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What a sad day. A talented musician plagued with a deep sadness that prevented her from successfully fighting her battle with drugs and alcohol passed away at the tender age of 27. As Tammy said, “She sang the blues so well because she knew it so well”.

It saddens me that so many people think “Oh well, she was a drug addict, it’s no surprise really and I don’t feel bad for her”. In my opinion, people don’t choose to be come drug addicts, there is something inside them that makes them feel the need to kill themselves slowly with harmful substances. I’m sure she didn’t wake up one day and say “I am going to start doing drugs for a bit of a laugh so that it makes me extremely sick and ruins my career”. She was a tormented soul who couldn’t deal with the fame and the horrific paparazzi who hounded her ceaselessly. Her outlet was drinking and taking drugs and it eventually killed her.

She was so extremely talented and until the addictions ravaged her, she was a gorgeous young woman who had a bright future ahead of her. If only singing about her woes had been enough to get her through the dark times. I try not to look at the photos of her where she is emaciated and a shadow of her former self, because that was not who she was. Instead I look at her in happier times and listen to her music and think about what could have been had she had the strength to pull through.

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It sure has been a while since I did up a wishlist. Obviously there is a bit of a theme here so bear with me on this ;)

  1. Hogwarts sterling silver ring – Found this on etsy thanks to Natatree. The only thing that would seal the deal was if it had some bling.

  2. Black Blindfold tank – By A is for Arsenic. I love sexy bondage imagery, what more can I say?

  3. Pink Petal Zombie Unicorn dress – By hell Bunny. No shit guys, this is the dress of my dreams. I am buying it as soon as I get my tax refund and will probably wear it to death. DAMN!

  4. Mysterious Mauve lipstick – By Dior. Maybe this makes me tacky, but I love purple lipstick but it’s always so plummy and dark. I saw this the other week and haven’t stopped thinking about it since (in other words, I’ll own it real soon).

  5. Deathly Hallows necklace – Found on etsy. A very subtle way to show you’re a total HP geek.

  6. Slytherin t-shirt – From Jay Jay’s. I am Gryffindor through and through but god I hate the colour red. I’m a bit wary of the idea of supporting Slytherins but at the same time I know they’re not all bad and in some cases can be  total heroes. All of the Jay Jay’s Harry Ptter shirts are adorable, and will all probably find themselves being bought when I get paid next!

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I have noticed an infuriating trend lately: inappropriate summer clothes being worn in winter. OK OK, Brisbane doesn’t exactly get to sub-zero temperatures during winter. In fact, on average we have crisp 13° which means it’s usually still quite warm in the sun. But it’s still winter, and when the seaon changes, it’s time to change with it and start wearing some season-appropriate clothing.

The main culprit? Denim hotpants. They are still being worn by so many girls and it is just not on. The other day I saw some teenagers wearing tiny denim hotpants (which I hate on principle, especially on underage kids) with jumpers and were very visibly freezing their arses off, because they were covered in goosebumps and hugging themselves in the cold wind. Girls, when it’s cold enough to put on a jumper an scarf, it’s cold enough to wear some real pants. Hot pants are to help you cool down in the heat by minimising how much skin is covered up. They are strictly a summer-only item of clothing. As I’ve already admitted, I am opposed to denim hot pants in general, I think they usually look tacky and are just fucking ugly a a whole. But I appeciate how good they must be to wear in summer whe I’m sweating half to death in my leggings/skirt combinations because I am too shy to show off much legs. But as soon as you decide to wear them out in public during the colder months, you’re basically shouting to the world “Hey, look at my nice legs, I am determined to show them off to everyone because I want attention at all times, even if it means dying of hypothermia for it”. T. A. C. K. Y. Don’t even get me started on the girls who war ugg boots with their shorts. if it’s cold enough or ugg boots, then it’s time to ditch the skimpy butt-coverings FOR GODSAKE.

Then there are those obnoxious tops that have long sleeves and random cut outs everywhere. Is anyone a bit done wth them? I am, especialy because it reminds me of the days of those dreadful one-sleeved shirts from my nightmares. Having a long sleeved top implies the wearer needs to cover up to maintain a certain level of body warmth. By removing random areas of fabric, you’re causing the long-sleeved shirt to lose effectiveness and basically render it useless. Also, what’s with the long sleeved, backless tops/body suits? What are you, a friggen ballarina? I know that’s a bit rich coming from a girl who almost exclusively wears tutu’s, but at least tutu’s serve a purpose (ie hiding my butt under layers of lovely tulle) whereas as backless body suits make your arms warm, you back cold and makes it impossible to wear a bra, which for most women is a necessity. There is no shame in wearing a long sleeved top that is whole and complete. Having random cut outs in your short-sleeved tops and body suits makes a lot of sense when the weather is hot and you need to expel as much heat as possible, but no sense at all when you’re trying to keep warm in the middle of winter.

Now this is one I’m a bit uncertain about: socks with strappy, open-toed heels. In theory it’s repulsive but when worn well it doesn’t look all that bad. But it’s a pretty hard look to get away with and most of the girls I’ve seen wearing socks and heels have gotten it completely wrong. But since I am on a roll with what not to wear in winter, I have to say that wearing airy, strappy high heels in winter is a bad idea. Adding socks to the equation is just about as bad as the hot-pants-and-ugg-boots wearers and should probably just be avoided. Let’s face it it, it’s just an updated version of one of the most elemental fashion faux pas out there and only about 2% of the people you encounter while wearing this will get that it’s a new trend and won’t snigger behind your back.  If you must wear socks with heels, you’re better off going with an enclosed shoe in my opinion (the brighter the better, of course).

There’s nothing wrong with covering up a bit now and then. If you live in Australia, particularly up here in Brisbane, you don’t get a chance to wear winter fashion for long. There is no shame in wearing jackets, long pants and thick stockings for couple of months of the year. Save the tiny shorts and midriff tops for summer where they belong and embrace winter fashion while you can!

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Don’t worry, all, there are a few proper posts coming very soon. But I couldn’t let this gem go unnoticed. Everything in this video is amazing, anyone who disagrees has clearly had a full frontal lobotomy.

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 OMG guys check it out. My only fault is that they spelled my name wrong (I don't know how since I must have spelled it out at least 3 times to them) but I am very proud :D

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you’re bound to be aware that the final Harry Potter movie is coming out this week. If you also happen to read my blog regularly, then you may have noticed I have been MIA lately. These things are not just coincidence, I have been spending much of my spare time these last couple of weeks re-reading all seven books and re-watching the seven movies. Yes, I am a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan and I am not ashamed to admit it. I became a fan of the books back in 2000 after my mum bought the first three books (the fourth book, Goblet of Fire had only just come out at this stage) and spent the next two weeks gushing over them and begging me to read them. I figured it was some dumb fad and wouldn’t give in at first, but my mum was extremely persistent and so I decided to finally give them a go. And the rest, as they say, is history. I was obsessed almost immediately and devoured those books in no time. Shortly after I finished the fourth book, there was news that they were making the Philosopher’s Stone into a film. So for the next year I obsessed over these beloved books, and eagerly awaited the first film. I must have spent thousands on Harry Potter merchandise, in fact when I look back through photos at that time, I barely wore anything but my Harry Potter shirts. I bought ridiculous amount of collectibles off ebay and generally spent any time not at uni, obsessing over Harry and his magical world.

During my second year of Uni, I decided to start a Harry Potter fan club. I’d gotten inspiration from a local school that held weekly fan club meetings in the library and wanted something for adults to take part in, since I often got comments from other fans on my many shirts that I owned. I put up flyers around my uni and received a few emails from interested people. I even discovered a few people doing the same course as me were huge fans and quickly became good friends with them. The fan club was a pretty big deal back then, the first film had been a huge success and people were Potter mad everywhere you went. We got invited to the premiere of the second film at Movieworld and even got to meet Jason Isaacs, who plays Lucius Malfoy (he was here shooting Peter Pan at the time). I was on TV and in the paper all the time whenever a new film or book was released and lots of local book shops and libraries would get us to come act like characters and even hand out the new books. During my time living in the UK I saw the release of the Half Blood Prince (we lined up at Waterstones in Oxford Street for over 6 hours in a queue that ended up being about 10 blocks long and I’m now forever immortalised on getty images as a result) and the film release of the Goblet of Fire where I got to see all of the actors in the flesh and even got to shake the hand of Mark Williams.

And even after 11 years I am still a huge fan and find myself re-reading the books every year, I still finding them funny, sad, exciting and complete magic. I even have two Harry Potter tattoos (the dark mark and the Hogwarts crest) and still have ideas for others. I class myself as a Gryffindor and still have a rather vast collection of Harry Potter collectibles. I am a fan of the books first and foremost, but the films (even the 1st, 2nd and 4th ones which are pretty poor) hold a special place in my heart. I have gone through relentless teasing over the years for being such a big fan, and have even been called, stupid, childish, evil and a (god forbid) nerd for being so open about it. But it doesn’t matter, because I have helped so many other people discover the magic of Harry Potter over the years, and I feel that anyone who is so unwilling to give it a go is sad, boring and absolutely not worth any of my time.  If you can’t give the most famous series of books a chance and feel the need to tease anyone who likes them, then I have nothing more to say to you. If however, you’re willing to give them a go, I promise you they will at the very least be a very enjoyable read. And at most they will be the greatest books you’ve ever committed yourself to and will undoubtedly become as big a fan as million of us Harry Potters geeks around the world!

So I am nervous and excited and even a little bit sad about seeing the final film at midnight tonight. While I will always love the books more than the movies, the last three films have actually been really good and this will be the end of an era for many of us. Personally it’s been eleven years but I have friends who have grown up with harry Potter since the first book came out back in 1997 so it really is a big deal to many people.So it is with pride that I will be wearing my Gryffindor uniform once again, not for the last time but at the last proper launch of something this big and official. I’ve made some terrific friends and had some incredible memories as a result of my love for Harry Potter and for that alone it has been totally worth it.

Share your Harry Potter memories or stories. I’d love to hear them!

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I have so much to post about but every time I try LJ decides to be a fuckhead and delete it or some shit. Right now it's bed time and I'm buggered from blogging so will try and write something this week.  WISH ME LUCK!
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Many apologies for the lack of updates lately. I have been ridiculously busy at work for EOFY which really took it out of me. Eight hours in front of a computer is pretty horrendous to me, since I’m usually up and down all day doing lots of different things so I kept away from my computer at home until now.

As you may have already guessed from the image, I have decided to take part in Dry July this year. It is, as described on the website “an online social community where an individual or team can sign up to the challenge of a month long sponsored abstinence from alcohol”. In other words you don’t drink any alcohol for the month of July and get people to sponsor you so that you end up raising money for cancer patients. It’s been happening since 2008 but I’ve never even considered taking part before. In fact it wasn’t until I woke up on a Friday morning feeling like complete arse because I’d had one celebratory drink with a friend who finally got a job she’d been after for months, that I decided it would be a good idea. One drink shouldn’t make you massively hungover, especially when it was cider, and one that I used to be able to drink plenty of without making myself too ill the next day to boot.

So I have set myself the challenge of not drinking for a whole month. I admit I am not a big drinker, in fact I go whole weeks without touching a drop. But I’ve also never made any effort not to drink. In fact I did once decide to lay off alcohol and treats for two weeks which I was hopeless at because I went to a Tupperware party that serves champagne cocktails and a ridiculous amount of cheese and I found I couldn not say “no” and ate and drank to my hearts content. That was the first weekend too, so I was destined to fail that time, apparently. I seem to have an inability to say no when it comes to drinking, even though I don’t do a lot of it, I can’t help but want a drink after a hard week or if I’m doing anything social. So this is going to be a massive challenge for me!

One thing I’ve found when I’ve told people I am doing Dry July is how badly they react. You would think I was giving up alcohol for a whole year, not just a month. So while I found myself having a bit of a freak out in the days leading up to this, I also realised it’s not that big a deal. It’s only alcohol, I don’t need it to live and all evidence indicates I am allergic to it in some way (or an ingredient found in most alcoholic drinks, anyway). I get the worst migraines imaginable after drinking most types of alcohol and it’s only getting worse as I get older. Alcohol also ruins the lives of many and costs a hell of a lot of money. I don’t need it and I’m a little bit ashamed of myself for worrying about not being able to have some for a mere 31 day period.

It’s only day 3 of this challenge and already I have done a lot to make the endeavour worthwhile. On the very first day I went to see Miami Horror live and while I probably would have had more fun if I’d been drinking (as I wouldn’t have been so easily distracted by all of the drunk people bumping into me all night), I still enjoyed the show and got home looking fresh-faced and filled with a nice, natural energy, as opposed to the alcohol-fueled crazy-Cara that so often pops her head out after a few too many drinks. I also spent this weekend in with my bf, cleaning the unit from top to bottom and reorganising the place so it looks twice as big as it did. I know I will save some money (from not buying alcohol as well as not having to buy so many pain killers) and since I have been on a huge diet and exercise kick lately, I will probably look and feel the best I’ve felt in years!

I’d love to get some donations, to help motivate me! All money raised goes to the Mater Adult Hospital to help cancer patients. Every little bit helps so please share the love :)

Click pic for my Dry July profile

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I am so sick of the bitching and moaning people do about those who wear leggings as pants. GUESS WHAT? THEY ARE PANTS! They are pants by every definition of the word pants. They fit the description and serve the same purpose as any other style of pants, so why do so many people claim they aren’t pants? Just because you don’t like the look of them when worn as pants, doesn’t mean you can just proclaim and entire type of clothing is not what it technically is. Leggings are pants, end of story.

I applaud anyone who can wear leggings as pants. I only wear them under skirts or dresses as I hate my legs and don’t like showing them off. If I had the arse/thighs to wear leggings as pants, I’d be all over it. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about having the right sort of legs and bum for them (I’ve seen many big girls who look amazing in them, and some skinny chicks who look foul, it’s all about proportion and wearing them well). It’s also about styling them well, too. Wearing them with short t-shirt is trashy as hell. You’re showing off every bump and curve of your bottom half, so balance it out by covering up the top half a bit and you can pull it off. Ideally bottom -skirting tops (as in the cover most of your butt) are preferred, but not essential. It’s also about buying some decent leggings, your shitty K-Mart ones that go see-through when you bend over won’t do at all! They need to stay opaque at all times. I worked with a girl once who wore the same pair of leggings day in and out and basically they’d become sheer tights, it was awful. She’d bend over to pick up a box and BAM perfect view of her underpants through the worn out cotton leggings (how she got away with it was beyond me, given it was a corporate office). Invest in some good ones that won’t go clear after a few washes and as soon as they get a bit tatty, get rid of them.  Also, don’t let them dag down as we all know leggings tend to do. Do you want to look like a slob? Or like you pooped yourself? I didn’t think so. There are some very basic standards for making leggings as pants work, so stick by them and show those people who say they ain’t pants!

On a similar note though, stockings are definitely not pants. They’re not even close. No matter how opaque they are, they’re not going to work as pants ever. By wearing them as pants out in public, you’re basically walking around in your knickers. It’s a fine line, guys, but an important one.

On a final note, I think I just found my dream leggings…


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The transformation is almost complete!

In actual fact I got these amazing phone charms from a shop that I’m fairly certain is Korean. But it’s almost the same thing (ie. awesome). One is a puffy, sparkly pink heart lined with pearls. The other a black fur ball with random pearls and jewels. The case is one I created myself with a plain case which I then attached with dozens of jewel stickers. I think it is fair to say the effect is absolutely amazing.


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I recently bought Clinique’s Superbalanced Powder Makeup. I am a very big fan of all mineral foundations and have used a few different brands (such as Revlon, Natio and Loreal, which has so far been my pick). I was actually wondering if ever Clinique would get on the bandwagon and release their own version (they probably had already but had never noticed), and it was only recently that I discovered finally did. First and foremost, I am a massive fan of Clinique. While most bloggers go for the fancy, colourful and trendy MAC, I go for the slightly daggier Clinique. I have reasonably sensitive skin so I like how they don’t add perfumes and other irritating ingredients to their makeup. I also love how they give free stuff away all the time which means I rarely have to pay for mascara, moisturiser or eye creams!

The only reason I took as long as I did to buy this product was because of the cost, a whopping $65. I’ve always known this brand is more expensive than your Revlon-type brands, but even I was taken aback by the cost. But I kept gazing at it longingly, marveling at the excellent way you get product out (more on that soon) and eventually I had enough and bought it (and got some great freebies to boot).

First of all, you don’t get product out like the standard mineral makeups, you have to turn the inner white dial clockwise which kind of grates off some powder to use. That alone makes it almost worth the money in my opinion. It also seems to minimise waste and spillage and given the size of the container it will probably last me a lot longer than the typical mineral foundation. So far the money seems like it might be justified after all. The brush you get is a tad small but kind of thick so it does spread out a bit and gives you more coverage per swipe than you might expect.

When I first bought it, the sales attendant put the smallest amount on me which made it look as though I had nothing on at all. It almost put me off, but I had a good feeling I could work it better than she showed me. To be honest, this stuff is a lot lighter than the other types I’ve used and does need a lot more than a Clinique staff member might tell you to use. But if you do a good job and prep your face properly first, it does look great.

Steps to making the most of Clinique’s Superbalanced Powder Makeup:

  1. Moisturise like you would any other day. Applying mineral makeup direct to dry skin will make it look splotchy and hideous.

  2. Apply some sort of primer. I can’t get enough of primer, it makes such a difference. I use Clinique City Block which is mainly a skin protector from sun and nasty stuff that cities ruin your face with. But it’s also an effective primer and as I use the SPF30 one, I know it’s helping protect my skin while helping my makeup look better.

  3. Use any other products that you’d normally use before putting your face on. I use a concealer as I get dark circles under my eyes.

  4. Apply your first coat of mascara .

  5. Start to apply the Superbalanced Powder Makeup. I brush downwards in large circles, starting on my cheeks, then going to my nose, chin, around my mouth, the forehead/temples and then my eyelids. Not to say this is the best way to do it, but I like to keep a routine and this works well for me. I especially do the area around my mouth as that’s where I lose makeup first because I am a slob when I eat/drink. Apply liberally until you’re satisfied all is covered evenly. I use about two twists (one twist means moving the dial about 10 degrees) for my face which is at least twice as what was recommended to me.

  6. Apply some light blush as you will look washed out without any cheek colour, but make it light as this makeup is going to be a hell of a lot lighter than your usual foundation/powder look. Likewise if you fill in your eyebrows, as I do. You don’t need to go as dark because your makeup is not as heavy.

  7. Finish with a final coat of mascara and colour your lips, and you’re done!

This is how I looked before, with only my mascara and primer on:

And here I am after:

Apologies for the crappy webcam photos, I am still yet to get my camera fixed. As a result the after photo is not crash hot and I actually seem to have more shadows on my face than in the before image. But let’s just assume the light sucked and that you get the general idea.

In conclusion, I like this product and will wear it to work everyday so I don’t feel overdone with a full face of makeup. I don’t think the coverage is a good as it could be, and the price was pretty steep considering I have to use more product than with other brands of mineral powder. But with a bit of experimentation it does look good. You still need to prep your face properly as with any other type of makeup, but overall I save a good five minutes every morning with this stuff than by using foundation with a translucent powder, and to me that is a HUGE plus.

I give it 4/5

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There is a march happening in Brisbane tomorrow called SlutWalk which is a protest rally the came into being in retaliation to a Canadian police officer who suggested women could avoid sexual assault by not dressing like a “slut”.

I had never heard of this event before until a work mate mentioned it to me today. Her friend is keen to take part in the rally and asked her to help support the cause, but my workmate was feeling conflicted about what she thought of the event. We had a great discussion about our thoughts on what SlutWalk stands for, and even had some male perspective thrown in from another work mate.

If you’ve never heard of it, it is essentially a rally for women who have had enough of the perception that a woman deserves to get raped because of the outfit she was wearing or the way she was acting. It is also claimed they take back the world “slut” so that the meaning becomes that of someone who enjoys sex, as opposed to the negative meaning it currently has.

I have to admit, I am very conflicted about this as well. As I have said in previous posts, a woman should be able to walk down the street completely naked without fear of being raped. And if a girl wants to wear a short skirt, dance suggestively and have a party pash while extremely intoxicated, she has ever right to do so without running the risk of EVER being raped. Men should be able to handle their desires for sex, they should be able to look at a girl in skimpy clothing and not want to rape her. But I am also a realist and feel that women who can’t handle their alcohol or give off a vulnerable vibe need to be more mindful of how they’re perceived in order to lower their chances of being attacked by the kinds of people who are out there with rape on their minds.

I also absolutely abhor the word “slut”. I think it is the most repulsive word. I find it far worse thasn the C-bomb because of what it means to most people and how it gets used. To me a slut is someone (male or female) who has frequent, unprotected sex without any regard for their own well-being, let alone that of their sexual partners. But that’s not how most people think of the word nor how they use it. It’s a word used specifically for women (if ever it gets used for men, it’s always male-slut) and is used for any female who happens to enjoy having casual sex. It doesn’t matter that she uses protection or even if knows the guy/s, the fact she’s having sex with men who aren’t her boyfriend more than once in a blue moon is something to look down upon and use a foul name to describe her character.

I don’t know how they expect to reclaim the world slut, because it was never “ours” to begin with. It’s not like the word faggot (another one of my most hated words) that actually means a bundle of sticks. Nor the word “cunt” which is a slang word for vagina and in my opinion, should not be considered the worst swear word, because there’s nothing wrong with vagina’s, thank you very much! The word “slut” has negative connotations and can never be reclaimed. It didn’t once mean something nice and innocent, it’s always meant the same awful thing. I’ve never heard the word used in anything but a hateful, demeaning and misogynistic way and I don’t want it reclaimed, if ever that were possible. If I had my way the word would be wiped from everyone’s memories and never used again.

I feel they are going about this the wrong way. As my male workmate said, rapists usually aren’t targeting women for what they’re wearing, they’re targeting the vulnerable. Why would they target a girl confident enough to wear a micro mini skirt when they could go for the meek girl who’s covered up but obviously wouldn’t put up much of a fight? This perception that women who wear “slutty” outfits or stumbles around drunkenly after a big night out and then get raped were “asking for it” is not the opinion of the rapists, but of the general public. Even in this modern day and age, many people still have the old-fashioned and sexist idea that a woman is asking for sex (consensual or not) when she wears certain clothing. These ideas are hideously old fashioned but they’re also deeply ingrained in many people, so having a march called SlutWalk isn’t going to make them say “Oh, they’re right, a woman should be able to wear what she wants and not get raped for it”. More than likely they think all of the participants are being hysterical feminists or that they’re just trying to justify their wicked ways with a protest.

I appreciate what the SlutWalk is setting out to achieve, and I hope I am wrong and it does raise awareness on the matter and converts some peoples way of thinking about women who enjoy sex and/or likes to wear skimpy clothing. But I really do think there’s a good chance they’re doing just as much harm as good by drawing attention to and essentially reinforcing the negative stereotypes of promiscuous women by calling it SlutWalk and then having half the participants dressing as “sluts”. If I didn’t have plans tomorrow, I’d go on the walk and see what it’s all about, in case I am missing something that would allow me to be more enthusiastic about the event. After all, anything that encourages feminism in younger generations is a good thing, and for that I am thankful for the SlutWalk phenomenon.

For now I will leave you with an comment left on an article on the Brisbane Times which sums up my feelings about the whole thing quite well:

This reminds me of bra burning, something that still defies a reasonable explanation. This action will do little to change the minds of arrogant men and disappoints others by it being a manic over-reaction.

I would like to know what you think on this issue, and if you’ve attended one of the SlutWalks. Am I being too sensitive because I hate the word “slut” so much? Or do you agree that this could be done in a different way with an even more positive outcome?

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Wow it has been a long time since I posted anything to do with my nails. In all honesty I stopped doing much with my nails for a while. I used up all of my kawaii Japanese nail stickers and I kept ruining any designs with jewels because I have a really hands-on job and I was lucky to have them last a week without half the jewels dropping off. But I have now discovered the fun and excitement of designing and painting my own nails! I just got my nails done at a new salon because my usual one was continually disappointing me. The new one I visited not only did an awesome job of refilling my nails, they have some awesome designs AND use the most fabulous nail polishes from the USA.

Naturally I am too much of a tight arse to actually pay to have them done, so I took mental note of their design and decided to try my own ones. I’ve never paints designs on my nails before so I went for something very simple: TIGER STRIPES. I thought I’d also do up a small tutorial in case you also want to try it out too.


Paint your nails with a good background colour. I chose the most amazing holographic purple and silver when I got my nails done. The purple one is by OPI and the silver by China Glaze (I wasn’t clever enough to write down the colour names though, unfortunately). I went for alternating colours again as it’s simple but looks much more exciting than just one colour on all nails. Make sure your nails are totally, absolutely dry before moving on to the next step. I left mine overnight before I started the design, but you can probably just leave it a good hour or two.


Get yourself some nail art lacquer. Now, nail art is still pretty small=scale in Australia (well, in Brisbane anyway) so the only brand I’ve found with a wide range of awesome polishes, including nail art lacquers is BYS. They have all sorts of colours and styles (like crackle, matte and UV) and they’re really cheap, about $5 each at shops like Cosmetics Plus. I’ve used a few of their polishes and find them to be pretty good, though I’ve not tested them extensively yet. I bought the nail art lacquer in black because they have super thin, long brushed specifically for this sort of thing. I’ve heard you can actually buy special paint brushes for nail art in the USA but am yet to find something in Australia without going to an art supplies store or find a fine makeup brush, so this is your best bet.


Find a design you like, to get inspiration/copy! Unless you’re a fabulous artist, you need a reference point. I loved this design by Phresh Mentality so I used it, combined with the design I saw at my nail salon, to come up with my own version of tiger stripes. Google the hell out of what you’re going for and then practice it on the edge of a plate until you’re confident enough to move onto your nails.


Shake the polish really well, then slowly draw the brush out of the bottle, gently wiping the excess off one side of the brush. Take note of how the paint drips off, I found a great big drip would come down after about 10 seconds which would be disastrous while trying to paint a fine line. Once you’re sure you won’t have any nasty surprises, dip the brish in again and ripe off the excess as you take the brush out on one side of the brush only. You really only need a small amount of polish so if it’s looking too thick, wipe a little bit off the other side from halfway down the brush. The polish on the top half of the brush will run down and that should be enough to create a fine line.

Start up the top of the nail, flattening the brush ever so slightly on the edge of the nail then lifting quickly as you draw the brush across the nail. This is a very quick and delicate process because the tiger stripes are only going to reach about two-thirds of the way across the nail. You nat the loine to be at its thickest on the edge of the nail, taperin to nothing as the line nears the other edge. Repeat this pricess on the other side, just below the first line and continue down the nail until your nails are evenly striped.

Now, as you’re probably well aware, a tiger doesn’t have perfect little stripes all down it’s body. So, if you’re feeling confident, make it a bit more artistic by moving the brish side to side ever so slightly as you drag it across to make the edges more rough and tiger-ish. It also looks great to have two lines coming from one point and then have a line from the other side pointing to the middle of the double line . Here’s a close up of what I mean:

Simple but very effective! Likewise, you can fill any large gaps with a small line in the muddle of the nail, like up the top of that close up.

Repeat the process on each nail, taking EXTRA care on the hand which you normally write with. I actually did better using my left hand as I used less polish and went very slowly and carefully, which resulted in very lovely stripes. I did get a bit cocky as I was getting to the last three nails, but one fat or two fat stripes don’t look too bad at all.


Once all of your nails are done, let the stripes dry thoroughly. Even more so than what you did with the background colour. If you try and put a top coat on too early, you will end up dragging the stripes down the nail and ruining all of your hard work. Give it a few hours before applying the top coat, which will help keep the stripes on and generally make your nails look shiny and excellent for a lot longer. One top coat should be plenty. Please be careful with the top coat, no matter how long you let the stripes dry. Nail polish is an effective nail polish remover, so you’re best to dab the top coat on before lightly drawing it down.


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I have fallen a little bit behind on the 30 Days of Music meme. I could make excuses involving being busy, but let’s just say I had absolutely no idea what song to pick for day 10 (A song that makes you fall asleep) which I found kind of dumb. What do other people pick? Enya? Yani? I’m sure that if I listened to all of the music I own, I would find a song that makes me want to go to sleep, whether in a good way or not, but let’s face it, I didn’t want to do that. So I have skipped on to the next day:

Day 11 – A Song from your Favorite Band = Männer sind Schweine by Die Ärzte

Well we all now by now that my favourite band of all times is the German punk rock trio Die Ärzte. Let me now introduce you to the first song I ever heard of theirs, the song that started a major obsession when I was 14 in 1998 and took me all the way ton Europe in 2004 to see them play dozens of times.

Männer sind Schweine means “Men are Pigs” and the song is a kind of feminist song about how men are all jerks, liars and slobs. The film clip is one of the few (possibly the only?) one to have Lara Croft in it that was approved by the creator of Lara Croft’s character. Apparently he allowed it because he was a fan of the band, although I don’t know how true that is nor do I care to find out. It’s totally ridiculous, but that’s why Die Ärzte is so popular in Germany. They absolutely do not take themselves seriously, produce songs in the more random genres and make big-budget movie-style film clips. The song is off the album 13 which pretty much shaped me into the person I am today, if you’re ever goingto have a listen to this band, I cannot recommend this album any more.

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It’s been a little while since my last movie review, but let’s just say I was saving it up for three really good and varied films for your review-reading pleasure.


I knew I would like Paul no matter what. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are amazing together and have so far picked some of the best film genres to poke fun at. And now it’s time for them to get really geeky. In case you’ve been living under a rock or on the moon or some such dark, fun-less place, Paul is about two geeky English friends who go on a  road trip across the USA after attending Comic-con, to see all of the famous alien sites. Along the way they meet a real alien called Paul who lacks manners, class and tact. They end up being pursued by scary government people who are hell bent on catching Paul and naturally, hilarity ensues.

This film is not for kids, there is a LOT of swearing and general adult themes. But it is a terrific comedy that makes you go AWWWWW at the end because everything works out perfectly as we all knew it would. I managed to miss the very start and one of the key scenes thanks to my lame bladder, so I am looking forward to seeing it again soon.


I read a couple of decent reviews about this film, and then managed to score myself a free double pass to see a preview screening. I didn’t know what to expect, and in all honesty my expectations weren’t very high. I was expecting it to be depressing and all about the agonies Aboriginal people endure every day. In some respects I was right but I was very pleasantly surprised by how it didn’t make me feel sad at all. In fact I would say it made me feel hopeful, which is a far cry from walking out of the cinema with puffy eyes from sobbing too much. The film is essentially about a young Aboriginal boy who lives with his mum in the Kimberly region of WA. He’s starting to get into trouble so gets sent to type of camp for naughty kids to try and remind them of their heritage and help them avoid jail in the future. Meanwhile his father who he’s never met travels all the way up from Perth to finally meet his young son.

It was beautifully shot, the cinematography was just divine and I thought the pacing was really good. The acting wasn’t exactly top notch, but they used real people from the region and I think they did a magnificent job considering they’re not professional actors. It was a little bit sad, but it was mostly bittersweet and you know things were going to work out well in the end, though they didn’t delve into that and kind of let left it so you make up your own mind about what happens next. I also liked how they had candid interviews with the actors during the credits, telling their stories which the film was based on. I highly recommend it.


I had some pretty high expectations of Thor and I am delighted that I wasn’t disappointed.  admit I always found the idea of the Thor comics kind of odd, I mean he’s not a superhero really, he’s the god of thunder! But I guess the definition of what a superhero is can be very varied (after all, Batman is just a rich guy with lots of cool gadgets and Superman is actually an alien who is just average on his home planet). I didn’t realise this was directed by Kenneth Branagh, but in hindsight it was so very Branagh (aka excellent).

In the film Thor is set to become king but his dad realises he’s a bit too much of an arse with a lot of growing up to do after he incites war with an old enemy. So he banishes him to Earth to learn a few things about life. Thor quickly discovers he’s not a god on earth and when he hears bad news from back home he grows up quick-smart while also falling in love with the girl who discovered him. Then he and his cool troupe of friends do some serious arse kicking and also he takes his shirt off to the delight of women everywhere.

Without giving much away, the only flaw I found was that he learned his lesson a bit too quickly. But then again, I wouldn’t have sat through three hours of him being a pratt before he eventually realises he needs to grow up if he’s ever to go back to Asgard. But aside from that everything was wonderful. Chris Hemsworth was excellent, and although I was disappointed that Alexander Skarsgård wasn’t to play Thor, Chris more than made up for it by being equally handsome and possibly an even better actor.


While writing this (let’s just say WordPress and I are not on very good terms right now so this has taken a lot longer than the average post) I saw yet another film which I thought I will add on the end here…


I saw this film on a whim and am glad I did. I hadn’t heard much about it and had only seen a snippet of the trailer which had piqued my interest. I love sci-fi and I love action movies so I really, really liked this. The plot is quite complex so you do need to think a fair bit throughout, but it’s so different and engaging that even the laziest film-goer would find themselved immersed in the story.

I could spent ages trying to give you a decent enough synopsis of the movie, but I recommend you just go and read this review and then take my word that it was great. Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job, which is lucky because after Prince of Persia I have been wary of his acting (luckily that was just a one-off that we will all forget about soon enough). I kind of felt the ending pandered a bit too much to the audience who always needs a happy ending, but then again it was such a twist that I’ve been thinking about it ever since I saw the film which I guess is a sign of a good ending after all. I still don’t quite get how it all worked out, so I am going to have to make my smarter friends see it so I can pick their brains afterwards.

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Uh oh, guess who forgot a day? Oh well, I’m sure you will forgive me. To make up for it, I will two days in one.

Day 08 – A song that you know all the words to

Oh how I used to love this song. I requested it so much back in the days when Channel V was called RED, I am amazed my mum didn’t kick my arse for racking up a huge phone bill. I only realised I knew all of the words still when I randomly listened to it a year or so ago, after many years of not hearing it. Such a sexy song that makes me wanna get freaky ;)

Day 09 – A Song that you can Dance to

OK this was hard. There aren’t many songs I do not love to dance to. But I did hear this song at a Body Attack class this week and felt the urge to get up and dance (in fact Sarah, my gym/best buddy, started singing and grooving to it while we were meant to be doing sit up’s). I listen to this song HEAPS right before I go on a holiday, for obvious reasons. The end bit makes me really want to dance, like that embarrassing spazz dancing you do when you think no one is watching/you’re totally wasted.

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Of all of the terrible things to see printed on t-shirts in my lifetime, I would have to say the current trend of busty, pornstar-esque models holding guns, flipping the bird or in a bathtub full of milk and froot loops are by far the worst. Have you seen them? I saw one today at one of those trashy cheap shops of a girl who looked like a skinnier, bustier version of Snooki wearing a stupid flat-brimmed cap and making some sleazy face/hand gesture. It enraged me so much, I felt like going to the shop keeper and making a complaint.

I first noticed them at City Beach which really did sum up the quality of them perfectly (ie. kind of nasty and aimed at 18 year old idiots). Then I started noticing guys actually wearing them. Sometimes while with their girlfriends! I can understand there are guys out there who are stupid and sexist enough to think it’s cool to wear an over-sexualised, trashy t-shirt featuring the kind of girl who a) would never ever hook up with them and b) give wristies to security guards to get backstage at gigs. Basically, the kind of guy who reads magazines like Zoo Weekly, Nuts or Ralph and thinks the girls are hot as and can’t ever settle for a normal girl because her boobs aren’t the size of watermelons while she’s about a size 6 everywhere else and she doesn’t wear bejeweled matching bra’s and knickers at all times. They probably also wear Lynx deodorant and expect to pull chicks like the guys in the ad’s do.

UGH! Who would want that on a t-shirt, ever? If I was the model and they chose that picture

to put on clothing, I’d be suing their arses (but then again I ain’t that kind of girl).

So, while I “get” why a guy would wear a t-shirt that tacky, I just don’t get how any girl would let their boyfriend wear a shirt like that out in public. She either has very low self-esteem, has no say in anything to do with their relationship, is really fucking dumb, or aspires to do that sort of modelling. All reasons are really bloody sad. When I see those couples, I wonder if there was any sort of discussion about it before they left the house. Did she comment on how shit it was? Did he tell her to stop being such a bitch and wear it to spite her? I can’t even imagine.

So I beg you, if you know any guys who proudly wear shirts like these, don’t turn a blind eye. Tell him exactly how you feel about that shirt so that next time he goes to put it on, he stops and considers how many people he’s offending when they see him wearing it. Maybe he’s too big a douche to care, but there’s always the chance he’ll take your advice and he’ll throw away that eyesore. And then you will have done your good deed for the year and for that many women would applaud you!

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I am the type of person who listens to music to make me happy. I don’t listen to angry music, or any kind of music that could potentially make me feel worse than I already do. I like to sing along, dance a little, and feel joyous afterwards. As such today’s challenge is a tough one! Of all of the songs that make me happy when I hear them, I think I will go with the silliest one of all:

Day 2 – A Song that makes you happy = Piercing by Die Ärzte

Die Ärzte are my favourite band. I have loved them since I was 15 when some friends came back from their exchange trip to Germany with their CD “13″ and some other amazing merch. No two songs of theirs sound alike, and while they call themselves punk rock, they’ve played just about every genre and sub-genre you can possibly imagine. I find it hard being a fan of theirs in Australia as they’re really only famous (and I mean ridiculously so) in Germany and some surrounding countries, and being one of about four fans of a band in a whole country is a bit depressing. Still, I have three tattoos dedicated to them and still feel a whole lot of joy when I hear their music.

This song is pretty straight forward, it’s about a guy whose girlfriend convinces him to get his penis pierced which later gets infected. The line “This thing was made for lovin’, Du sollst es nicht versklaven” which means “This thing was made for loving, so you must not enslave it” was my favourite line ever and I used it on everything from my email signature to my LJ title (which I’ve kept, as a matter of fact).

There will plenty of other appearances by Die Ärzte in this challenge, don’t you worry!

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I had a bit of trouble with this one until this song popped into my head:

Day 2 - Your least favourite Song = Big Yellow taxi by Counting Crows

OH MY GOD. I hate this band and this AWFUL song so much. I’d rather listen to a million bad pop songs until my ears bleed and my brain explodes before I’ll listen to this song in full. Even the name of it enrages me. Big yellow taxi? Fuck off. The lead singer creeps me out with his douchey dreadlocks and weird, dopey eyes. Oh god, I’m getting so angry about it all, I have to stop!

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Anyone who reads my blog knows I love music. I love almost every kind of music and I love to share my musical discoveries with anyone who will listen. Because I have been in a little bit of a rut with my blog (I’ve been blaming my busy new job, but it’s been five weeks now, it’s starting to become a fairly flimsy excuse) I decided I would do that meme everyone seems to be doing on Facebook – 30 days of Music. Don’t worry though, I will continue with my rants, fashion watching and what-not. But this will hopefully get me back into the swing of posting more AND help you discover new and worldy music (since 60% of what I listen to is German).

Day 1 – Your favourite Song = Jein by Fettes Brot

Fettes Brot are my second favourite music group (if you don’t know who my favourite one is, you mustn’t know me very well, in which case all will be revealed soon). They’re a German hop hop group from Hamburg who I discovered years ago during my obsession with all German music. When I think of hip hop, it’s their music I think of. It’s melodic and while they are rappers, it’s easy to listen to (something I can;’t say for a lot of Aussie hip hop, unfortunately). “Jein” is a mix of the words Ja and Nein (Yes and No) and it’s about making trying to make a choice between something fun vs being sensible (ie. cheating on a girlfriend, sleeping with your best mate’s sister and ditching your gf to go to a party). But I mostly love it because I think it’s sexy as hell. Just ignore the terrible film clip…

Oh and I just discovered they released a live version last year. Nowhere near as wonderful as the original, but still very good. The clip is 1000x better at the very least!


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