Thursday, 10 February 2011

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I accidentally stumbled upon an unknown treasure trove of music the other day. It all started with this song Cotton candy by Amanda Lepore:

At first I was all “What the hell is this and who is that woman with the massive boobs and lips” but then I looked her up and was fascinated by her story (this interview is great, she explains what surgeries she’s had to go from a man to this Jessica Rabbit/Marylin Monroe lookalike). The song itself is so damn catch, even if she’s not exactly a very good singer. The clip is also amazing, I would have a clip almost exactly like this if I could! The colours and the style, oh my!

From there I discovered Cazwell who is a white, gay rapper from new York who is close friends with Amanda Lepore (she’s in most of his clips as well). I love the fact he raps about being gay and has some of the sexiest men in his clips. As a red-blooded woman there’s nothiong much better than good looking men with amazing bodies dancing and writhing around in a music video. It’s pretty much the complete opposite of the standard rap music video and I love it.  This one is my favourite:

His other songs are great too, especially I Seen Beyonce at Burger King and if you want to see some good lookin’ men in next to no clothing then you must check out Ice Cream Truck. Apparently Lafayette played one of his songs in an episode of True Blood which makes me love his music even more (and also True Blood for working Cazwell in). I aim to buy his album “Watch My Mouth” ASAP!

From there I finally checked out Raquel Reed’s music videos:

I hate to admit it, but I’ve been a closet fan of hers for years. I used to try and hate her because I hate efagz like Audrey Kithing and Hannah Beth but it looks like Raquel Reed has some talent and let’s face it, her style is amazing and super cute. Oh to be that slim and wear what she wears! So the song itself is pretty cool though the distortion in the music kind of overwhelms her singing. from what I can tell from her 2nd single Do It Dirty she’s actually a decent singer. But the thing I love the most is the film clip. Ahhh how much do I love her style and colour choices. Shame her other song The fast Lane is such utter balls. Hopefully she will break away from the efagz mold and get better and better.


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