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Boy howdy, I have been neglecting the link love! I’ve been a very good girl and don’t surf the net at work, so I don’t come across as much as I used to. At least, not enough to justify a decent little post about. But I’ve rounded a few up for your enjoyment, so here goes:

Are Aussies nothing but a bunch of snobs and whingers these days? I say, yes!

The difference between Paris skinny & NY skinny – wow!

Remember when SHAQ was a rapper? Of course you do, but I bet you forgot how great he was!

The world’s best parenting? I think so!

Which Brisbane Roller Derby team do I support? Sun State Roller Girls, of course. They help us so much with the zombie walk and can’t thank them enough.

I have a confession. Pink might be my favourite colour but purple has been taking over my life lately. It’s so in and so cute right now! Agent Lover and her blog about lavender has only made my affair worse.

Luna Lovegood, style icon? Well waddaya know, she is!

Speaking of style icon’s, Twinkie Chan is still my ultimate! Oh, and her bedroom is TO DIE FOR!

I have been bitching and moaning about how new “plus-sized” model sensation Robyn Lawley is NOT plus-sized and I’m happy to see others agree.

Don’t believe in climate change? Maybe David Mitchell will change your mind.

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