping that by having a little video camera on hand at all times I will film more stuff and document my life in a zany kind of way. See, I used to be a film student who specialised in editing, and over the years I’ve not had any opportunity to use my talents. To see how I feel about the whole thing (remember, I am painfully shy) I am going to film my busy weekend and make a short video to test the Bloggie out as well as see if I can inspire myself to keep the filming stuff up!

I am off to Screamworld right now followed by lots of other fun stuff so stay tuned for my adventures in video form!

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Follow me! Or Die!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010 21:43
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In case I hadn’t mentioned it about a kajillion times, I am on Twitter spend a fair amount of time on it as a matter of fact. Yes, more than Facebook even (am I the only one who’s a bit over Facebook these days? Yes? OK then) so it’d be totally neat if you wanted to follow me.





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There's not much that ticks me off more than people who constantly harp on about being bored or having nothing to do. I used to go crazy when people said it to me when I lived in London (seriously, if you cannot find something to do on any day of the week in London you're either the most boring person alive or the most exciting, because clearly you must have done everything already). Living in Brisbane is, of course, not quite as thrilling as life tends to be in London, but that doesn't mean you can ever say "there's nothing to do today" because there always is.

Take my weekend for instance. It was action-packed, fun-filled and exhaustingly amazing. On Friday night I took advantage of the free entertainment being provided by Brisbane City Council and went to the Silent Disco in King George Square. If you've never been to a Silent Disco before then you are missing out! They're becoming popular at music festivals and will probably be really popular after people got a free taste of one like we did in the City. As the name suggests, it's a disco where it's totally quiet, no music but lots of people dancing? You see, you get a headset on entry which has two channels tuned into the two DJs playing at the time which you can switch between at your leisure. That was you're able to dance away while anyone without a headset has no idea what you're listening to! It's a heap of fun and while it takes a bit of getting used to at first, you totally get into it within no time at all. We ended up dancing non-stop for almost two hours - quite a feat considering no alcohol was involved and we were surrounded by 17 year old kids (and I foolishly wore heels)!



If that wasn't enough for ya, I then spent my weekend at Supanova! For the unenlightened, Supanova is a pop culture convention held in Brisbane (and other cities in Australia) every year. It's basically a chance for all nerds and nerds-at-heart to get together, many in costume, and buy comic books, anime, maga, DVDs and other stuff they couldn't really buy anywhere else (well, without traveling all over the place, anyway) on top of meeting actors from cult TV shows and films, artists, authors etc. Personally I love the damn thing and go every year and spend literally hundreds of dollars on comics, figurines and various other cute crap I couldn't get anywhere else. I also enjoy checking out all of the costumes - some people go to so much effort for ellaborate costumes of characters I've never even heard of, cartoon classics and anything in between. This year was my first time dressing up - I actually just went as a slutty Hogwarts student which resulted in a lot of good feedback and lots of pictures being taken (mainly from geeky boys who have a thing for Hermione, I'm sure). Next year we are all planning to do a big group dress up theme (maybe two for the two days the convention runs) which is something I have been eager to do since I first went. Bring on the geekiness, baby!





So, as I said, there's never an excuse to be bored in Brisbane because there's always something to do, even if you're the biggest dork in town. If ever you feel that pesky boredom monster creeping in, check out what's going on (I recommend Our Brisbane's What's On guide or utilising your social networking pages for suggestions, Twitter works wonders for me!). There's always something going on to suit your budget, even if your budget doesn't exist at all (ie. you're broke).So stop your bitching and go get out there, fools!


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It took around five weeks but we finally go the internet connected at our new place! As a keen fan of the internet, and one who lives with two internet-obsessed super-geeks, this was torture for us all and we're extremely glad it's all sorted now. FINALLY!

To prevent this from being the #1 lamest blog of all times I thought I'd pad it out with a photo of my new pet fighter fish. He is named Winchester Von Schnauzer and is extremely handsome and a very angry little guy. My last fish (named Roscoe Reginald Rudibager, who killed himself by flipping himself out of his bowl one night) was so docile compared to Winchester. I like teasing him by dipping my nails into the water and making him flare up. It's totally cute because it's like watching a posh old many getting into a fit of the angries. Hahaha. Anyway, here he is in all of his fancy glory:

Winchester Von Schnauzer

I promise I will have a lot more to blog about in the coming days. But or now I am getting my nerd on and catching up on all of my favourite blogs and mostly just wondering what to look up next after a month of being almost totally internet-free!


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Roscoe Arbuckle

After reading and commenting on afriends blog about Michael Jackson, I was reminded of the story of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. Never heard of him? That's probably because he was from the silent film period and endured a terrible scandal that ruined his career and eventually killed him. In some ways it's a lot like Michael Jackson's story. A man at the top of his game has his world turned upside down by a scandal involving some kind of alleged sexual abuse. They go to court andthey're found innocent, but no one ever forgives or forgets and their career is essentially ruined. They die young as a result of their coping mechanisms for the hardships that came about as a result of their unceremonious loss of fame (ie. drinking, drugs etc).

We all know the story of Michael Jackson quite well, so I will elaborate a little more on Fatty Arbuckle (but not too much because I'd much prefer you go and read up on his story yourselves as it's both fascinating and appalling what happened to the poor man).Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle was one of the most famous silent film comedians of all times, mentoring the likes of Charlie Chaplin and discovering Buster Keaton (my absolute favourite actor of all times, by the way) and Bob Hope (who I hope you all know!). He was one of the highest paid actors of the silent film era, being one of the first actors to earn $1 million per year back ina day where it only cost a few cents to see a movie at a nickelodeon. He was one of the most popular film stars of the 1910's and pioneered the silent comedy and slapstick humour. He was plagued by his nickname Fatty which he detested, as he was a very athletic and agile man, not to mention a magnificent dancer. He was rich and famous and adored by everyone, and was on top of the world.

But then came the scandal that ruined his life. He threw a party at a hotel in San Francisco in 1921 as a means to have rest from his hectic work schedule. Some unsavoury characters came to the party, as what happens to most parties everywhere, including the aspiring-actress Virginia Rappe who fell sick during the celebrations and wasonly hospitalised two days later as her sickness worsened. She died two days later from peritonitis and a ruptured bladder (she was actually a very sick girl in general, she had chronic cystitis which was made worse drinking which she did an awful lot of and had had numerous abortions since a young age). As always, there was someone there ready to exploit the situation and ruin lives in the process. Her name was Maude Delmont and she made the claim that Roscoe Arbuckle raped Virginia Rappe which he was quickly charged for despite a distinct lack of evidence.

The story was a media sensation, as was Roscoe's court case, of which he had three due to the first two trials being deadlocked and declared mistrials. Back then most newspapers were owned by William Randolph Hearst and he exploited the scandal in order to sell more papers. Roscoe was portrayed horrendously, as a fat deviant who used his weight to pin down innocent women and that sort of nonsense. Studio executives threatened other actors against speaking for Roscoe so he had very little public support from anybody, even his good friends, which only made his case look worse, even though prior to this scandal he'd been known as the "most chaste man in pictures". Once acquitted and given a formal, written apology though, his life was left in tatters.

Who was going to let their children see a film of a fat pervert, acquitted or not? His acting days were over and so after a while he started making films under the pseudonym William Goodrich but lacked any passion and went through two divorces in the meantime. In 1932 he was signed with Warner Brothers to star under his real name in two short comedies which did quite well in the USA (though were banned in the UK despite it being 10 years since he was acquitted of the rape charge) . On June 29, 1933 he was signed to make a full-length feature film with WB since it was clear the public was prepared to accept Fatty Arbuckle back on their movie screens, which would have been his big comeback but that very night he suffered a fatal heart attack caused by years of drug and alcohol abuse.

To this day most people have no idea of who Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle is. If ever someone mentions to me that they like silent films, I always ask if they know about Fatty Arbuckle and so few do. Everyone knows Charlie Chaplin, but few know about one of the pioneers of the movie industry, one of the best slapstick comedians of all times nor of the scandal that ruined his life. In fact you can still read books about Hollywood scandals that mention the Fatty Arbuckle scandal in the exact same was it was portrayed in the media back in 1921 (ie. Hollywood Babylon).

I doubt that in 80 years people will struggle to remember Michael Jackson, in fact he will probably still be known as the King of Pop for many years to come. But I think it's such a shame that someone who shares such a similar tale of tremendous high's and terrible low's is all but a distant memory of those few who think he's worth remembering. It's also a shame that this is a cycle that started back in the early 20s and continues on to this day, that celebrities get placed on such a high pedestal when they do well but can be brought back down so easily and violently, especially through the lies of the jealous and fame/money-hungry.

If you're interested in learning more about Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle then I suggest tracking down a copy of "The Day the Laughter Stopped" by David Yallop as it is AMAZING though out of print and very hard to find. Otherwise there is the very recent "I, Fatty" by Jerry Stahl which is written as though it is a memoir by Roscoe himself.



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