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Today my mouth was hurting BAD, specifically around the area where I had that tooth pulled. I was worried it was infected and how it hadn't stopped hurting all week and now felt like someone was stabbing me in the mouth with an ice pick. So I went to the dentist in case it was serious. It wasn't - just healing pains and my dentist said it seemed to be healing nicely, so he's out some swap in the hole to help it heal (I'm pretty sure he said it dissolves away, god I hope it does, and doesn't get infected and nasty because I misheard him). While I was there, he also gave me a filling which was easy as, though half my face went numb from the needle - not the side that's sore though, of course. I have to say, not having been to the dentist in 5-6 years and only having a filling and a tooth pulled is a pretty good effort. I mightn't leave it so long next time though...

I manage to go to gym after work, whih was a struggle as I was hurting so much. But I kicked serious arse this time! I did Body Combat which is aerobics combined with martial arts moves and last time I did it it nearly killed me. But I did the whole lesson without dying, in fact I barely ran out of energy at all! Hopefully this means I am getting fitter and stronger!!! And hopefully I will start losing weight because of it!

In totally unrelated news, my dad has been the biggest prick ever lately. I need to do a weekend roundup for this weekend just past in which I will go into more detail. I've pretty much disowned him now, which is really sad but he's treating mum like shit and I've had enough, which I told him this arvo. Mum is pretty much homeless in two weeks time because of him. It's fucked up.
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Today I decided to spend my K.Rudd money in advance (dear god let us hope I get it this week). I finally bought myself a decent bike to ride to and from work. I will post more about it tomorrow after I've taken some photos of it. I so cannot wait to start riding it ASAP! I then went on a shopping spree, buying three pairs of new shoes (including two pairs of pink heels), Clinique makeup which came with an awesome bonus pack, a Unicorn-pillow and a range of nailpolishes and lipsticks that were on sale. As a result of the shopping spree I got some free Napoleon makeup. Not a fan of the brand but I am a huge fan of freebies, si I accepted the gift quite happilly.

As a means to compensate for all this spending, I am listing a bunch of my clothes (that I no longer wear) on ebay. I doubt much of it will sell but if it does that's a few $$$ in my pocket, and the rest can go to the Salvo's or anyone who wants it. I suddenly remember how boring and time-consuming listing stuff on ebay is. Five items later, two hours have passed and I am bored to death D:

I'm spending the weekend at mum's for most of the Easter break. My sister came over on Friday which was nice. We all hung out and then went and saw Monsters vs Aliens in 3D (which was super-cute). I can feel myself gaining a few kg's already because of the easter eggs my sister gave me and my mum's and my shared love of eating too much :/

On a final, unrelated, check out this dreadful photo of my bestie Erin and I when we went to get some cheap taco's at the Alibi Room last week:

The dude took a few photos of us, and this is what he put on the website??? Either the other pics were even worse, or he is just a prick who likes making pretty girls look like skanks on the internet. And might I just add, the taco's (well, burrito in my case) were the shittest I have ever eaten. Such a let down. I'll continue going to RG's Mexian Monday's thank you very much!
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Been spending the weekend with mum, due to the fact I had a bunch of bills to pay and really, REALLY need to save money for this trip to Europe (which is in a mere five weeks, oh god). I am so, so broke now it's unbelievable. Had a nice time with mum, today we ran some errands while she had an open house this morning (her place is now up for sale) and then went to see Death Race which was awesome. Better than I expected even, and I had somee damn high hopes for it, too.

I feel kind of silly right now because I know everyone is out tonight, and I would love to be out too because I miss going out lots and am feeling left-out because only one person gave me a heads up that tonight was a big one and I just got a text from Daz asking why I wasn't out, to which I replied "I'm at mum's. No one ever tells me when they're heading out for a big one any more :(" which is pretty pathetic but well, that's what two glasses of wine does to me, I guess.

Oh well, enough of me being a baby, I'm going to have an early night to go on a nice, long walk with mum and the poodle in the morning.

EDIT: Something I've been meaning to post since Anthony told me about it the other day: I laugh in my sleep. Not just a chuckle or a giggle, HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER. I've woken him up twice now and he has to gently shake me for a few minutes until I stop and continue sleeping soundly. I thought this was the greatest thing ever. Sleep-laughing? So much more awesome than sleep-walking!
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This weekend was excitement plus! I decided to spend it at mum's as I'd been feeling really sick all week. Tummy aches, a sore back and other little hurts. The excitement started Friday night after work, as I was getting ready to go to mum's. I got a call from my workmate who was oncall as one of our clients had their (brand new) system die and they were without music. Since this venue was near where mum lives, and they begged me, I grabbed my personal Nightlife system and leapt into my car and headed off. Only to have a car crash 10 minutes later (right near work too, of all places). The worst part was, as I hit the car in front of me I'm at fault. No one was hurt at all, though the girl I hit almost had a panic attack. Her car is quite new and therefore half made of plastic so hardly any damage. My poor little steel tank copped some damage to the front but nothing too serious. My dad managed to fix most of it on the weekend. But still, totally uncool and while I constantly reminded my work mates of the lengths I go to for this company, I don't actually think it was really appreciated :( I COULD HAVE DIED! OR BEEN HURT! BAH! Needless to say I left the service call to the following morning.

Saturday mum and I went to West End for shopping and a general adventure into a part of the City we've never really been to properly. Oh god it was so good. Op-shops, cheap fashion and TRASH VIDEO! We spent ages in there, talking to Andrew, the guy who owns it and is a bit of a personality for his TV show "Schlock Treatment" in Brisbane. I bought some Ed Wood DVDs, death to Smoochy on VHS and mum bought some classic films as well. It was just so exciting, and I think he was shocked two attractive women were so into the world of schlock film.

After that we had cake and chai tea and then picked up my friend's puppy as I sort of volunteered to look after it. Poor mum is going to be the one looking after dear little Pixie as there's no way she could stay in my flat. But she's so damn cute, full of energy (and poop) so I think mum will forgive me eventually :D Spent Sunday fixing my car with dad, cleaning mum's and playing with the puppy. Such a great weekend despite the poor start I had!
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What an...interesting weekend. It started of really badly but got better later on.

Let me tell you a tale of how I got screwed over at Anthony's birthday party and how karma doesn't exist )

So if you didn't read that, the gist was: my bag got nicked while out on Friday night, money and my mobile phone were stolen, and mt friends are awesome.

Whoever has my mobile no, please email your mobile no and (real) name to me:

Saturday night was Michelle's birthday party. I had a sedate night and went home kind of early since today was mothers day and all. My sister and I met up with mum and had high tea, went shopping and went and saw Iron Man which was fantastic, as expected. Afterwards I caught up with a couple of people from work for a couple of drinks and a chat. So, for 90% of the time it was a good weekend. Trust one fuck head to go and almost ruin it though!
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This weekend was long in both duration and busy-ness. Mum and I ended up seeing Nim's Island which was really, really good. God Gerard Butler is handsome. Mum and I were swooning. Saturday I spent money I shouldn't have on amazing (and cheap!) shoes which made the rest of the weekend hard. Damn me. Saturday night I took mum to a rockabilly gig where Checkered Fist played. I wanted to see them because they're all about 14 years old, but as it turns out they were fucking amazing! One of the best psychobilly bands I've ever seen! I can't wait to see those adorable little punks again!

Sunday was the Caxton St Seafood Festival. So not worth $15 to get in since drinks and food were too expensive and there were too many dickheads. We went out for a bit afterwards, but when I went home to change (it was "High School Reunion" at Fluffy's and I intended to dress for the occasion) I ended up working on some posters and then falling asleep instead. Good thing too since we had the HP picnic on the next day. I managed to get there after lots of drama (godamn public holidays meaning Woolworths isn't open when I need it most). It was a nice day with six of us turning up and gorging ourselves on delicious foods.

Speaking of foods...the diet is still poor as I have continued to guts myself lately. But as my mum sauid, you can't have the high's I've been experiencing diet-wise without the inevitable lows. So here's hoping I gain some self-control SOOOOOON.
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I don't know why I always decide I need to post here when it's past my bed time. Oh well I have excess energy as I did a quick tidy up of our place as there's an inspection happening tomorrow (not by the landlord but by the council, something to do with the new bypass their building around here, apparently). Even though this isn't a unit inspection to see what shape the place is in, the note says they'll be taking photos and our place was crazy messy. So here I am, pumping with energy and unwilling to go to bed.

Nothing very exciting happened this weekend. I went to the Andy Warhol exhibition with Daz on Friday night, which was great. I love Andy Warhol's work so it was awesome to see his most fabulous works in the flesh, so to speak. Sadly the Liza Minelli ones were up too high for me to steal...also there was a LOT of security. Damn, foiled!

Anyway we go our pictures taken in the photobooths there: CARA AND DAZ: NOW IN POP ART FORM! )

Mum had a car accident on Saturday arvo, right after I'd spent the day with her. She's OK except for a bump on the head and some whiplash. She was driving dad's crappy car as hers is off getting serviced/repaired which is a tough little thing and is alright. So much so she was able to drive it today so we could see Run Fatboy Run (which was great, as I had anticipated).

Oh and I lost another 1.1kg this week (actually I haven't weighed in for two weeks thanks to the Easter holidays) which is encouraging since I wasn't able to exercise much at all during the Great Cough of 2008 (which, after a month, is still hanging around). I'm going to go to gym four times this week just to get back into the swing as going three times last week was really hard. I've lost 6.4kg so far, so I have approx 4kg to go until I get to my goal weight. GO ME!


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