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Well it’s that time of year again. It’s mid-October and the Brisbane Zombie Walk is almost upon us. Literally every single thought that goes through my heard involves zombies in some way. There’s less than two weeks to go and I’m madly trying to sort out all of the permits (you don’t want to know how many we need, it’s insane) and all of the final details that will make this walk the most professional yet. It’s amazing how much we learn each year. I’m sure that even after doing this for 10 years, I will keep on finding new ways to make it run better. But we’re getting there and since my stress levels are relatively low right now, I feel confident in saying we’re doing pretty well. So that’s why my posts have been few and far between. I don’t feel the need to bore you to death with zombie-this and zombie-that for an entire month. But I did wnat to share a few things that might be of interest for the zombie-inclined:

First of all, how cute are our shirts this year? I am super proud of the design and they look AMAZING in real life! I got a couple of singlets printed as I hate wearing t-shirts, but they’re just for the female organisers, not for the public. Hopefully next year! Want one? Buy them here!

The QLD Police launched a new site called QldAlert which will compile all of their social media for a handy one-stop shop when there’s an emergency or major event. And to test it out, they made it all about a zombie outbreak. Told ya’ll the QPS had our backs!

My favourite Brisbane artist Lauren Carney has made special shirts for the walk, and is giving us half the proceeds! I am so exited, especially since the bag she had with this design at the last markets I saw her at had sold out :( Yay for cute zombies!

And finally, check out the cutest engagement photoshoot ever! (Yes, it involves zombies)

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  1. Zombietini Dress by Iron Fist. Cute and casual with zombie faces doing my favourite expression D:

  2. Boyfriend Skull Watch by Asos. I used to only ever wear novelty/kids watches but then I got a cute Guess watch and now appreciate simple styles. But I still love skulls and this watch is just too cute to comprehend while still looking normal and “adult”.

  3. Bat Attack pink dress by Sourpuss. Pink, flattering style and covered in bats? Umm, ok. You’ve twisted my arm!

  4. Zombie brains headband on etsy. Guess who just found the perfect accessory for my Brisbane Zombie Walk outfit?!

  5. Fruit slice ceramic nail art. I stumbled upon these so randomly and already have so many plans for them!

  6. Gold Digger Zombie Stomper platform by Iron Fist. I always wanted the green version but knew I’d have trouble with the height of the heel. Now it’s available in pink, who care if I can walk in them or not?!

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Boy howdy, I have been neglecting the link love! I’ve been a very good girl and don’t surf the net at work, so I don’t come across as much as I used to. At least, not enough to justify a decent little post about. But I’ve rounded a few up for your enjoyment, so here goes:

Are Aussies nothing but a bunch of snobs and whingers these days? I say, yes!

The difference between Paris skinny & NY skinny – wow!

Remember when SHAQ was a rapper? Of course you do, but I bet you forgot how great he was!

The world’s best parenting? I think so!

Which Brisbane Roller Derby team do I support? Sun State Roller Girls, of course. They help us so much with the zombie walk and can’t thank them enough.

I have a confession. Pink might be my favourite colour but purple has been taking over my life lately. It’s so in and so cute right now! Agent Lover and her blog about lavender has only made my affair worse.

Luna Lovegood, style icon? Well waddaya know, she is!

Speaking of style icon’s, Twinkie Chan is still my ultimate! Oh, and her bedroom is TO DIE FOR!

I have been bitching and moaning about how new “plus-sized” model sensation Robyn Lawley is NOT plus-sized and I’m happy to see others agree.

Don’t believe in climate change? Maybe David Mitchell will change your mind.

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It sure has been a while since I did up a wishlist. Obviously there is a bit of a theme here so bear with me on this ;)

  1. Hogwarts sterling silver ring – Found this on etsy thanks to Natatree. The only thing that would seal the deal was if it had some bling.

  2. Black Blindfold tank – By A is for Arsenic. I love sexy bondage imagery, what more can I say?

  3. Pink Petal Zombie Unicorn dress – By hell Bunny. No shit guys, this is the dress of my dreams. I am buying it as soon as I get my tax refund and will probably wear it to death. DAMN!

  4. Mysterious Mauve lipstick – By Dior. Maybe this makes me tacky, but I love purple lipstick but it’s always so plummy and dark. I saw this the other week and haven’t stopped thinking about it since (in other words, I’ll own it real soon).

  5. Deathly Hallows necklace – Found on etsy. A very subtle way to show you’re a total HP geek.

  6. Slytherin t-shirt – From Jay Jay’s. I am Gryffindor through and through but god I hate the colour red. I’m a bit wary of the idea of supporting Slytherins but at the same time I know they’re not all bad and in some cases can be  total heroes. All of the Jay Jay’s Harry Ptter shirts are adorable, and will all probably find themselves being bought when I get paid next!

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For today’s Music on My Mind I am not going to go through the songs I’ve had in my head lately as such. The  other day I asked people on my Facebook to tell me their favourite RnB songs from the 90s, which is pretty much the best era for RnB in my opinion, and as a result I rediscovered some of my all time favourites. I often wish RnB and hip hop would revert back to the carefree days of the early 90s where it was all about good times and having fun and being in love and going to house parties. I really miss those feel good tunes, I really can’t think of any from the last 10 years from urban music. I’m sure there’s plenty but since none come to mind it seems they’re probably few and far between.

So I thought I’d share some of my favourite feel-good RnB tunes that you’ll either remember fondly or fall in love with for the first time:

I am a big fan of Will Smith in general and I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like at least one of his songs from when he was the Fresh Prince. This one’s especially good. I always wanted to go to these sorts of carefree parties where you just lounge around in your bikini and dance all sensual-like for the boyz.

Ohhh I was so obsessed with this song when I was… well I guess I was about 13 when it came out. I taped it off Red (what is now called Channel V in Australia) and would watch it on repeat so I could learn all of the words.

OK so I defy anyone to say they don’t love this song. It’s the ultimate laid back RnB song about going to house parties and having fun. Gosh I wish this happened more in my life!

Aaahhh Kid n Play! I only really got into them in the last couple of years when my boyfriend got me to watch House Party. I’d always wanted to see it as a kid because I saw TLC were in the 3rd movie but mum thought they were a bit too mature for me and my sister so we never got to rent those videos. Now I am obsessed! And almost know all the steps to the Funky Charleston from the first House Party.

Speaking of TLC, they were my all time favourite as a teenager in the mid-late 90s. It wasn’t til a few years later that I discovered how awesome they were in the early 90s! Check that crazy fashion!!! I love it so much I once got my workmates to dress up as old-school TLC at work.

OK so I was never really into Boyz II Men because I was never into RnB ballads which I assumed was all they did (I did appreciated them more when I realised it was them singing in “Hey Lover” by LL Cool J which is one of my all time favourite songs). This one is so much fun and guaranteed to make me dance every time I hear it. I also just noticed as I re-watched this now, that Another Bad Creation is in the clip! Awww.

Yet another girl group! They had it goin’ on back then! This time it’s SWV who were awesome, in fact I listen to their album a lot even to this day. This is my favourite of their songs, though the “Human Nature Mix” featuring Michael Jackson is also pretty unreal.

I didn’t discover this song or Tony! Toni! Toné til a few years ago and loved this some immediately (I do vaguely remember it from when I was younger, shame I wasn’t more attentive back then). I very much admire the fact they play their own instruments.

I hope you guys didn’t think I’d forget about Michael Jackson!?! This is in my Top 10 o All Time Favourites. I waited up late to see the premier of this back when it wad first released. I may even have the tape I recorded it on somewhere still. I used to practice that dance so often! I loved this whole album, very New Jack Swing which was quite different for MJ. This epic clip doesn’t really match any of the others, but you can’t beat the lyrics for good times.

And last in today’s list is one of the greatest RnB feel good songs ever! This is such a classic and I always feel sad that Bobby Brown went down the path he (and Whitney) did. Such an awesome singer and check out that dancing. Oh yeah, goooood times!

Please tell me your favourites! I don’t even care if they fit the “feel good” theme I was rollin’ with today, I just want to know what you loved from that era so I can (re)discover some classics!

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Man being unemployed is boring. Looking for jobs is boring, applying or them is boring, waiting to hear back from them is 10 kinds of boring and so forth. The fact it's 35 degrees in Brisbane today means going outside without sweating half to death is impossible and it's not like I have anything to do outside of the house anyway (except for spending money which we all know is a BAD IDEA when you're unemployed).

Luckily though my place has air-con and the internet has decided to be full of interesting and hilarious stuff this afternoon. So without further ado, some links!

  • Things Bogans Like. This makes sense if you're Aussie or very familiar with all things Australian. Otherwise it will probably get lost on you. It's also a hilarious re-do of Stuff White People Like which makes it even funnier. #17 is so, so true.

  • Hello Kitty Hell. I know so many guys who HATE Hello Kitty. I don't get why because I think Hello Kitty is eight kinds of amazing but I guess it may be something to do with the overt girlishness of it all. This site makes me laugh because of the poor guys reaction to all things Hello Kitty and also because it reveals to me products I didn't know existed and now totally want!

  • Photobomb has been around for ages but I go back and visit it now and then for the laughs. This one cracked me up!

  • People of Walmart is my favourite site of all at the moment. It boggles my mind that these people are real. Sure, we have bogans in Australia who get about in some fairly nasty stuff but holy shit! I have never seen obese woman shopping in their underpants or excessively hairy men in nothing but short-shorts and mesh tops. And let us hope I never do, either.

Bangs would like to take u 2 da movie!

And on a final and less silly note, ya'll should check out The Dead Walk Pool which is a collection o images, articles, videos and notes about the Brisbane Zombie Walk as organised by Gary Kemble from ABC Online who spent a lot of the day of the walk with us and did many interviews with myself, Anthony and Lara. If you have anything you want to upload, please do!


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