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I have a sore butt cheek from all this bike riding. Hopefully this means I am working on formerly unused butt muscles which means my butt will soon look fabulous in a pair of bike shorts ;)

My diet is going terribly. I am such a guts, it's awful. I do one good deed food-wise, only to ruin it later that day by eating something very bad for me. I saw a girl at gym tonight who looked amazing, as I watched her running on the treadmill it struck me how she and I have the same build, she's just slimmer and fitter than me. She had it all from the long torso, nice round booty and not-very-defined ankles! And yet she looks awesome! Like a proper woman, curves but so lean and fit. Her "bad" features, the features I HATE on me, looked really quite good and so I am going to make actual PROPER effort to lose weight now! My exercise regime has been top-notch but I am going to take it to the next level by getting a personal trainer. This is a BIG deal because I loathe personal trainer with every fiber of my being...but I have to suck it up if I ever want to lose these nasty 10kg that won't go away.

And to conclude this in the most unrelated, hilarious way possible...I present to you the funniest workplace safety video ever. There's a fair bit of gore but it's in a fun way:

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Man I am finding it hard to post here very often. I'm way too busy for my own good. By the time I find enough time to get online, I have emails to read and reply to, Facebook to check, Twitter to update, my blog to update and fix up, LJ friendslist to read etc. By the time I'm ready to write an entry it's hella late and I end up going to bed instead!

After riding my bike to work today (not the purple one, it's no good for riding anywhere with even a slight hill) I have decided that I need to get an new one ASAP. I was going to wait for my K.Rudd money to come through (booyeah $900 from the government) but the ride this morning was bad, as in the seat starts tilting back whenever I hit a bump and after a few big bumps the seats practically at at 90 degree angle and it really hurts my lady parts. So I have to stop, reposition the seat and start again. Bloody ridiculous. But the act of riding is so enjoyable! So I'm going to get myself a bike this weekend no matter what. It won't be as rad as the purple cruiser, because it needs to be really practical, but I will visit as many bike shops as I can before getting one!

In other exercise-related news I have been pretty damn awesome when it comes to going to the gym lately. I've started going to classes and while my fitness is still pretty shite, I'm really getting better. Today for example, after riding to and from work, I went to Body Pump before going to lindy hop. I'm shagged now of course, but you do feel pretty awesome after a good, proper workout! Too bad the diet's not doing so well so my weight loss is not doing so well :/

Aaaaand as per usual it's really late so I should just go to bed already. Four day weekend, booyeah!
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I'm only updating because I just painted my nails with special nail hardener which takes forever to dry and everytime I got to bed before it completely dries, it ends up getting bumpy from the sheets. I like my nails nice and smooth, thank you Mr Sheets. Also I am totally boring.

This weekend was good. Being oncall this week was a total bludge, hardly any calls. I spent Friday night and all day Saturday with mum. She is looking at buying a house since she and dad are preparing the family house to be sold soon, so we went and had a look at that. It's really cute and for really cheap considering it's four bedrooms and has a pool. It is in Booval but it's a nice part and I think it's great value. I also think it'll be less maintenance and also convenient to shops and public transport, which will suit her much better than shitty old Karana Downs.

Saturday evening I drove home as I had plans to go to Monster Joe's later on. I got stuck on a massive tech call for nearly two hours but once that was sorted I went to Step Inn with the gang and had an awesome night. It was kind of weird (n a good way) but three people stopped me during the night to ask if I was the one behind the zombie walk. Buggers me how they knew, but hey, I sort of felt like a celebrity for less dorky reasons than "Hey aren't you that girl who's in that Harry Potter fan club?" (it's happened a few times, I'm afraid). I don't know how but I got seriously, terribly wasted and stayed out til after 5am, where I stumbled home with the house mate of a guy I work with and then passed out. I paid dearly for it on Sunday, with one of the worst migraine's I've had in ages (nearly spewing in a chemist in New farm? So not cool).

Today I am going to try and lose this 2kg I have gained. Well I've only really gained 1.6kg but it's still appalling after all that hard work I put in. My motivation is at an all-time low but I'm going to try my best not to eat too much rubbish and make it to gym at least three times a week for 90 mins each time. Oh ad I might take up fencing with a girl from work, since we both really enjoyed it on the bad camp last week. Plus I can finally swashbuckle for real!

Feelin' good

Tuesday, 18 March 2008 23:25
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Today at work three different people commented on my weight loss and how good I looked. I had been fretting about my weight loss as I hadn't been to the gym for two weeks because of this cough/cold thing (though it seems I lost 0.6kg regardless of not exercising, which was a nice surprise). Plus I've snacked on a couple of naughty things. But man I was feeling to good about myself today, and having those people comment made me feel amazing. I went back to gym tonight and it felt good, though I had a coughing fit afterwards. I've lost 5.3kg so far and now I'm exercising again I plan to lose a heaps more.

Just felt like sharing that because it's nice to read good, positive stuff now and then :)
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Well I'm on a total high right now because this week I lost another 1.6kg which bring my weight loss up to 4.3kg in three weeks! happy? YOU BETCHA BOTTOM DOLLAR! And so many people have noticed, people who didn't know I was dieting (so ya know, it wasn't just them being nice) which is an even bigger boost. GO CARA! GO CARA!

Aaaand before I toddle off to mum's to stay the night (so I don't spend money out, and therefore have more $$$ for Melbourne) I just wanted to post the new DUSK poster [ profile] _snitchbitch and I made. Very pleased with it we are, and we've gotten a lot of great feedback for it too, which is always lovely:

Click for the bigger image

Go diet

Saturday, 16 February 2008 21:15
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Well after fearing all week I'd either lose very little or no weight, seeing as how the first week on a diet is always the best for weight loss, I was shocked and delighted to find out I lost 1.4kg this week! That's more than last week! I also lost another 1.5cm on my waist! I am STOKED! Already my weight loss is very noticeable, which is the best thing about it! Bring on losing 10kg, man. BRING IT ON!

And now I'm off to a karaoke bar!
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I LOST 1.3KG THIS WEEK! I was sort of disappointed at first until I got my waist measured and I have already lost 5cm! So while I didn't lose lots of kg's I've obviously converted a bunch of flab into muscle which is fucking fantastic! I am even more determined than ever now, knowing I did so well in just a week. BOOYEAH!

Today was a great day. Even though I had a bit of a big one last night I got up at a decent time, mum came over and we went op-shopping. I bought a pink, faux-leather, snakeskin jacket, a silver handbag and a couple of hot pink/black tops. Oh and a new teapot. I could have gone really berserk but managed to restrain myself, until pay day anyway. Then went to Indooroopilly as mum had to go to the hairdressers so I wandered about and got a new, designer pinafore dress for a mere $9 (from a whopping $99.99)! So now I have something new and cute to wear to Good Vibrations tomorrow (which I'm totally psyched about, by the way. I'm so going to wig out over Calvin Harris. WIG OUT!).

And finally, this is the latest poster I did for DUSK at Planet nightclub. They didn't get me to do the last one, and got someone else to make a shitty looking thing...and so they got me back for this poster! I managed to do something completely diferent and I am so pleased with the results:

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Well being oncall for work SUCKED BALLS! I can't even comprehend how the phone won't ring for hours but then BAM five calls all at once. And because it's emergency tech support the calls are hardly short or easy to fix (well some where, I guess) so while you're madly trying to ring manager's to ask what needs to be done, the phone rings off the hook. I nearly exploded Saturday night, though I was pretty pleased with how I got everything sorted. The worst thing is the tax man takes most of the extra money we get for oncall so what you're left with hardly makes up for a crap week followed by a shit house weekend. BALLS.

Oh well the money I did get from it paid for my trip to Melbourne (well, the flights at least) so I shouldn't whinge too much. Man, I am so looking forward to this trip!

So anyway I spent the weekend at mum's, watching DVDs and altering some of my dresses (all I'm gonna say is that pink dye makes a boring white dress totally hot). It was nice, as usual, and I got a bunch of stuff done with mum that normally I wouldn't be able to (it's really nice to wake up on a weekend and not be hungover or sore from the night before). Still haven't sorted out the issue with the lost car keys, luckily I had the work van to get me to and from mum's. Not having a car, despite how little I drive it now days, is a pain in the ass. But I have a bad feeling it'll cost me hundreds to get a locksmith out to cut a new key. Wah :(

In other news, I officially started the new diet on the weekend and I'm determined to do it the best I can. Not suffering so far, and if I keep it up without slipping up the first week then it'll be smooth sailing from there. I am more determined than ever to lose 10kg as I found out I weigh 2kg heavier than I thought I did, and losing 10kg will looking and feeling about 100 times better than I do now.

And now to a couple of random photos just for hell of it )

I should be doing exercising D:


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