Saturday, 19 March 2011

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So I was killing time on Friday evening after work before an appointment, and decided to check out the shoe department at David Jones. I rarely do this, since I know I will get into a jealous rage at all of the amazing shoes In can’t afford and feel depressed for two days afterwards. This time though was different. I have my mind set on a certain type of shoe for my new job (see the Mary Janes in the previous post) so I could appreciate the extra lovely shoes without getting too upset.

The thing I found the most interesting were the amount of designer gumboots I found! For one thing, I haven’t seen this sort of thing since I was living in London in about 2005 when high-heeled gumboots were in, plus summer is almost over which is the wet season in Queensland so the need for expensive gumboots is minimal. But regardless, I was kind of excited by this find and thought I’d share with you some of the designer gumboots I found:

Buckled Rain by Kenneth Cole

I love these and at $140 I actually think that’s a fair price for such stylish gumboots.  I bought some shitty ones for $20 from some awful cheap accessories shop for a festival late last year, when these would have been 100x better and probably not caused scarring where the rubbed my calves. They also do another nice pair called Midnight Rain.

Leather rain boot with Military Medal by Burberry

I did know Burberry did gumboots but I wasn’t aware of just how many! I really like these ones, the only ones they actually had, because they’re classy and understated and don’t feature that god-awful Burberry print. I also dig how they make no pretense that they’re anything but a gumboot. It is what it is while managing to be pretty classy and oh-so-shiney.

Rain Boot by Emporio Armani

There is something so ridiculously decadent about an Armani boot, I can hardly comprehend it. The ones I saw (not these exact ones as I can’t find them anywhere on the internet) were pretty reasonably priced too, only $275. God knows owning these would be the only way I could afford a pair of Armani boots any time soon!

Lorraine Gumboot by Rockford

OK so I didn’t see these there, which is lucky because I probably would have bought them there and then! Patent pink gumboots with heels? Um, yes please.

Actually, as it turns out there is so much variety in gumboots at the moment, it’s really hard to pick the perfect pair. Here are a lot of excellent examples, including ones by Chloe, Hunter, Valentino, Dirty Laundry and many others. Who would have ever thought??? I think I might just start putting away some money for some designed gumboots for the next festival season!


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