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Many apologies for the lack of updates lately. I have been ridiculously busy at work for EOFY which really took it out of me. Eight hours in front of a computer is pretty horrendous to me, since I’m usually up and down all day doing lots of different things so I kept away from my computer at home until now.

As you may have already guessed from the image, I have decided to take part in Dry July this year. It is, as described on the website “an online social community where an individual or team can sign up to the challenge of a month long sponsored abstinence from alcohol”. In other words you don’t drink any alcohol for the month of July and get people to sponsor you so that you end up raising money for cancer patients. It’s been happening since 2008 but I’ve never even considered taking part before. In fact it wasn’t until I woke up on a Friday morning feeling like complete arse because I’d had one celebratory drink with a friend who finally got a job she’d been after for months, that I decided it would be a good idea. One drink shouldn’t make you massively hungover, especially when it was cider, and one that I used to be able to drink plenty of without making myself too ill the next day to boot.

So I have set myself the challenge of not drinking for a whole month. I admit I am not a big drinker, in fact I go whole weeks without touching a drop. But I’ve also never made any effort not to drink. In fact I did once decide to lay off alcohol and treats for two weeks which I was hopeless at because I went to a Tupperware party that serves champagne cocktails and a ridiculous amount of cheese and I found I couldn not say “no” and ate and drank to my hearts content. That was the first weekend too, so I was destined to fail that time, apparently. I seem to have an inability to say no when it comes to drinking, even though I don’t do a lot of it, I can’t help but want a drink after a hard week or if I’m doing anything social. So this is going to be a massive challenge for me!

One thing I’ve found when I’ve told people I am doing Dry July is how badly they react. You would think I was giving up alcohol for a whole year, not just a month. So while I found myself having a bit of a freak out in the days leading up to this, I also realised it’s not that big a deal. It’s only alcohol, I don’t need it to live and all evidence indicates I am allergic to it in some way (or an ingredient found in most alcoholic drinks, anyway). I get the worst migraines imaginable after drinking most types of alcohol and it’s only getting worse as I get older. Alcohol also ruins the lives of many and costs a hell of a lot of money. I don’t need it and I’m a little bit ashamed of myself for worrying about not being able to have some for a mere 31 day period.

It’s only day 3 of this challenge and already I have done a lot to make the endeavour worthwhile. On the very first day I went to see Miami Horror live and while I probably would have had more fun if I’d been drinking (as I wouldn’t have been so easily distracted by all of the drunk people bumping into me all night), I still enjoyed the show and got home looking fresh-faced and filled with a nice, natural energy, as opposed to the alcohol-fueled crazy-Cara that so often pops her head out after a few too many drinks. I also spent this weekend in with my bf, cleaning the unit from top to bottom and reorganising the place so it looks twice as big as it did. I know I will save some money (from not buying alcohol as well as not having to buy so many pain killers) and since I have been on a huge diet and exercise kick lately, I will probably look and feel the best I’ve felt in years!

I’d love to get some donations, to help motivate me! All money raised goes to the Mater Adult Hospital to help cancer patients. Every little bit helps so please share the love :)

Click pic for my Dry July profile

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As everyone is well aware, a terrible tragedy has struck Japan. We were only just getting over the shock of the Christchurch quake that killed at least 166 people three weeks go and Mother Natures unleashed her wrath all over again. I remember thinking/saying back when the quake hit Christchurch that it could have been an even worse disaster had it struck a more densely populated area, a small consolation in such a devastating tragedy.

I keep looking at photos of the carnage of the tsunami’s and it’s hard not to cry. I’ve always had a soft spot for Japan, especially since I went there in September 2009. I can’t even imagine how they will clean it all up, how the country will recover. Seeing the devastated faces of those people is just heartbreaking. I’m still not quite over the Queensland floods from january and now we have these killer earthquakes so close to home. It’s just terrifying and I can’t even imagine having to live through something like that.

If you can spare it, please make a donation. There are a lot of ways to do so to suit everyone. I’m sure every cent will help.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to vent some rage at the overwhelming ignorance people have been displaying about this disaster. I was first made aware of it when I read this VICE article. I almost couldn’t believe it, people are comparing this event to Pearl Harbor? Really???!! I’m torn between bewildered disbelief and angry acceptance because I guess it’s not all that surprising that people are so damn ignorant and proud of it. I’m actually surprised no one has said anything about it being karma for the whales, but no, the average US citizen only remembers what happens in their country, particularly when glorified in a big budget Hollywood film (seriously, would most of those people know anything about what happened at Pearl Harbor if it wasn’t for that movie? I doubt it). HEY ARSEHOLES! No country, no matter what happened during war, deserves something like this. What, are we all hoping something will happen to Germany to get back at all them damn Nazi’s? It’s an absolutely appalling mentality and it scares me to think there are so many of these ignorant fools out there.

So if you’ve already donated or are unable to, another awesome public service would be to troll the Facebooks of these absolute douchebags and give ‘em what for! But really, if you see anything like this on your Facebook feed, please don’t ignore it. Things like this ought to be addressed because ignorance doesn’t fix itself, it’s up to the more informed and less racist people in society to make a difference!

QLD Floods

Monday, 10 January 2011 23:45
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Well I had a light-hearted and entertaining post lined up for my big 2011 debut but after the series of events unfolding in Queensland (that’s the state I live in, for those who didn’t know) I thought I’d leave it for now.

I admit I was a bit blase about the floods happening up North but now they’ve demolished Toowoomba, a City that’s about two hours from Brisbane and where a lot of friends are from, I am extremely worried. There are flood warning out for the CDB and Valley (where I live) in the next few days so it’s no longer just bad news for other people, it could be bad news for me and my friends and family too.

Unfortunately I don’t have the funds available right now to make a donation, but if you do then I implore you to make a donation to help those affected by the floods. Unfortunately for most people, flood damage isn’t included in a lot of home insurance policies so these poor people will have lost everything and won’t get any compensation. Please donate whatever you can and hope that this ends soon.

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So it’s Christmas Eve and I am contemplating packing my car with various delicious ham-related treats and heading to my mum’s for the holidays. I have the whole week off (shock) so will be relaxing, chilling out and generally taking it easy. So you probably won’t see much of me again until the new year (but maybe you will…  it depends on how bored I get).

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Or whatever holiday season you happen to celebrate. Actually, I just wish you an enjoyable time off work. Yes, that’s nice and safe…

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I love walking in cities at night. I love how much a city changes just by being lit up after dark. Tonight I went for a walk around and through Brisbane City because I haven’t done that in such a long time, and I loved it. I actually really miss working in the City, even though I’m sure I’m saving heaps of money by working in the most boring area on earth. As I walked I made a few observations:

  • The boardwalk is crazy-busy at 7pm on a Tuesday night. You can hardly walk for runners, bicycles and couples strolling along the riverside. It’s nice to see people getting out and about and enjoying the beautiful weather warm weather tonight.

  • There is this smell as you walk along the boardwalk, as you pass under Jade Buddha that smells like a thousand dead vagina’s. I’m serious, it’s just the worst smell ever. I try and hold my nose as I walk through there but it always manages to get me. Just FYI.

  • There are a lot of bars and restaurants around Brisbane that I’ve never gone to that I’d really like to try someday. I think 2011 will be my year to try them all out.

  • The Brisbane wigga’s still exist! They apparently hang out outside the Timezone on Albert Street. Or maybe they always did. Either way it was hilarious!

  • There are some really pretty lights up across Queen Street (between Edward and Creek streets). They remind me of the ones they have around Oxford Circus in London. They need more though, only a couple of sets of them just aren’t enough.

  • The City Cycle bikes are everywhere now, I really want to get a membership. This is why I should be working in the City! I can ride one to work and then walk or train it home without worrying about leaving my own bicycle unattended. I love it!

  • They’ve really overhauled a few of the dodgy little parks, particularly the ones near the Valley. It’s good to see some landscaping and interesting street furniture instead of scary dark spots and angry drunk hobo’s.

  • Brisbane is actually very quiet. As I walked I was impressed by how tranquil and peaceful it was. Of course there are traffic sounds but it was a dull hum in the background without car horns or loud engines hooning by. I doubt there are many cities in the world that can boast that.

I probably noticed a lot more but I was trying to exercise/didn’t have anything to write my observations down on. It was just really nice and I’m going to do it more often.

Tell me about your City and the  nice, strange, stinky and funny things you notice!

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I am not what most people would describe as a feminist. I enjoy being girly, I like to flaunt my magnificent boobs and I am constantly appalled that chivalry is dead. However, I do actually identify myself as a feminist. Oh don’t look at me like that, feminist is not a dirty word!

I am not a traditional sort of feminist by any means. I don’t go on rallies and I am not overly vocal about my beliefs, unless it involves a significant injustice against women, and I do not hate men. I do however believe very strongly in equal rights for females, something I do not believe we have yet achieved. That’s probably one of the reasons why I am a bit quiet about it, people take such offense to the idea of feminism, like women are lucky to be allowed the rights they have. The worst part is, a lot of women seem to agree with this way of thinking. I like to think they just don’t want to be labeled a feminist (like I said, people consider it to be a dirty word) but then again maybe a lot of women have the idea that they’re not quite as good as men deeply ingrained in them.

I only recently decided to start calling myself a feminist, in particular after reading a few blogs that were aimed at teenagers mostly, but I actually found a lot of the information on there really relevant to my feelings on the subject. I’ve always been the kind of person to get mad at anyone who claims (or even implies) women aren’t equal to men, and have had many heated arguments with people over sexist statements they’ve dared utter in my presence. But it wasn’t until reading some really good articles by these girls who identify as feminists who didn’t fall under the dreaded “feminazi” title that I actually decided to identify myself as a feminist. It’s a shame that I could never identify as one previously because I has this skewed idea of what feminism meant, and I’m sure it’s the same for most women. I think all women should be able to call themselves a  feminist, because there are different levels of belief in the cause (kind of like religion, some people are super devout while others believe without feeling the need to go to church).  All women should want to be equal to males in regards to human rights, work opportunities, sexuality etc.

One of the things that gets to me most is the difference in perception between males and females for doing the exact same thing. While I am naturally outraged by the idea of a male getting paid more for doing the same job as a female, just because of gender, it’s the smaller things that I feel don’t get voiced enough. An obvious example is the idea that a male can sleep with as many women as he wants and gets positive attention from other males while a female who does the same thing is no more than a “slut” (which is one of my most hated words, by the way). I hear guys often talk about how a promiscuous girl is a slut because she has one-night stands and has casual sex. When I interject and ask them how much casual sex they have, the fact they have a lot more than this poor girl doesn’t even matter. She sleeps around and that is disgusting and that is that. I’ve often asked how it differs between women and men, why can a man sleep with a hundred women and a woman sleep with say 20, and it be applauded for the male and found repulsive for the girl. There’s never a proper answer and usually comes down to the whole “women are not as superior as men” idea or the ridiculous belief that it’s dirtier for a woman to have had lots of penises in her than for a man to have stuck his dick in hundreds of vagina’s. And yet these guys will go buy a copy of FHM and ogle the featured girls (and possibly even fantasise about them)  and not even care that thousands of other men are doing the exact same thing. It’s bizarre.

And then there are things like how people think the worst of a girl who’s overweight and barely bat and eyelid over a guy who’s just as heavy. I’m sure the guy also gets his fare share of criticism for being large, but I find women get it much, much worse. The comments differ so much. “Wow that’s guy’s huge” vs “Check out that fat bitch”. It’s a weird one, but I do feel that fat girls are perceived far worse than fat guys. Then there’s the whole representation in the media, where almost everything can be sold with an attractive lady in the picture, regardless of the targeted demographic, bang a hot girl  in the ad and it’s gonna sell. Male-orientated advertising is going to be more sexual and in-your-face than advertising that’s aimed at women, but for the most part, it’s all about using a woman’s good looks and body to sell products and I think it’s sad. And my biggest gripe right now? The depiction of women who not only enjoy but actually get turned on by domestic violence. I have been noticing it in TV, film and even music videos lately and am shocked that it’s still tolerated. I also get riled by the women who suffer domestic violence, particularly against their famous boyfriends/husbands, and yet go back to them because it was “out of character”. I hope I do not have to explain how wrong, wrong, wrong this is.

I am not a man-hating lesbian as most feminists are perceived to be. I do not wear asexual clothing and hide my femininity because I feel I am exploiting myself for the benefit of men. I am a normal woman who loves makeup, dresses and the colour pink. I don’t demand or even want anything more than for women to have the same rights and respect as men get. I understand women have so much more available to them now than they ever did in the past, but I still feel women have a long way to go before a good level of equality is reached (I don’t excpect there will ever be such thing as total equality, not in my lifetime anyway). I just want people to accept the actions, desires and worthiness of women the same as they currently do for men.

There is so much more I could say on the subject, but I’d actually rather hear from other people about their ideas about feminism and whether you think there’s still gender inequality these days (namely in 1st world countries, as we all know gender inequality is rampant in many 3rd word nations). Tell me your thoughts, examples of gender inequality or whatever you’d like to contribute to the discussion.

Some interesting links:

Madonna syndrome: I should have ditched feminism for love, children and baking

Against the name Change: A Polemic

The F Bomb: Feminist Blog about Women’s Rights for Teenage Girls

The Sexual Behaviours of Women vs Men

Why modern feminism is illogical, unnecessary, and evil

What’s a Modern Girl to Do?

NOW VP To Sarah Palin and Conservative Women: Stop Being So Empowered, Darn It!

EDIT: Just wanted to clarify a few things. I am not attempting to justify myself by saying I am a girly girl who likes guys and wears makeup, as though trying to distance myself from the feminist stereotype. I am attempting to make a point that even though I do not conform to how people think a feminist ought to look or act, I am one and not ashamed to say so. I am aware the feminist stereotype exists for a reason, and so if you are offended by the fact I made a point of distancing myself from it, I apologise because that wasn’t my intention at all. I think all women of all walks of life should be able to call themself a feminist without thinking they’re going to be labled as something they’re not.

Also, I do not necessarily agree with the sentiments in some of those links, I just wanted to share a few that raised interesting points that helped prove what I was attempting to say. At least one of these is exactly the oppisite of how I feel but I wanted to show the “other side” of the debate.

Madonna syndrome: I should have ditched feminism for love, children and baking

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OH Livejournal, how much I neglect you. I am so sorry guys for not writing anything in here and just spamming you all with my blog stuff but I am just too slack to keep up with my LJ like I used to (I still read my flist all the time though). It's a shame because I know I will regret it later on when going through all of my old entries and finding they just sort of die out like they have. Sad times :(

In recent news I saw lady Gaga live TWICE last weekend. Was it good? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ARSE IT WAS! I've always been a big fan of hers but now I am an even BIGGER fan and cannot gush enough about how good she is live! I believe she's what pop music had been searching for and I am glad she is so successful. I've never been a fan of Madonna and so don't compare her to Lady Gaga music-wise, but I guess they're very similar controversy-wise. I LOVE controversial pop music and while it pisses me of to no end when my friends shit-can me for liking her so much, I do think it's awesome how she instills so many emotions in people just by doing what she does best. Love her or hate her, she's here to stay!

This kind of brings me to my next topic. I have been feeling a bit... low lately. Nothing major, but when I think about what I have achieved in my lifetime I'm really disappointed in myself. I'm not saying I expected to be as famous as Lady Gaga by this age but I thought I'd be on the track to great success by now. And yet here I am, in my late 20s and I have very little to show for my efforts. The worst thing is though, I don't really know what to do with myself. I have ideas but not enough get up and go to do much with them! I want to get into DJing but am scared of failing. I'd love to form a band but don't know where to start, nor do I know anyone else willing to form the band with me. I want to learn graphic design properly but can't commit to the time/money to do a proper course. I want a good job that has a snappy job title that I can feel proud of, but I'm just not qualified enough for the jobs I want (well I believe I am but that doesn't get me these jobs).

I'm totally at a loss as to what to do. I need a good kick in the pants to motivate me, but I am too shy and way too much of a procrastinator to really get in there and accomplish something. I keep thinking that 2010 will be my year but I have doubts I will have have a year where I do everything I want to do. I don't know what this post hopes to accomplish but am hoping getting this off my chest helps me overcome my obstacles and finally DO SOMETHING WITH MY LIFE! fingers crossed, eh?

My sister and I at Lady Gaga on the Saturday night. KAWAII!
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I have spent the last week being full of rage and generally annoyed at just about everything going wrong around me. I'm actually not that cranky a person typically and so my usual rants are usually tongue-in-cheek and mostly just for laughs or to get something off my chest quickly and effectively. But sometimes my venting doesn't help all the time and nature does its thing and I end up in a bad mood that I can't shake. I pretty much have to ride it out and be as tactful as possible to avoid excessive ranting or hurting someone's feelings by getting carried away. As a result this week has been hell and I am hoping so badly that I will be over it this week. After all, I've just started a new job (I'll have been there one month from tomorrow) and I'd hate to tarnish it with this unexplained bad mood!

As a result I made sure to have a nice quiet weekend doing some of the things I love which I think has helped me immensely. These included going to see Alice in Wonderland at the movies on Friday night (which I loved, by the way) before coming home to find my good friends over with their Wii console where we battled it out with Wii Tennis, which I am shocking at but love it none-the-less. On Saturday I slept in late, watched Video Hits and old cartoons before slowly getting ready and catching up with some friends at an afternoon punk show. That evening I headed to my mum's for the night where we stayed up late watching movies on TV and chatting. On Sunday we bummed around the house, did some scrapbooking, watched blue wren's teaching their babies how to forage for food and use the bird bath (Cutest. Thing. Ever!), ate way too much food, ran some errands (which resulted in my almost having a seizure from laughing so much, I kid you not). Then it was home for $5 steak with a friend and now I am feeling refreshed for the new week, especially since it's my first 7:30am shift at this job and the first one I've done in years (I really do not do early mornings so this will be a massive learning curve for me).

My plans for this week include getting back on track with my healthy eating regime, exercising an extra day this week and preparing myself for Lady Gaga on Friday night! I am too excited to comprehend and I still don't know what to wear yet!!!

How do you get over an extended bad mood? Do you have battle tactics to fight it, or do you just succumb and let it take over?


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Marilyn Monroe Working Out

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
- Marilyn Monroe

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I am a shopaholic. I am completely addicted to it and imagine it'll be my demise eventually. I love the feeling of buying something new. Usually something I don't need like a new dress or pair of shoes In fact it's almost always a new dress or pair of shoes). Unfortunately for me I don't tend to suffer from buyers remorse either, so whenever I buy something I technically couldn't afford or don't need or if I buy something for me when I should be buying something for someone else, I don't get that feeling of regret afterwards that most people suffer which prevents them from doing this too often. Abd pangs of buyers remorse I do feel is usually fixed by buying something else.

Christmas time is the worst because I can control myself when not in shopping environments (ie. I don't feel the urge to go to the shops to buy a new dress when at home, it only happens when I am at the shops and the dress is in front of me) but as I am now thrusting myself in these environments constantly, I find myself buying random things that I really do not need and not buying presents for others! It's ridiculous! I guess I am also lucky that I am usually a spend-thrift shopper and rarely buy anything that isn't on sale. I am also a pro at finding amazing bargains and saving a lot o money on an item that could have cost me a fortune. Though this tends to encourage me to just buy more stuff which kind of negates my good work at finding bargains in the first place :/

A lot of the time I find myself using going shopping as a means of "retail therapy" when I am sad or angry or otherwise feeling upset in some way. Even as I am wandering around the shops looking for something to waste my money on, I wonder to myself if this is going to help me, because it's obviously not going to stop or fix whatever is making me sad/angry and so is there any point to this exercise? But the buzz I get when I buy something nice that was completely unplanned (and almost always totally unnecessary) casts those doubts aside and I feel great for a few hours.

Apparently it's a real problem too, though I don't think I am quite as bad as how they're describing t on the Wikipedia page (though I am prepared to admit as an addict I may not be aware if the extent of my problem). I was never a spoiled kid so I never got a toy to shut me up during a tantrum or to make me feel better because my parents weren't there for me growing up. I do know my mum used retail therapy to cheer herself up, so my only guess is that I learned this from her from an early age and started applying it to myself when I was old enough to buy my own things. I'm not blaming mum for it, after all there are many worse ways to cope with stress (ie. drinking, drugs, violence etc) but I really wish I knew how to defeat this!

Does anyone else suffer from Oniomania or do you now someone who does? Do you have ways to overcome your addiction to shopping or do you have ways to cope with it? I'd love to be able to go to a shopping center and walk past a sale rack and not hover around it for 20 minutes, trying to talk myself out of buying a dress that's really cute and 50% of when I should be saving my money or am running horribly late.


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