Thursday, 24 March 2011

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I am a fan of Super Kawaii Mama and was really excited when I finally met her at Greazefest last year (photo above). I love how she loves vintage so much and manages to look so good all of the time. Plus she’s just a lovely person in real life to boot.

So when I saw this post on her blog, I was appalled. Basically, she bought a vintage Blackamoor barman and wrote a lengthy post about it. As expected, since this is the internet which is full of over-opinionated and tactless cretins, there was some backlash. All of her white, privileged, middle-American readers cracked the shits and told her she was being cultural insensitive, racist and ignorant. Bare in mind these women will have never experienced anything close to real racism before, but because the barista at their local Starbucks is black, they know a thing or two about cultural insensitivity! I was shocked by how they told her they would never read her blog again and how they wished there was a blogger out there who could be stylish and have a conscience. really? I noticed there were a few comments from black readers who took offense, but then quickly made assumptions about other commenters being white and then berating them onn their whote way of thinking.

PUH-LEASE! I am completely and utterly against racism and yet I took not one bit of offense to her original post. Yeah, I’m a white girl from a middle-class family in Australia. I have a lot of friends from many different cultures and nations and consider them all wonderful people. I don’t try and watch my tongue when I’m talking to them in case I mention something about their race, because I find that offensive. Tip-toeing around race, nationality, religion, sexual preference or gender is hugely ¬†insensitive in my opinion. Why should we ignore the fact someone is a certain race, just in case it might offend them? Unless you comletely lack any tact or happen to be a bigot, people aren’t that sensitive about race in my experience.


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