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Can you believe it’s been TWO months since I posted a nails blog? I am ashamed! The thing is, I’ve done some very fancy nails in this time but for some reason I was too slack to post about them. I managed to take a photo of one set (pink and blue leopard print, which wasn’t quite as effective as I hope, but I still liked ‘em). The last set were midnight blue with sparkles and gems but I lost too many gems before I remembered to take a photo and was too¬†embarrassed to show them off, which is a damn shame.

These ones are simple and required no skill, but I have never gotten so many compliments before! The pink is such a perfect Barbie pink which is probably what people notice, as it’s the most attractive colour in the world. The skulls are just cheapo nail stickers but skulls with glitzy eyes = AMAZING! I’ve never mixed up the sticker colours before but god I am enjoying the look and will probably recycle this design again soon!

I’ve also gone back to squared tips. The rounded style was nice but they look too “natural” and I do not get my nails done to look natural! They also give me more space to work with and look longer so it’s a win-win. Hope you like them!


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