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Monday, 3 October 2011 23:10
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HI! It's time for a non-blog update! I keep starting new posts but LJ sucks big old bowls of dicks and deletes them ALL THE TIME. I'm hoping this one will be OK, but to be safe I am copying it every other sentence. Sure, I could type this in notepad and then copy it over but whatever, this will do.

Can I tell you all just how much I love my little puppy Rhaego? He's grown a bit but is still really small and fluffy and ridiculously adorable. I sometimes think I might be just a tad obsessed with him, but then I cuddle him and realise I am being totally normal and rational with my obsessive love. I mean, just look at this face:

Rhaego in my car

Yep, that's him going for a drive with me. RIDICULOUS! He's just about to turn 4 months old so there's still a long way to go (especially with regards to toilet training) but I have never loved anything as much as I love him.

What else? Well, speaking of my car (Betsy, in case you forgot her name), she's just about had it. I haven't driven her in weeks because she started spewing out oil quite suddenly and even a fool like me knows that ain't good. It's going to cost about the same to fix her as it would to get a new (well, something from the 90s anyway) car. She's so good otherwise... well, aside from the fact her fuel gauge doesn't work, her brakes squeak randomly and various bit like door handles are broken/missing, she is in awesome shape. No really, she drives amazingly and my sisters boyfriend who gave the verdict that she's in a bad way admitted she's actually a pleasure to drive and if we did get her fixed she'd probably last another 10 years. I was devastated, naturally. Betsy is like a dear old friend, she's faithful and does so much for me and so long as I keep her water and oil checked and fill her up at 300km she was a great sport. Oh well, I'll see how we go. There will be tears if I have to taker her to the wreckers, I'm telling you now.

In other Cara news, there's less than THREE weeks until this years zombie walk. And man, what a chore it has been. I mean, some things are going smoothly but then stuff with the council and trying to get sponsors has been hard. I literally just got give then t-shirts from the printers and they are so cute! I will post pics when I am not exhausted and am not looking like arse after an intense gym session this evening. So all the bitching I was gong to do about how hard it is to organise the Brisbane Zombie Walk is forgotten because OMG cutest shirts ever!


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