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It has been ages since I did a “What I Wore” post and there are two very good reasons for it. Firstly, I still haven’t replaced my poor, broken camera (though I have an amazing one on layby which I pick up soon) and secondly, because I get all self-conscious and shy and so rarely take photos of my outfits and on the rare occassion that I do, I freak out and refuse to post it. I am lame, I know.

But I just bought this dress and was feeling lovelyso I got mum to snap a few quick pics on her mobile which turned out OK and I’m biting the bullet and posting! Yay for me!

Dress: Pink Bat Attack by Sourpuss (bought from my friend Skye-Bow Clothing & Accessories)

Leggings:  I got these babies from Avon. They hold you in and are slinky and just about the best pair I’ve ever owned!

Necklace: Zombie Bling by Sourpuss (also from Skye-Bow Clothing & Accessories)

Shoes: El-cheapo’s from Best & Less which I got for about $9 or something ridiculous!


As you can (hopefully) see, the bats have wicked little grins. Now really, how could I have lived another minute without this dress in my possession? The necklace is also incredible, the perfect length and so nicely encrusted with rhinestones. Dear god I love Sourpuss!

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Guess who got their hair cut last night?

Let me just start off by saying, I love it. I have had pretty much the same haircut for a few years now, a concave bob with a blunt fringe that grows out into a lob (long bob, just to clarify for those not in the hair-know). There was a stage for about a year where I went quite short at the back which was fun at the time, but something I’ll never bother with again. I had a side-swept fringe for a bit but I’d always revert back to my faithful blunt fringe that would range between super short to in-my-eyes-and-pissing-me-off long.

I got an asymmetrical fringe a couple of months ago on a whim (it was going to be a side-swept fringe again but my hairdresser mixed it up a bit) which I really liked. So I kept it a while, even getting it re-trimmed in the same way (I rarely keep a “different” fringe upon my follow up fringe trim). Then one of the other hairdressers at the the salon I go to asked if I wnated to be a hair model. And this is the result!

I’ll probably loathe it when it starts growing out but it was FREE and I love the double asymmetrical thing and just generally having something quite different to what I’m used to.

Don’t worry though, the pink/black is here to stay!


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  1. Zombietini Dress by Iron Fist. Cute and casual with zombie faces doing my favourite expression D:

  2. Boyfriend Skull Watch by Asos. I used to only ever wear novelty/kids watches but then I got a cute Guess watch and now appreciate simple styles. But I still love skulls and this watch is just too cute to comprehend while still looking normal and “adult”.

  3. Bat Attack pink dress by Sourpuss. Pink, flattering style and covered in bats? Umm, ok. You’ve twisted my arm!

  4. Zombie brains headband on etsy. Guess who just found the perfect accessory for my Brisbane Zombie Walk outfit?!

  5. Fruit slice ceramic nail art. I stumbled upon these so randomly and already have so many plans for them!

  6. Gold Digger Zombie Stomper platform by Iron Fist. I always wanted the green version but knew I’d have trouble with the height of the heel. Now it’s available in pink, who care if I can walk in them or not?!

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It sure has been a while since I did up a wishlist. Obviously there is a bit of a theme here so bear with me on this ;)

  1. Hogwarts sterling silver ring – Found this on etsy thanks to Natatree. The only thing that would seal the deal was if it had some bling.

  2. Black Blindfold tank – By A is for Arsenic. I love sexy bondage imagery, what more can I say?

  3. Pink Petal Zombie Unicorn dress – By hell Bunny. No shit guys, this is the dress of my dreams. I am buying it as soon as I get my tax refund and will probably wear it to death. DAMN!

  4. Mysterious Mauve lipstick – By Dior. Maybe this makes me tacky, but I love purple lipstick but it’s always so plummy and dark. I saw this the other week and haven’t stopped thinking about it since (in other words, I’ll own it real soon).

  5. Deathly Hallows necklace – Found on etsy. A very subtle way to show you’re a total HP geek.

  6. Slytherin t-shirt – From Jay Jay’s. I am Gryffindor through and through but god I hate the colour red. I’m a bit wary of the idea of supporting Slytherins but at the same time I know they’re not all bad and in some cases can be  total heroes. All of the Jay Jay’s Harry Ptter shirts are adorable, and will all probably find themselves being bought when I get paid next!

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I have noticed an infuriating trend lately: inappropriate summer clothes being worn in winter. OK OK, Brisbane doesn’t exactly get to sub-zero temperatures during winter. In fact, on average we have crisp 13° which means it’s usually still quite warm in the sun. But it’s still winter, and when the seaon changes, it’s time to change with it and start wearing some season-appropriate clothing.

The main culprit? Denim hotpants. They are still being worn by so many girls and it is just not on. The other day I saw some teenagers wearing tiny denim hotpants (which I hate on principle, especially on underage kids) with jumpers and were very visibly freezing their arses off, because they were covered in goosebumps and hugging themselves in the cold wind. Girls, when it’s cold enough to put on a jumper an scarf, it’s cold enough to wear some real pants. Hot pants are to help you cool down in the heat by minimising how much skin is covered up. They are strictly a summer-only item of clothing. As I’ve already admitted, I am opposed to denim hot pants in general, I think they usually look tacky and are just fucking ugly a a whole. But I appeciate how good they must be to wear in summer whe I’m sweating half to death in my leggings/skirt combinations because I am too shy to show off much legs. But as soon as you decide to wear them out in public during the colder months, you’re basically shouting to the world “Hey, look at my nice legs, I am determined to show them off to everyone because I want attention at all times, even if it means dying of hypothermia for it”. T. A. C. K. Y. Don’t even get me started on the girls who war ugg boots with their shorts. if it’s cold enough or ugg boots, then it’s time to ditch the skimpy butt-coverings FOR GODSAKE.

Then there are those obnoxious tops that have long sleeves and random cut outs everywhere. Is anyone a bit done wth them? I am, especialy because it reminds me of the days of those dreadful one-sleeved shirts from my nightmares. Having a long sleeved top implies the wearer needs to cover up to maintain a certain level of body warmth. By removing random areas of fabric, you’re causing the long-sleeved shirt to lose effectiveness and basically render it useless. Also, what’s with the long sleeved, backless tops/body suits? What are you, a friggen ballarina? I know that’s a bit rich coming from a girl who almost exclusively wears tutu’s, but at least tutu’s serve a purpose (ie hiding my butt under layers of lovely tulle) whereas as backless body suits make your arms warm, you back cold and makes it impossible to wear a bra, which for most women is a necessity. There is no shame in wearing a long sleeved top that is whole and complete. Having random cut outs in your short-sleeved tops and body suits makes a lot of sense when the weather is hot and you need to expel as much heat as possible, but no sense at all when you’re trying to keep warm in the middle of winter.

Now this is one I’m a bit uncertain about: socks with strappy, open-toed heels. In theory it’s repulsive but when worn well it doesn’t look all that bad. But it’s a pretty hard look to get away with and most of the girls I’ve seen wearing socks and heels have gotten it completely wrong. But since I am on a roll with what not to wear in winter, I have to say that wearing airy, strappy high heels in winter is a bad idea. Adding socks to the equation is just about as bad as the hot-pants-and-ugg-boots wearers and should probably just be avoided. Let’s face it it, it’s just an updated version of one of the most elemental fashion faux pas out there and only about 2% of the people you encounter while wearing this will get that it’s a new trend and won’t snigger behind your back.  If you must wear socks with heels, you’re better off going with an enclosed shoe in my opinion (the brighter the better, of course).

There’s nothing wrong with covering up a bit now and then. If you live in Australia, particularly up here in Brisbane, you don’t get a chance to wear winter fashion for long. There is no shame in wearing jackets, long pants and thick stockings for couple of months of the year. Save the tiny shorts and midriff tops for summer where they belong and embrace winter fashion while you can!

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I am so sick of the bitching and moaning people do about those who wear leggings as pants. GUESS WHAT? THEY ARE PANTS! They are pants by every definition of the word pants. They fit the description and serve the same purpose as any other style of pants, so why do so many people claim they aren’t pants? Just because you don’t like the look of them when worn as pants, doesn’t mean you can just proclaim and entire type of clothing is not what it technically is. Leggings are pants, end of story.

I applaud anyone who can wear leggings as pants. I only wear them under skirts or dresses as I hate my legs and don’t like showing them off. If I had the arse/thighs to wear leggings as pants, I’d be all over it. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about having the right sort of legs and bum for them (I’ve seen many big girls who look amazing in them, and some skinny chicks who look foul, it’s all about proportion and wearing them well). It’s also about styling them well, too. Wearing them with short t-shirt is trashy as hell. You’re showing off every bump and curve of your bottom half, so balance it out by covering up the top half a bit and you can pull it off. Ideally bottom -skirting tops (as in the cover most of your butt) are preferred, but not essential. It’s also about buying some decent leggings, your shitty K-Mart ones that go see-through when you bend over won’t do at all! They need to stay opaque at all times. I worked with a girl once who wore the same pair of leggings day in and out and basically they’d become sheer tights, it was awful. She’d bend over to pick up a box and BAM perfect view of her underpants through the worn out cotton leggings (how she got away with it was beyond me, given it was a corporate office). Invest in some good ones that won’t go clear after a few washes and as soon as they get a bit tatty, get rid of them.  Also, don’t let them dag down as we all know leggings tend to do. Do you want to look like a slob? Or like you pooped yourself? I didn’t think so. There are some very basic standards for making leggings as pants work, so stick by them and show those people who say they ain’t pants!

On a similar note though, stockings are definitely not pants. They’re not even close. No matter how opaque they are, they’re not going to work as pants ever. By wearing them as pants out in public, you’re basically walking around in your knickers. It’s a fine line, guys, but an important one.

On a final note, I think I just found my dream leggings…


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The transformation is almost complete!

In actual fact I got these amazing phone charms from a shop that I’m fairly certain is Korean. But it’s almost the same thing (ie. awesome). One is a puffy, sparkly pink heart lined with pearls. The other a black fur ball with random pearls and jewels. The case is one I created myself with a plain case which I then attached with dozens of jewel stickers. I think it is fair to say the effect is absolutely amazing.


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I recently bought Clinique’s Superbalanced Powder Makeup. I am a very big fan of all mineral foundations and have used a few different brands (such as Revlon, Natio and Loreal, which has so far been my pick). I was actually wondering if ever Clinique would get on the bandwagon and release their own version (they probably had already but had never noticed), and it was only recently that I discovered finally did. First and foremost, I am a massive fan of Clinique. While most bloggers go for the fancy, colourful and trendy MAC, I go for the slightly daggier Clinique. I have reasonably sensitive skin so I like how they don’t add perfumes and other irritating ingredients to their makeup. I also love how they give free stuff away all the time which means I rarely have to pay for mascara, moisturiser or eye creams!

The only reason I took as long as I did to buy this product was because of the cost, a whopping $65. I’ve always known this brand is more expensive than your Revlon-type brands, but even I was taken aback by the cost. But I kept gazing at it longingly, marveling at the excellent way you get product out (more on that soon) and eventually I had enough and bought it (and got some great freebies to boot).

First of all, you don’t get product out like the standard mineral makeups, you have to turn the inner white dial clockwise which kind of grates off some powder to use. That alone makes it almost worth the money in my opinion. It also seems to minimise waste and spillage and given the size of the container it will probably last me a lot longer than the typical mineral foundation. So far the money seems like it might be justified after all. The brush you get is a tad small but kind of thick so it does spread out a bit and gives you more coverage per swipe than you might expect.

When I first bought it, the sales attendant put the smallest amount on me which made it look as though I had nothing on at all. It almost put me off, but I had a good feeling I could work it better than she showed me. To be honest, this stuff is a lot lighter than the other types I’ve used and does need a lot more than a Clinique staff member might tell you to use. But if you do a good job and prep your face properly first, it does look great.

Steps to making the most of Clinique’s Superbalanced Powder Makeup:

  1. Moisturise like you would any other day. Applying mineral makeup direct to dry skin will make it look splotchy and hideous.

  2. Apply some sort of primer. I can’t get enough of primer, it makes such a difference. I use Clinique City Block which is mainly a skin protector from sun and nasty stuff that cities ruin your face with. But it’s also an effective primer and as I use the SPF30 one, I know it’s helping protect my skin while helping my makeup look better.

  3. Use any other products that you’d normally use before putting your face on. I use a concealer as I get dark circles under my eyes.

  4. Apply your first coat of mascara .

  5. Start to apply the Superbalanced Powder Makeup. I brush downwards in large circles, starting on my cheeks, then going to my nose, chin, around my mouth, the forehead/temples and then my eyelids. Not to say this is the best way to do it, but I like to keep a routine and this works well for me. I especially do the area around my mouth as that’s where I lose makeup first because I am a slob when I eat/drink. Apply liberally until you’re satisfied all is covered evenly. I use about two twists (one twist means moving the dial about 10 degrees) for my face which is at least twice as what was recommended to me.

  6. Apply some light blush as you will look washed out without any cheek colour, but make it light as this makeup is going to be a hell of a lot lighter than your usual foundation/powder look. Likewise if you fill in your eyebrows, as I do. You don’t need to go as dark because your makeup is not as heavy.

  7. Finish with a final coat of mascara and colour your lips, and you’re done!

This is how I looked before, with only my mascara and primer on:

And here I am after:

Apologies for the crappy webcam photos, I am still yet to get my camera fixed. As a result the after photo is not crash hot and I actually seem to have more shadows on my face than in the before image. But let’s just assume the light sucked and that you get the general idea.

In conclusion, I like this product and will wear it to work everyday so I don’t feel overdone with a full face of makeup. I don’t think the coverage is a good as it could be, and the price was pretty steep considering I have to use more product than with other brands of mineral powder. But with a bit of experimentation it does look good. You still need to prep your face properly as with any other type of makeup, but overall I save a good five minutes every morning with this stuff than by using foundation with a translucent powder, and to me that is a HUGE plus.

I give it 4/5

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So I was killing time on Friday evening after work before an appointment, and decided to check out the shoe department at David Jones. I rarely do this, since I know I will get into a jealous rage at all of the amazing shoes In can’t afford and feel depressed for two days afterwards. This time though was different. I have my mind set on a certain type of shoe for my new job (see the Mary Janes in the previous post) so I could appreciate the extra lovely shoes without getting too upset.

The thing I found the most interesting were the amount of designer gumboots I found! For one thing, I haven’t seen this sort of thing since I was living in London in about 2005 when high-heeled gumboots were in, plus summer is almost over which is the wet season in Queensland so the need for expensive gumboots is minimal. But regardless, I was kind of excited by this find and thought I’d share with you some of the designer gumboots I found:

Buckled Rain by Kenneth Cole

I love these and at $140 I actually think that’s a fair price for such stylish gumboots.  I bought some shitty ones for $20 from some awful cheap accessories shop for a festival late last year, when these would have been 100x better and probably not caused scarring where the rubbed my calves. They also do another nice pair called Midnight Rain.

Leather rain boot with Military Medal by Burberry

I did know Burberry did gumboots but I wasn’t aware of just how many! I really like these ones, the only ones they actually had, because they’re classy and understated and don’t feature that god-awful Burberry print. I also dig how they make no pretense that they’re anything but a gumboot. It is what it is while managing to be pretty classy and oh-so-shiney.

Rain Boot by Emporio Armani

There is something so ridiculously decadent about an Armani boot, I can hardly comprehend it. The ones I saw (not these exact ones as I can’t find them anywhere on the internet) were pretty reasonably priced too, only $275. God knows owning these would be the only way I could afford a pair of Armani boots any time soon!

Lorraine Gumboot by Rockford

OK so I didn’t see these there, which is lucky because I probably would have bought them there and then! Patent pink gumboots with heels? Um, yes please.

Actually, as it turns out there is so much variety in gumboots at the moment, it’s really hard to pick the perfect pair. Here are a lot of excellent examples, including ones by Chloe, Hunter, Valentino, Dirty Laundry and many others. Who would have ever thought??? I think I might just start putting away some money for some designed gumboots for the next festival season!

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I have decided I need to write more about fashion on this lil ol’ blog of mine. God knows I spend 90% of my life thinking about and buying new clothes, so why don’t talk about it more? I will try and change that :)

  1. Malice Dress in Wild Roses by Lena Hoschek. My god I want just about everything from her latest season :O

  2. Mary Jane heels by Dr Martens. I stare at these every time I pass Downes Shoes near my place. I imagine they’re super comfortable which is all I need in a heel.

  3. Lorissa Studded & Crystal Peeptoes by Sam Edelman. I actually saw a version of these in a shop in the City and haven’t stopped thinking about them since. I don’t care if they’re comfy or if I can’t walk in them, I must have them!

  4. Kissing Poodles Necklace by Lovisa. I just found this shop (have I mentioned how much I love working in the City again??!) and was thrilled by their Skulls & Crosses collection (no pics of the pieces I liked unfortunately). I love affordable jewelry!

  5. Black Blouse by Ella Lai. Since I am about to start a super corporate job, I have been keeping an eye out of awesome, unusual tops that will cover my tattoos. For once those annoying daily etsy emails paid off!

StyleTread shoes

Wednesday, 23 February 2011 22:53
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A friend of mine pointed me to StyleTread today, which was very convenient as it was only this morning that I looked upon all of my shoes strewn across my bedroom floor, I thought about how badly I need some new, interesting shoes to mix things up a little. I have so many shoes, we’re talking about 50 pairs, but I tend to be a bit samey with a lot of them. Black patent? Pink leather? Sequined flats? I have heaps of ‘em. I guess I tend to just go for what I’m used to, often without really thinking about it. But I need a change! As I browsed through their hundreds of goregeos shows I came across a few that are unlike what I currently own but are still very “Ruby Velour”.

First off is Leo by Diavolina in Black. I love the suede, the wood and the studs. Three sexy textures in one shoe! The heel is just thick enough so I know I would be able walk in these without too much stumbling and the thick sole means enough padding my feet won’t be ready to fall off at the end of the night. Oh and they have grip! Oh how I love the thought of heels with some grip! They are so simple, but definitely not boring. I have about a dozen LBD’s I could team up with these. They’re just $139.95 too.

OK so allow me to explain… I love the 1920s very passionately. I love the fashion, the art, the music and the decadence of the roaring 20s. I swear I was a flapper in a former life, visiting speak easy’s, getting drunk on bootleg liquor with my long pearls, short hair and low-backed dress. I absolutely adore in these shoes (Louisiana by I Love Billy in Black/grey) and would wear them with so much. Just because they look like they’re from the 20s, doesn’t mean you can only dress like you’re from the era when wearing them. Because of the colours you could wear them with just about anything. Personally I have a few black and white dresses that would look outstanding with these and at $89.95 I may well just have to get them.

And now for the totally ridiculous! Please welcome Faya by RMK in black! I was only talking to a fiend recently about the ghetto fabulous boots that used to be around in the early – mid Noughties. These are by far the most ghetto-fabulous yet completely wearable type I have ever seen. They’re hiking boots, with sexy heels. Aaaah it’s a match made in heaven for me. So impractical and fun, I think these would look amazing with black skinny jeans. I honestly don’t know what I own that would suit these, but I am sure I can work something out! The brown ones are also very special. These babies are $189.95.

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Yay my first ever wishlist! I tend to lose track of all the cool stuff I find online that I want to buy, but not today! Here are the lovely things I am currently gushing over:

  1. Unicorn Rainbow Necklace from Locketship $140US

  2. Unicorn Gem Necklace from Locketship $80US

  3. X-ray Mickey Tunic from Dimepiece Designs $52US

  4. DC Comics Gotham City Ring from nOir Jewelry $225US

  5. Birthday Girl shoes by Gala Darling $100US

  6. Fuchsia Prom Dress from Unique Vintage $78US

I was going to explain why I like them all to you, but I think they all speak for themselves. I’m seriously considering getting that dress though. I don’t think it could be more “me” if it possibly tried. And the price is pretty good too!

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I don’t go out clubbing that much any more. Not because I’m necessarily over it or anything, but I am trying to be responsible with money plus the migraines that come with a big night out are getting worse as I get closer to the age of 30 (*shriek*) so I tend to only go out when I have something to go to. This is my outfit from last Saturday night, which was a friends 30th at one of my favourite Brisbane clubs, Alhambra. I have to admit it’s one of my favourites, which I also have in black. It’s real silk, plus there’s sequins and fancy straps and oh man… I love this dress. I got it from Forever New earlier in the year after falling in love with it a month or two earlier. I couldn’t justify the $150 or so that it cost, and couldn’t decide which colour I liked more. Then one day I found it on sale for $80. I went to get the black one, discovered it was 50% sale items so I ended up getting the black and pink/purple ones for $80 altogether. Best day ever!


I cannot get my camera to get the true colour, it’s actually more pink than this, but you get the idea. It’s only downfall is that the sequins can scratch the shit out of your arm as you’re dancing. But the amazing, swishy skirt more than makes up for that!

And just for laughs, check out an action shot of me at the club. Ruby Velour = True Class.

Dress – Forever New

Fishnets – Ambra

Shoes – Rubi

Hair flower – Dotti

Bracelet – Found on the floor of a club one time ;)

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Well I failed to post a new outfit each day of the week. I really did try but there were some days when I literally didn’t have the time and others where I felt like I looked like arse, so I kind of gave up. I have a couple of outfits to post about still, but overall the week was not quite the epic success I’d hoped for. On the bright side though, I am now far less apprehensive about taking photos of what I’m wearing to post on the internet, which was really what I was hoping to achieve all along! So I will now post a new “What I Wore” as often as I’m feeling gutsy enough to show the world what I am wearing, which hopefully will be often!

Now I don’t want to just leave it there. I do have a photos from this weekend I’d like to share with you all. But before I do, I’d like to tell you about an obsession of mine. Small things. I like miniature versions of stuff. I find them irresistibly adorable and want to collect all small versions of normal, everyday things. My main focus with this obsession though are tiny hats. Particularly tiny top hats. I know they’re not new and the Japanese have been all over it for ages. But what can I say, I love them and have always fantasised about collecting them.

Well Saturday was my lucky day! I accidentally discovered a treasure trove of tiny top hats (among various other fantastic head wear) at a stall at the Paddington Antique Centre. I won’t give you any more detail as I don’t want too many people knowing my secret hot spot for cheap and darling hats. I bought a small brown one a few weeks before but was amazed to discover they had a wide range of them in various colours this time. I was good and only bought two but I’m pretty sure I will be back in the next week or two for another couple of them. So I now have a pink medium-sized tiny hat and a super duper tiny white hat (I’m pretty sure I will use it on my wedding day FYI). One day I’ll compile them all and do some sort of zany photo blog of them :D

Meanwhile, since I’m talking about amazing discoveries in Paddington, if you have any interest in vintage and retro fashion, I discovered the most amazing shop called Retro Metro. There’s technically two shops but they’re both named the same and owned and run by the same people, and literally across the street from each other. I bought the most outrageous dress from there, which I will be unveiling at my work Christmas party next month. It ain’t cheap, but it’s proper vintage and retro fashion that’s been specially picked for it’s uniqueness and quality. I found one pink 1950′s prom dress that was actually pleated tulle! I never knew such a thing existed and would have walked out with it if I had $300 or so to spare. And you know, shed about four dress sizes. I also nearly walked out with a Scala bowler hat but unfortunately my enormous head doesn’t fit into a size small men’s hat :( But I seriously suggest you check it out if you live in Brisbane. Just make sure you save up your pennies first!

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Well I am off to a terrible start with this What I Wore Week business! I got to day two (which I’m about to post now) but then I had some personal stuff come up and so couldn’t do an outfit post today. Long story but I hope you’ll forgive me and accept an extra day added at the end to make up for it.

I got this dress on Saturday and decided it’d be ideal for a Sunday session. It’s so, so not my normal style and while it doesn’t really flatter my figure so well, I fell in love with it’s adorable skull design and soft materials. I was pretty stoked when I fit into a size 10 though, considering I’m definitely not that size down in the rump area, so that may be another reason why I bought it ;)

This necklace was bought on the same day from the same shop. Um hello Ruby Velour style to a tee! If there’s anything I love more than bling or skulls, it’s the two together! Here you can also see the detail of my dress.

And this is my best friend Sarah and I. We’re at Eagle St Pier as we went to watch the Pacquiao vs Margarito fight at the Pig n Whistle pub. It was an awesome fight, which I just so happen to be re-watching now. It’s amazing how much you learn to like a sport after doing it yourself for a while. SHOCK!

Dress – Dangerfield

Necklace – Dangerfield

Shoes – Rubi

Stockings – David Jones

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OK you will have to forgive me, but this is yet another sporty/shoe post! But dayum, check these bad girls out! My best friend Sarah spotted these the other day and was obsessed with showing them to me, but we were having trouble tracking them down again (she saw them in one Athletes Foot store but not all of them stock the same stuff, as it turns out). And then when we were least expecting them, BAM we found ‘em! The photos don’t even convey their awesomeness properly, because they are BANGIN’ beyond belief and even brighter than how they look here. Also the laces are black and multi-colour sparkles! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!

So yeah, I bought them since I desperately needed new runners anyway (my cheapo Puma’s were giving me nasty foot cramps and were just bollocks from the get-go, I don’t know why I put up with them for so friggen long). The poor guy serving me probably thought I was mad, the way I kept gushing over them and also singing about how awesome they were as I strutted around the shop. Right now, I just keep staring at them, wishing it wasn’t 1am on a Saturday night so I could go use them for what they were made for. I am so excited about going to gym on Monday afternoon, you can’t even IMAGINE it!

You can check out more photos (and buy ‘em too if you’re so inclined) here. They also have a purple version, but they’re for guys. I want them but I have small feet for being such a tall girl so they won’t fit me. WOE!

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I hate taking photos of myself, especially full length ones where I have to show what I’m wearing. I don’t know why and I know it’s really silly but it just kind of freaks me out, so no matter what amazing outfit I’m wearing, I refuse to take photos of it. BUT THAT IS GOING TO STOP! Of all the blogs out there with girls who have regular “outfit of the day” posts, I am probably better dressed and generally more fabulous than 98% of them, so why am I so freaking shy about it?

To combat this, I am forcing myself to post my daily outfit each day for the next week. Even if it’s some daggy crap I wear to work, I am showing it off. I am hoping it will a) help me get over their stupid phobia I have and b) show you all how great I look everyday, usually for CHEAP. So here I go, day one is Saturday 13th November:

Today’s outfit as what I wore on a day shopping in the City. Man oh man I spent some money today, I just got paid and boy did I act like it! As per usual, I went with mostly black with a splash of pink. I also dressed comfortable since I knew there’s be a lot of walking.

Can I just point out this amazing bra? It was really cheap, in fact $20 from Trade Secret and is a cup size smaller than I usually wear but fits like a dream and makes my boobs look fantastic. When I talk about finding a good bra to help enhance your assets, this is what I am talking about!

And how about these shoes? Mum bought them from some little boutique in an outer suburb of Ipswich but they didn’t fit her so I bought them off her because I couldn’t bare the thought of her returning them! Pearls and diamantes, OH HELL YES!

Top/s – Supre (pink singlet with black lace shirt over top)

Tutu – Jay Jay’s

Leggings – Supre

Shoes – Unknown

Necklace – Made by my mum

OK so that wasn’t too bad (well, unless we’re talking about photo quality, coz yeah, I need to find a different setting on my camera ASAP). tay tuned for tomorrow’s post, the new dress I have is SHIT HOT and nothing like what I usually wear!

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I am pretty excited tonight because after many months I finally got my hair cut. I started growing it out earlier this year thinking I’d get it nice and long and add extensions. Well it was at that horrible hitting-the-shoulders stage and just looking awful and making my poor neck  sweat since it’s getting warm in Brisbane lately, so I decided it was time to get rid of it.


I go to Oscar Oscar for all hair styling and cuts and have never had a bad haircut yet. I’ve been to the one at Indooroopilly almost exclusively since 2006 and just love them. I’ve not heard great things about their coloring (apparently Aveda colours don’t last unless you use Aveda products which is a bit shit, especially since it costs the earth) but their haircuts are GREAT!

I decided I wanted to go back to my layered bob as it always looks good, is pretty easy to manage and suits me the best. I also went for a longer bob too as I do like how longer hair frames my face and I’ve had way too many short bob’s these last two years.


And as you can see it’s a fabulous haircut! I love it and couldn’t be happier. I also love how you can now see my burning stick man tattoo poking out underneath the pink ;) I only wish I could go out tonight and show it off a bit, but alas I start work early in the morning. I just hope it looks this sleek and sexy tomorrow when I have to try and style it myself while half-asleep!

Oh and I also got my nails re-done, so amd feeling fresh and lovely all over. I have some great plans for how I’m decorating my nails this weekend, so watch out!


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This weekend I went and saw the Finders Keepers markets at the Old Museum (my favourite building in Brisbane as a matter of fact) for the first time. Admittedly I mainly only went because my good friend Lara was one of the organisers but was pleasantly surprised by how good these markets were! They’re indie markets for up and coming designers and artists and feature lots of unique arts, crafts, jewelry, clothing and music from all over Australia.

I went with my mum and a couple of friends, who ended up leaving mum and I to wander the markets as we found ourselves spending a good half an hour at most of the stalls. Unfortunately neither of us had money on the Saturday (I had too many bills this week and mum left her purse at home!) so we returned on Sunday to do some spending. I had a migraine like nothing else but was desperate for a few pieces I saw so braved the nausea and throbbing head pains and spent the early afternoon getting some amazing jewelry and brooches.

(Pink Girl brooch by Lauren Carney, Alice in Wonderland brooches by Tree Party Design, Skull brooch by White Square & my FAVOURITE, the owl with mice corpses in his tummy necklace by Made by White)

There’s also music but it’s all cutesy indie pop rock which I am really not a fan of, so I didn’t check out any bands (not that my migraine would have allowed for it anyway) as well as food and drink stalls. Unfortunately the cupcakes weren’t very nice so hopefully he next markets in November will have a proper cupcake stall *nudge nudge* though that was my only complaint about the whole thing, which was as a whole  very excellent indeed.

So  you won’t be able to go to these markets any time soon since the next ones in Brisbane won’t be on again til November. But that’s good in a way because I may actually be able to save money and buy a lot more next time! They’re also in Sydney so if you’re from down that way, I insist you check them out!

This is how I look with a killer migraine, by the way. Please note the nasty bed hair (which I only just got cut on Friday as a matter of fact). I am wearing my new lucite Eiffel Tower necklace by Tree Party Design.

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Ever since I spent a week in Tokyo in September last year I have been kind of obsessed with this fashion style followed by young Japanese women called Gyaru. To be honest I’m not even sure if that’s the proper name for the style as the look is also referred to as Kogyaru or Kogal though it tends to apply more to the girls who wear Japanese school uniforms all the time. Then there’s also Ganguro which is also suitable except in this trend they go overboard with the tanning until their faces are almost black and then use white makeup which can look really creepy (example). For now I am going to go with Gyaru because it seems to be the most accurate term to describe this style, please correct me if I’m using the wrong term or if there’s another one I don’t know about. Please note I am no expert in this style and this is all based on personal observations and research on the internet. Please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes and I’m keen to learn as much as possible about this wonderful fashion!

The gyaru fashion in Japan is all about looking “Western”. The girls take the basic elements of western fashion and make them their own. One of the main aspects is the hair and makeup as this is what transforms a regular Japanese girl into a gyaru girl. They usually lighten their hair to a nice golden brown or dark strawberry blonde colour and add lots of extensions to make it long and thick. They tease the back to make it super thick and usually curl the ends so their hair looks luxurious and wavy. As for makeup the main focus is on the eyes, to make them as big and bright as possible. They usually wear contacts that alter the colour of their eyes and make the iris much, much bigger. They also wear fake lashes or at the very least, special lash lengthening mascara that makes their eyelashes much thicker and longer than normal mascara does (such as Fiberwig). Combined with clever use of eyeshadow and eyeliner their eyes appear HUGE and very Western. I saw one girl in Tokyo who drew the bottom line of her eyeliner go a good 5mm below her actual eyeline to create the effect of big, round eyes. From a distance it was convincing but up close it was really bizarre!

I found this video the other day that has two girls demonstrating how they do their makeup to go from “ugly” to “beautiful”. You can really see how much of a difference it makes here because they show them only half made-up before they finish off their makeup:

(This is the second half of the clip)

Their fashion can vary, though typically they wear the latest fashions from shopping centers like Shibuya 109 (which is seriously the greatest shopping center of all times, ever! Unless you’re not into young female fashion, of course…). It’s typically short skirts, platformed heels, cute tops or jumpers with chunky belts and designer bags and jewelry. The style can range from cute to sexy or in-your-face colourful and funky and I’ve also witnessed a goth sorta take on the look too.

One of my favourite features of a gyaru girl are their accessories, especially their nails! They’re usually the ones with the insane nail art that prevents them from being able to use their fingers properly. I witnessed a few girls trying to text with these crazy long nails with massive jewels on them and just about died with jealousy. I’ve had Japanese nail art done before and while it was pretty crazy by Australian standards, it was pretty tame compared to some of what you see on hardcore gyaru girls. Another awesome accessory they have are their phone charms. Seriously, I don’t know how they put up with so many small stuffed toys on their phones, which are already a LOT bigger than what we’re used to I should also point out. When their phones aren’t in use, which admittedly isn’t very often, they leave the charms hanging out of their back pockets or handbags as fashion accessories. It’s so totally over the top, cute and cool.

It seems that most sources online regard the style as being for young, silly girls who have disposable incomes and are obsessed with fashion and consumerism but I don’t think that’s the case any more (bare in mind most of these sources also said gyaru doesn’t really exist any more when it very clearly does and kept likening it to the “Valley Girls” of the USA). It really is just a fashion trend that is followed by so many girls from all walks of life. To me it’s just a fashion style that’s trying to copy a Western style of fashion that doesn’t actually exist and has in itself become really unique and absolutely gorgeous. Apparently it takes hours for the really full-on gyaru girls to get ready each day, as this article explains (though it’s a good article I think a lot of the info is a bit off as I’m not sure if they’re actually trying to look like “living dolls” as such). I take a good hour to get ready each day so the mind boggles at the thought of taking up to five hours in the morning to get ready, but hey, no pain no gain, right?!

The thing that actually fascinates me the most though is that a lot of non-Asian girls, in particular white girls from Europe and the USA are now adopting the style. The thought of white girls trying to look like Japanese girls who are trying to look white is  hilarious! But they do a pretty good job at it in most cases, my current favourite is Cupcake Couture who is a 19 year old blonde girl from Finland who absolutely defines “gyaru” despite being the “wrong” race. Amazing! I am very willing to admit I could NOT be bothered maintaining this look, so I am happy to just appreciate it from afar and give kudos to those girls who live the gyaru way of life.

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