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Due to how much of my time it being occupied by organising this years zombie walk, I've not had any time to even THINK about what I am going to wear on the day. I panicked about it this weekend so mum and I tried to find something at some op-shop's around Ipswich without no luck whatsoever. I then started searching through Etsy and found the perfect dress. Gold dupion silk, renaissance style gown with pearl trim that was stunning. I emailed the girl to make sure I'd get it in time, she told me I'd get it in 7 days with Global Priority shipping so I bought it. Then I get an email from the seller saying her assistant went and sold it without telling her and so I can't have it!


Now I am back to square one again! I had it all planned out too - I was going to get a hoop skirt and hair extensions and look gorgeously undead without having to go to too much effort. Now all my plans are dashed. DASHED! I'm trying to get back onto Etsy to ind something else but the stupid fucking site is down for maintenance right now. TYPICAL! As a result I can't even link ya'll to the dress I wanted, let alone find something else to wear in the short amount of time left. I new I shouldn't have left my own outfit til late but then again this is how I do things...hopefully I will find something soon though because I am wigging out D:

EDIT: This is the dress I was going to get :(
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I finally got a new LJ layout - not a customised one but one straight from LJ. I couldn't be arsed making up a new one myself and I really needed a change. Plus this one suits me pretty prefectly. I also hated how my blog posts looked on here, so a white background makes it look HOT! I also tweaked my userinfo page too a little while back, in case you were curious.

Meanwhile the worst week/s ever continue, last night was awful. I don't want to ellaborate but not sleeping all night long and then having to help mum pack everything in the MASSIVE shed (it's as big as the house, seriously) after a garage sale was just awful. I should be having a nap now actually, as we're going out for dinner and a movie a bit later (we found all this cash while packing so it's essentially for free).

Holy shit I hope things pick up soon. I'm normally a pretty strong-willed person but lately I've been about as weak as a baby and it sucks.
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A bunch of stuff since I haven't been posting here much. This week has been pretty shit.

  • I am still hurting bad about Belle's passing. The worst thing is that we had to get her put down, as she was barely able to breathe and was quite obviously dying slowly and painfully. I can't stop thinking about her final few seconds and wondering if we did the right thing. I can't believe she's gone and don't want to believe it. I can only hope she is with Pepe and are both romping together and raiding rubbish bins everywhere in doggy heaven. I'm going to dedicate an entry to her life a bit later.

  • As an indirect result of the above, I got royally shit-faced on Saturday night for my friend Naomi's hen's night. I didn't mean to, but I wasn't able to eat dinner due to being stuck on the phone for work which made me really late and so I forgot to eat. It was a good night, and we had a tonne of fun but no party is ever good enough to balance out vomiting on the walk home and then waking up with THE WORST MIGRAINE EVER! I had to go to a work thing with my sister (climbing the Storey Bridge). They breath tested everyone and of course I blew over, which suited me fine because I felt like dying. I vomited a few more times and went to bed to try and sleep it off. Unluckily I had no migraine pills so it wouldn't budge and got worse, particularly since this years Big Gay day festival was going on behind out place so the booming music made it hurt more. I ended up catching a cab to the emergency room to get something, anything to help. Being in a loud, well-lit hospital was agony but I got some hardcore painkillers which did the trick (only four hours later however). I didn't go to work because although the migraine was gone, I was shaking bad and still felt terrible so I slept most of the day before going to the doctors.

  • My sister and I sent a letter to our dad recently outlining our concerns with he and mum splitting up. basically he promised her a certain sum which would be just enough for her to buy a decent home, now he's reneging on this promise and telling her she'll get a great deal less now. I got a letter back today from him (and only to me, which pissed me off because Erin and I both wrote this letter) and it's all rubbish! I won't go into details but he's got no idea and has lost pretty much all respect from me. I think he's trying to distance himself from us, and if he's not then he's doing a good job of it anyway.

  • Meanwhile my website ( is becoming the sort of website I've always wanted. It's not perfect yet but I want to write up a few posts before I start overhauling it completely. I'll probably post most (if not all) of the entries there on my LJ since I hardly post here anyway and my blog posts will be more interesting than no posts at all (or so I figure).
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I am in a shitty mood. For various reasons. First and foremost I appear to have lost my knack at graphic design - I tried so hard to do the poster for the next Manila Sessions but it just wouldn't work and when I started crying for no reason, I realised I needed to stop and ask for help. It sucks, I used to be able to whip up something decent in 2 minutes out of thin air. Fuck, fuck, fuck :(

Another thing that's making me angry/sad is that I've gained a bunch of weight and can't seem to do anything about it. I'm pretty sure I've gained most of the weight I lost on my diet recently and it depresses the fuck out of me. And I cannot get the willpower to get back on a diet and exercise more than once or twice a week. Ugh what a waste of time and energy.


Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with your picture

Read more... )

EDIT: This comic helped me out by making me laugh a whole lot.
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After work this evening I went on the first leg of my tax-return shopping spree. It was exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable. I bought two amazing new black skirts (one is a waisted satin skirt with a patent leather belt, the other an organza 80s style tutu), a hot new handbag at 1/3 of the retail price (it's black and has glitter while still being totally classy), a bunch of CDs and DVDs (Cut Copy "In Ghost Colours", N*E*R*D "Fly or die", We are Scientists "With Love and Squalor" & Brain Thrust Mastery", Usher "Here I Stand", Borat and Terminator 3) and some Dior mascara which is simply divine and makes my eyes look 10x larger.

I caught the train home and sat opposite a transsexual. He commented on how lovely my hair was as I sat down and so I chatted with him til we both got off the train. He was so lovely, and yet I just felt so bad for him because he obviously lives his life as a woman but really was fooling no one. He was really just a man with a skirt, stockings, long hair and nails. He looked and sounded like a man, but made jokes about how I should have brought a man with me on my shopping spree because "carrying a girls bags is all men are good for", as well as taking the rubbish out and mowing the lawn. He also commented on the "little black number" he was wearing and I just kept thinking "But you're a dude!". My heart went out to the poor guy, which is why I guess I was able to get over my shyness and chat with him so easily. My heart bleeds for people like him, totally misunderstood and always vilified for being "abnormal". I hope I made him feel as normal as possible for the short time I chatted with him.

I feel like a total disappointment to my mum tonight. I've canceled on our plans a few times the last two weeks and now the big working bee I'd planned with my friends at her place this weekend has failed dismally. I just feel like such a terrible daughter, even though I know I shouldn't. But I feel awful and wish there was some way to make everything work out perfectly for her.

Luckily N*E*R*D is an amazing band and are helping me feel a lot better.
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What a shocking Monday I had. The wek has panned out OK but I guess after
such a shitty Monday morning it could only get better.

On Sunday I had to dish out $150 for my tax return to be done. So naturally
I was going to have to be mindful of money since I also have to spend $150
on my car earlier in the week and am still paying shit off from the stupid
flat next door.

So you can imagine my horror when I woke up Monday morning, remembering whre
I parked the work car the night before. On the street, which becomes a
clearway from 7am. I woke up at abouy 8:30am so by the time I out pants on
and ran downstairs, you better believe it was towed away. Rang Brisbane City
Council who confirmed this was the case and that it would be $202 to get it
out. WOW, JUST WONDERFUL. Though, I guess that's pretty cheap, I was
expecting upwards of $300. Of course the button that unlocks the basement
carpark was in the work van so I couldn't get Anthiny to drive me to
retrieve the car and had to catch a cab.

$214 late I was at work, only 20 minutes late which is pretty considering
what I had to do. So not happy, and I have no one to blame but myself. SO
STUPID! The saying about losing one's head if it weren't attached to your
neck applies to me so very, very much.

Thankfully I'll be getting my tax return soon, and then all will be right
again. Well, I hope so, at least!

Slack update

Tuesday, 5 August 2008 22:41
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Getting so slack at posting here lately. I'm going to make this update brief because I have a gut ache and need to wash my hair before bed.

  • We're all moved in but have a bit of unpacking to do. We're completely moved out of the other unit but the hand-over is dragging ON AND ON! Me, Anthony and my mum spent HOURS cleaning it all up, but we ended up having to get a professional cleaner today for $120 to do the little tiny bits and pieces we missed. It's bullshit, but we can't do anything about it. So I'm so broke now it's not even funny. It's depressing the fuck out of me, I'd tell our landlady to get fucked but we did move to another flat in the same building, so that's not an option. Ugh.

  • Our housewarming party is this Saturday night. If you wanna come, please do! Should be fun!

  • This weekend just gone was Greazefest. I was looking so forward to it but thanks to the moving stress I didn't have as much fun as I'd wanted. Went to the Sinners all with Nikerz and Daz and got really drunk, so didn't stay out too late because drunk + tired from work = sleepy time by midnight. Didn't go to the Greasers Ball on Saturday night because I was depressed from the moving/money situation so I went to a friends housewarming instead (which was really good). Sunday I went to Greazefest and spent a bit too much on clothes and jewelry, ut it was a fun day so it's all good.

  • I'm breaking out like a teenager again because I changed my brand of pill. But since the change I've almost completely stopped getting migraines and lost a bit of weight so I'm going to suck it up. Not getting migraines after a night out is the most amazing thing ever. I can't believe I out up with it for so long!!! There are pimple creams that can help the breaking out, so I think I'll be better off in the long run. NO MORE MIGRAINES!!! WOOHOOOOO!
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I have so much to post about but don't have the time. I took today off work to move to the new flat. Despite the fact the new flat is literally next door and the fact Anthony and I have been hard at work for over 13 hours now...there's still so much to do. Oh god it's never ending. I can't even imagine what it would have been like if we'd been living in a house as opposed to a two-bedroom flat because today's been hard enough.

Pretty much everything has been moved over, but now we have to re-arrange the furniture (this was a furnished apartment, which means we have very little furniture of our own for the new one) and clean like motherfuckers. Our landlady expected us to hire a professional cleaner, but at $300 they can all go get fucked. However, after today I can suddenly see how justifiable that amount actually is (too bad I have NO money and so am stuck with the cleaning). AAHHHHH THE PAINNNNN!!!!

Thankfully we have another 12 month lease at the new place which means a year without having to do this again. I'd be quite happy to just live there for another three years if we're allowed. Fucking moving house with a big, pointy stick.

And bed.
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Wow I've been getting a lot of feedback about the zombie walk recently. A girl from the local chapter of the Australian Roller Derby contacted me about cross-promoting and maybe doing a little show at the after party (they were there last year but the only promotion they really did was wear their T-shirts and rollerskates). I have had two student film makers email me about doing documentaries on this years walk so I'm trying to arrange interviews with them. And now we allow comments on the website I'm getting feedback from randoms there too.

The only bad stuff, not that it's really that bad, is that two people have commented about the lack of advertising being done. WTF? The first person asked if the walk was definately happening on the 25th, so I replied yes, and they then said they weren't sure due to the lack up advertising/updates ("I have already informed many about the date prior to contacting you and some still question. I guess they are curious cause little advertising has been done.") OK I think, fair enough (and wrote a post on the site outlining what advertising I have been doing, just so people know). But then I got a new comment today on that particular update saying:

A zombie fan myself, I am very dissapointed because I havent found not one single form of advertising related to the brisbane zombie walk anywhere in Brisbane and the surrounding areas since I moved here 5 years ago. I only heard from word of mouth. And every person I talk to has just never heard of it at all. In the future I would love to see more advertisements and possible workshops - on zombie makeup, stalls? Posters, photos, artwork, zombie fansites, funding?

Don't get me wrong, I'm still looking forward to this years zombie walk for sure and it will be another gory blast like every year and hopefully it will be even better for years to come!

WELL! Never mind the fact I took over the organising of the walk less than six weeks ago and have been doing everything in my spare time and with my own money! $150 I spent on the posters alone! I'm going to be responsible for funding the BBQ too! And may I remind everyone there was no after-party last year, nor was there anything BUT word-of-mouth advertising. I have been making contacts with people who I think would spread the word and/or display the posters for me. And finally, we only want cool people coming on the walk anyway, not every Jow Schmuck who reads about it in the Sunday Mail. It's meant to be "underground" so the amount of advertising I have been doing is MORE than enough without making it some stupid council-run event where all the fun is sucked from it!

*fist shake* OK I'm done venting now.

So anyway...does anyone wnat to help me out posters up this week? I can only do it after work but if anyone wants to help me poster up the Valley, West End, some shopping centers etc...please let me know as I'd totally appreciate as much help as possible!
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What an...interesting weekend. It started of really badly but got better later on.

Let me tell you a tale of how I got screwed over at Anthony's birthday party and how karma doesn't exist )

So if you didn't read that, the gist was: my bag got nicked while out on Friday night, money and my mobile phone were stolen, and mt friends are awesome.

Whoever has my mobile no, please email your mobile no and (real) name to me:

Saturday night was Michelle's birthday party. I had a sedate night and went home kind of early since today was mothers day and all. My sister and I met up with mum and had high tea, went shopping and went and saw Iron Man which was fantastic, as expected. Afterwards I caught up with a couple of people from work for a couple of drinks and a chat. So, for 90% of the time it was a good weekend. Trust one fuck head to go and almost ruin it though!


Monday, 28 January 2008 17:09
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SUCH A CRAP DAY TODAY! It's a public holiday in Australia, as Australia Day fell on a Saturday and be damned if Aussies will tolerate that! So no work for me today. Except I am oncall for work as of this week and I promised my manager who had it last week I would do today because she kindly swapped with me. I'm fine with that, I get paid extra money for oncall anyway, and even more for being oncall on a public holiday. So I work up at a decent time this morning to drive over to her place to collect the laptop, phone etc. Except my car keys have GONE. I mean disappeared off the face of the planet. I searched and searched but in the end I had to wake Stephan (who had crasheed at our place) so he could drive me.

The next highlight was the fact the laptop's charger wasn't with the laptop so we then had to co-ordinate a way for me to get it from my manager which was hard since I still hadn't found my keys and she'd gone out for the day, free form being oncall. Meanwhile RACQ came to unlock my car on the off chance the keys were locked in there (they weren't). Then everyone went out to a BBQ, which I had to miss due to waiting for the charger to be dropped off. I got it eventually and treated myself to Subway despite being kind of poor this week (another highlight, of course).

So I start watching the last season of Arrested Development with my sub, Pepsi Max and air-con and the phone goes BALLISTIC! Considering public holidays usually mean no clients call us, I got three calls within ten minutes, the last one being very long and remains unresolved. I was pretty appalled by this point, to put it mildly. I had no expectations of doing any work today, let alone having systems not work at all! Ugh!

Thankfully the phone is quiet, the boys are back and bought me Strongbow and we're going to watch a DVD. My keys are gone, god knows where I've lost them (this is the first time I have lost keys, a mobile or anything in my life, so it's extra awful). But I have Strongbow so I'll cope.

Actually a conversations with Anthony and Daz cheered me up somewhat. I showed them this comic about Chad Kroeger.

Anthony: What's wrong with Chad Kroeger?
Me: He's in Nikelback, the shittiest band ever, that's what.
Daz: He's the Paddlepop Lion, man. He tries to sing but I'm like "You can't sing, you're a fucking lion!"

I laughed a lot.
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I know I said I wasn't going to post weekend roundups anymore, but hey, whatcha gonna do?! )

Today marked my first full month at Nightlife. It'd pretty good though there's still so much to learn. I've never had a job where I need to know so freaking much. Well I am an account manager who also does tech support and music of those things on their own is full-on enough as is. Bring on the time where I can sit and do everything on my own. Oh, and when I get my own Nightlife system for home. OH YEAH!

I went to gym tonight as I had an early shift and was able to get to my favourite class, which I haven't been able to do for ages. And I managed to hurt my hip and back so I'm in absolute agony right now. If I didn't know better I'd swear I was an old woman, because damn if I don't ache like one. I also had a singing lesson tonight which wasn't great. Thank god my singing teacher is fantastic, otherwise I would have given up a long time ago. I need to practice a lot more but I only ever seem to think of it at times where singing is completely inappropriate. Nice!

Oh, and thanks everyone for their comments on my last f-locked entry. It's been sorted, and hopefully won't ever happen again. All your advice was very much appreciated, though I hope I don't have to resort to the more extreme stuff. I'm hoping both parties in this stupid situation can move on. God knows I have.

EDIT: Oh yeah, Die Ärzte have a new single coming out, which means a new album, which means new press photos. HELLO BOYS! If I could work out how to use ImageReady again I'd have an annoying, flashy icon on this post. Well, a new one anyway!
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Yesterday I got word that I was very probably going to get a free ticket to Big Day Out (for any non-Aussies, this is a very big mucis festival in Australia). I was desperate to go (though only recently, when I discovered exactly who would be playing) and as I was poor this fortnight I wasn't able to buy a ticket, even though I had a couple of people who could have got them pretty cheap for me. When we hadn't heard word by 12 midday we figured I was out of luck. I egt all the way home and go food shopping with my mum, when I get a text saying this bloke DID pull through but the friend organising all of this for me was aksed to go instead. Let's just say there was a very tear-filled tantrum thrown in the middle of Woolworths.

I swear to god, if ANYONE starts raving about how good BDO was, I will fucking kill you. If it wasn't ffor the fact I'm seeing Lily Allen tomorrow night I probably would have gone and hung myself by now. I would have given anything to see Peaches and Lupe Fiasco :(

Anyway, to try and get over the injustice of it all, have some photos from last night:

Waaaaahhhhhhh )

And now to bed. Because I'm itching to send angry text messages to anyone I know who went to BDO today for being awful people who I'm going to stab at the very next opportunity >:(
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