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Wednesday, 8 October 2008 22:32
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So this weekend was Parklife. For those not from Australia or in the know, it's a music festival they have around Oz that's mainly dance music-focused. It was a great day, went with some good friends and had an easy-going and fun-filled day. The mate's I was with aren't the type to fuss or run around to see every act that's playing, so we all saw who we wanted when we wanted. Just awesome. Oh and we had shots at a bar before hand, too. I find it amazing how you can still buy shots in Brisbane, even at 1pm in the afternoon (most places in Australia have banned shots, to decrease binge drinking). We ended up seeing Van She Tech, Elektrons, Dizzee Rascal, Peaches and a little bit of Does it Offend you Yeah? before walking home.

Anyway, I have a few photos. Of course my batteries died after taking the 2nd photo, so am relying on friends to send me their photos. But for now, here are some to document the day:

Parklife 2008 )

After Parklife my sister came over as she was a bit down in the dumps and we went out to Empire for a dance and to hang out. But of course by about 1am I was dead on my feet and went to bed. All in all, a great day. Though I think I'm still recovering from, so tired.
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I had a pretty rad weekend. Friday night Anthony played at Planet nightclub (he runs a monthly club night there and it's been getting bigger and better each month). It was a really good night and I barely even drank anything, which was an amazing feat unto itself. It was meant to be a quiet night due to having to be up at a reasonable time the next day, but I managed to only get to bed at 4am, as usual.

Saturday I went with Daz and Ash to the Gold Coast. They had a unit for the weekend for Big Day Out and I decided to stay there Saturday night with them. The trip there was hilarious, what should have been an hour trip ended up being over two hours because Daz just kept going the wrong way and getting lost. At one point I fell asleep (I had a migraine coming on and no pain killers with me) and when I woke up Daz had gone way past the exit to Surfers Paradise and had I not woken up we may have found ourself in Byron Bay (which is 2 hours away, in case you didn't know). But we got there eventually, and hung out in the hotel for a while before going out for dinner.

After dinner Daz and I went to an alternative club called The Party as I'd always wanted to check it out. It's you standard sort of place with emo's and goths in top hats and over-priced drinks. But something exciting did happen. Two emo guys were "dancing" which involved them running at and leaping onto each other. Well the smaller one leapt on the bigger guy who, playfully, pushed him off and onto the ground. But it ended badly and the guy hit his head on the ground pretty hard. It looked like he got knocked out for a bit, and I was all "Well serves him right or being stupid" but then I saw his female friends crying and the security were starting to panic. So I went to investigate and this poor guy had split his head open and there was a lot of blood gushing out. I thought he was dying and stared at him til all the blood made me feel sick and I had to go outside to calm down. But not 10 minutes later the very same guy walks out with his friends (including a sheepish looking mate who knocked him down in the first place) and a security guard, laughing, blood all over his face. I guess he was drunk enough to be OK, so I didn't feel so bad then. It was gross but also pretty exciting.

Anyway the next day was Big Day Out )
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Just quickly wanted to post about my New Years at Dreamworld and BBQ Breaks the next day (man that was tough two days).

Photos and words and crap )

So tomorrow it's Summafieldayze, yet another music festival, of the dance persuasion (hence staying in tonight). Though New Young Pony Club are playing and I love than band, so I'm not being a total festival slut, ok?! The next two months will be hard, since there are so many festivals. Big Day Out is on the 20th which is just enormous. Then Good Vibrations, Future Music and hopefully the V Festival. WHOA.

In other new something has been biting the crap outta me. I'm covered in bites which have become rashy. It's grossing me out but I've changed all the bedsheets, vacuumed the beds and sprayed surface spray all over the place so I hope it's over with. I do NOT need another bed bug type thing like I had in London. GROSS!

Also I'm getting chubby again after gorging over Christmas and pretty much the last two or so weeks. I haven't been to gym for as long and man it's showing already. Curse my shitty metabolism, curse it *fist shake*
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I found some more photos on the interwebs from Parklife. No LJ cut so suck it up!

Me, Angie and Anthony. Photo by Tez on

Me, Angie and some dude, from

For those who have been wondering why I keep going on about fluro, you need to see it to beleive it. These galleries are both from Parklife on Saturday:

Photo gallery on

Photo gallery from

I used to love fluro colours, back when they were hideously daggy and got my glares of horror from just about everyone who had an ounce of fashion sense. Those were the days. And now it's everywhere, like some sort of blinding wave of vomit. Cheap, Supre-bought vomit. No shit, even the guys were wearing shirts from Supre. BOYS!
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Well, things are pretty much sorted in regards to my last entry. Thanks to you all who had words of wisdom. I have to admit a huge amount of detail was left out, it was just something I wrote out in the height of emotion. But thanks all the same :)

This weekend was good, though exhausting. I really enjoyed having Friday off to get myself feeling better and relax a little bit. I cleaned my car out, did some tidying around the house and various other things. Friday night was hectic, as they always seem to be. The ADICTS boys didn't do very much advertising at all this week, yet they had the same numbers turn up as last week. I didn't take as many photos this week, simply because I was tired and it's all getting a bit repetitive now. I'll cut down each week from now on, and just take minimal pictures. After all, they're well established in the Brisbane music scene now.

Saturday morning we got up early so I could get the camera back to mum, and because we were going to a party before we headed to the Future Music festival. My legs were absolutely killing me, so it wasn't pleasant at all. We got "prepared" for the big day there, then headed to Doomben racecourse in some taxis (ah, knowing famous Brisbane DJs is awesome, free rides all round). Doomben is a pretty crap venue for a festival, especially because they have strict noise restrictions there which meant the music was barely loud enough. Despite the tired legs and shitty location, it was still fun. The VIP section was a joke (long line ups for drinks and no toilets) but two of the stages were in air-con so it balanced itself out. We ended up leaving pretty early, to rest up before heading out later. I ended up passing out so Anthony went out alone while I slept peacefully.

12 hours later I got up, and headedd to Indro to meet mum. Not my best idea, as all the excessive partying left me in a bit of a bad way, I was shaking like a leaf and looked like trash. Oh well. I ended up buying a black, 30GB Gigabeat to replace my iPod mini (for a good price, too), some new Clinique makeup, and see Wild Hogs which was HILARIOUS, before heading home. And now I'm struggling to work out how this bloody Gigabeat dealie works >:(

Some pictures from Friday night and Future Music )

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Or ever again :(
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Holy shit I am exhausted. I should have been in bed hours ago, seeing as how I nearly fell asleep at work on several ocassions, but I'm a nerd and had to read 20+ pages of my friends list D:<

Friday night was a great sucess, though it would have been a better success if those boys weren't so shit at planning. Honest to god, they couldn't run a piss-up at a brewery (which is virtually what this was, mind). But it was fun, and lots of people came (even Verity, much to my screaming-really-loud-in-public-and-embarassing-everyone delight). I took a lot of photos but I have a feeling they'll need a lot of Photoshopping, as everyone got a bit too loose too early and so everyone looks revolting in most of the pictures. Oops.

Sunday was Good Vibrations, which I didn't have to work at because they didn't have anything for us to really do, but I did anyway because I'm nice and also because I was drunk. Sara got too drunk on cask wine on the way there and was later rushed to hospital, some fuckwit set a fire outside the venue which scared me as I thought there might have been mass panic, I saw a guy OD, and had a pretty good time over all. I'll post pics later in the week, as right now mums screeching at me to go to bed.

Have a photo from Friday night, taken from, which I really don't remember happening at all. GOOOOOOD TIMES!

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Weekend Roundup )

Now for some shameless plugging. For those who I see on a regular basis, you'll probably know I'm now the "official" photographer for ADICTS. Apart from that they're friends of mine and we all know it's good to suppirt the local music scene. SO! ANYONE IN BRISBANE ON FRIDAY 9TH FEBRUARY, PLEASE COME SUPPORT THEM AT BARZUKA! It's their 2nd "Breaks and Enter" club night, which we want to become a regular event, so they need as much support as possible. It doesn't matter if you love or hate breaks music (or house in R'Daza's case), come for a bit, say hi, let me take your photos there and show the boys some support!

And just because I took half of the photos on this poster:

Oh and guess who's working at the Good Vibrations festival this Sunday? THAT'D BE ME! Bring on the Snoop Dog and Beastie Boys action, baby!


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