Thursday, 28 April 2011

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Anyone who reads my blog knows I love music. I love almost every kind of music and I love to share my musical discoveries with anyone who will listen. Because I have been in a little bit of a rut with my blog (I’ve been blaming my busy new job, but it’s been five weeks now, it’s starting to become a fairly flimsy excuse) I decided I would do that meme everyone seems to be doing on Facebook – 30 days of Music. Don’t worry though, I will continue with my rants, fashion watching and what-not. But this will hopefully get me back into the swing of posting more AND help you discover new and worldy music (since 60% of what I listen to is German).

Day 1 – Your favourite Song = Jein by Fettes Brot

Fettes Brot are my second favourite music group (if you don’t know who my favourite one is, you mustn’t know me very well, in which case all will be revealed soon). They’re a German hop hop group from Hamburg who I discovered years ago during my obsession with all German music. When I think of hip hop, it’s their music I think of. It’s melodic and while they are rappers, it’s easy to listen to (something I can;’t say for a lot of Aussie hip hop,¬†unfortunately). “Jein” is a mix of the words Ja and Nein (Yes and No) and it’s about making trying to make a choice between something fun vs being sensible (ie. cheating on a girlfriend, sleeping with your best mate’s sister and ditching your gf to go to a party). But I mostly love it because I think it’s sexy as hell. Just ignore the terrible film clip…

Oh and I just discovered they released a live version last year. Nowhere near as wonderful as the original, but still very good. The clip is 1000x better at the very least!


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