Monday, 25 April 2011

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I am the type of person to get unreasonably excited about the sort of things people ususally find mundane or at best, kind of average. I will stop in my tracks to look at a dog, I get a thrill when I find money lying around and I squeal with delight when I find pink version of everyday items.

So imagine my delight when Iopened up the fruit box at work and found the DOUBLE BANANA!

I let it ripen up for a couple of days and then when it was finally a perfect shade of bright yellow, I decided it was time. What wonders would this enormous, double width banana hold? Was it just a big, funny shaped banana, or was there going to be two perfect bananas squished into one skin? IT WAS TIME TO FIND OUT!

Under the watchful eye of a workmate who was almost as excited as I was, I opened it up:

YES! It was better than I expected, there were two perfect bananas in the one skin. I thought I was going to hyperventilate with excitement, especially so when I discovered it didn’t have a single bruise (a sure-fire way to ruin any banana experience). It was now time for the taste test.

I like to eat my fruit all cut up so I got a-cuttin’ and was presented with the most perfect pair of bananas of all time. Neatly encased in the one peel. Two for one baby! The two bananas pulled apart easily and except for being slightly indented from being stuck in such a small space together, they were completely and utterly perfect.

And the best bit? They were honest-to-god the tastiest bananas I have ever eaten. It was an excellent day!


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