Thursday, 17 March 2011

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I have decided I need to write more about fashion on this lil ol’ blog of mine. God knows I spend 90% of my life thinking about and buying new clothes, so why don’t talk about it more? I will try and change that :)

  1. Malice Dress in Wild Roses by Lena Hoschek. My god I want just about everything from her latest season :O

  2. Mary Jane heels by Dr Martens. I stare at these every time I pass Downes Shoes near my place. I imagine they’re super comfortable which is all I need in a heel.

  3. Lorissa Studded & Crystal Peeptoes by Sam Edelman. I actually saw a version of these in a shop in the City and haven’t stopped thinking about them since. I don’t care if they’re comfy or if I can’t walk in them, I must have them!

  4. Kissing Poodles Necklace by Lovisa. I just found this shop (have I mentioned how much I love working in the City again??!) and was thrilled by their Skulls & Crosses collection (no pics of the pieces I liked unfortunately). I love affordable jewelry!

  5. Black Blouse by Ella Lai. Since I am about to start a super corporate job, I have been keeping an eye out of awesome, unusual tops that will cover my tattoos. For once those annoying daily etsy emails paid off!


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